Matsuyi’s new brunch concept @ MATSUYI, Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen – Futian

Infuse your weekend with Japanese flavour and flair with Matsuyi’s new unlimited brunches. Help yourself to endless platters of sashimi and sushi, order freely from a vast selection of soups, tempura, teppanyaki, and desserts. Settle in for a few lively hours of Japanese delights and inspiring city views.在CBD城景中体验松逸周末精选早午餐,日式经典刺身用鲜味挑动味蕾,包裹金黄面衣的天妇罗一口酥脆带来丰富口感,让铁板与龙虾和鹅肝的碰撞开启元气充沛的一天,沉浸在和风赠予的极致美味中。