Karting & Vibe by Parlor @ YTS Cart Club


To the Drivers and Riders out there “GETONBOARD” brings to you A show well put together by “3M” to give you a FUN🤩 filled night AND the right MELODY as you go on the track.. DRINKS 🍹 🥤BARBECUE 🍗 🍖MUSICSHISHAGO-KART🏎🏎PERSONAL KARTING FOOTAGE 🎞 ️ LIMITED TO 100 PEOPLE. LET’S GO PARTY!!!!! 😋 所有司机和车手请注意!最火热DJ“GETONBOARD” 为您带来由“3M”精心组合策划的充满乐趣的卡丁车派对。在卡丁车赛道上,伴着Dj惹火的音乐,享受一整个好玩的夜晚! 无限卡丁车爽玩🏎🏎个人卡丁车摄像🎞酒水🍹 🥤烧烤🍗 🍖音乐水烟 ️ 100人上限。快点加入派对吧!!!!!😋