Vision Board Brunch @ The Flames Steakhouse – Nanshan

🌟 Join us for a truly transformative Vision Board brunch started in Shanghai 5 years ago & now in Shenzhen. Prepare to be filled with fellowship, personal growth, and delicious surprises! 🎨✨ Immerse yourself in group meditation, & unleash your creativity as we provide all the materials needed for your vision board creation. 🌱🎉 Scan the QR code for more …

Italian Sunday Brunch (freeflow edition) @ Da Diio – Nanshan

F5 is coming to SZ on upcoming Sat Nov 5!What is the best way to spend Sunday? We have planned a brunch in Italian way for you!Enjoying awesome Italian food, chill music, Italian sparkling wines freeflow…Everything you want @Da Diio Sea world!Sign up right now for early bird price bef Nov 4! Plus kids friendly – bring ‘em along to …

Lobster Brunch @ Park Hyatt – Futian

Our Lobster Brunch showcases an imaginative menu featuring a wide range of lobster-centric brunch dishes, from classic lobster benedict to creative lobster grilled cheese. Come savor our Lobster Brunch – you’ll be hooked from the first bite!#lobsterbrunch#dragonboatfestival Park Hyatt Shenzhen0755-8828

Mother’s Day Family Art Brunch & Dinner @ Park Hyatt Shenzhen

花影融艺,至爱希声。深圳柏悦酒店联合木星艺术中心母亲节特别献礼。Happy Mother’s Day! On this special day, we have prepared lilies and art experiences for you.#母亲节mothersday#深圳柏悦酒店parkhyattshenzhen

Dining Experience @ Andaz Shenzhen Bay – Nanshan

Veranda Oudoor Barbecue谧园|湾畔假日悠享欢聚BBQ Join us at Veranda this holiday season for a delightful semi-buffet BBQdinner, featuring our chef’s secret recipe grilled skewers made with onlythe freshest and finest ingredients.来自德国的主厨邀您一起共享烧烤的畅快!海陆盛宴、秘制烤串佐以甄选美酒,深圳湾畔,举杯共度快乐假期! CNY 788 元/两位 two persons 18:00 – 21:302023.04.28 – 05.02 Delightful Brunch Time西室|湾畔假日悠享香槟早午餐 Indulge in a delightful selection of seafood delights and savor our chef’snew menu. Reserve your table now and …

Matsuyi’s new brunch concept @ MATSUYI, Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen – Futian

Infuse your weekend with Japanese flavour and flair with Matsuyi’s new unlimited brunches. Help yourself to endless platters of sashimi and sushi, order freely from a vast selection of soups, tempura, teppanyaki, and desserts. Settle in for a few lively hours of Japanese delights and inspiring city views.在CBD城景中体验松逸周末精选早午餐,日式经典刺身用鲜味挑动味蕾,包裹金黄面衣的天妇罗一口酥脆带来丰富口感,让铁板与龙虾和鹅肝的碰撞开启元气充沛的一天,沉浸在和风赠予的极致美味中。