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The oriental charm, the western-style romance, and the fusion of Chinese and Western classics can all be heard in this concert!

June 17 @ 7:30 pm 11:30 pm

Stroll the Classical Night

On June 17, viola player Shen Ziyu and pianist Xu Xinhui will hold a wonderful “Romantic Monologue – Shen Ziyu Viola Solo Concert” in the small theater of Shenzhen Concert Hall.

in this concert

What wonderful tracks will you be able to listen to?

Come and have a look with the editor!


Brahms: Sonata F-A-E, third movement: Scherzo

The “FAE” Sonata was composed by three composers of the Romantic period for their mutual friends: in 1853, Schumann, Brahms and Dietrich’s friend Joachim Ryder gave a concert, Schumann Mann proposed that the three of them write a violin sonata together as a tribute to him.

Dietrich wrote the first movement, the second and fourth movements himself, Brahms wrote the third movement (a joke), and took Joachim’s personal motto abbreviation “FAE” (Frei Aber Einsam). ) as the title of the song, meaning ” free and lonely “. Brahms’ banter is the most famous and the most played movement in the entire piece.

Brahms is a staunch advocate of classicism, but there is also a lot of romanticism in the music. This C minor banter is famous for its loud and powerful rhythm: the violin triplets open the beginning of the movement , followed by a dance-style passage that ends with a very majestic end with a full bow on the violin.

“FAE” is a masterpiece created by composers of different styles integrated into a theme, and it also shows the great friendship between them, so it is widely recognized and played a lot.


Bach: Suite for Unaccompanied Cello BWV1007

Bach’s Cello Suite (BWV1007-1012) is a complete set of six pieces. The works were composed in the 1720s in the early stage of Bach’s career, when Bach was in his prime and lived a peaceful and stable life. The suite was composed during this period.

This set of works is rigorous in structure, full of philosophical rationality and logic, the music is high but not unrelenting, the connotation is profound but yet approachable, and it is full of humanistic romance.

The first suite is in the key of bright G major, composed of 6 dance pieces, which express polyphonic music with rich harmony through monomelody instruments. Like his other creations, the suite is characterized by emphasis on counterpoint, rigorous rationality, etc., but the whole piece is sacred without losing warmth, and it still has a powerful healing power to soothe people’s hearts to this day.


Schumann: Three Romances, Op.94

Schumann’s three romantic pieces are very classic chamber music works, and they are also classic pieces that are often played in concerts. As an outstanding representative of the new period of German Romanticism in the first half of the 19th century, his creations have a very distinctive musical personality and artistic charm, which are also fully reflected in this work.

In 1849, when Schumann moved to Dresden, but Germany was going through war at the time, he wrote: ” The war in the outside world seems to have given me the impetus to use pen, paper and notes to record all the misfortunes we have suffered. “ Three romances were composed during this turbulent time as Christmas gifts to wife Clara.

Schumann wrote his love for his wife into the music score, which perfectly explains how to express his changing emotions in music: sweetness, confusion, throbbing, hesitation, joy, sadness… A series of emotional changes are reflected in a small number of times. The vibrato, ornamental tones and other details are subtly connected in series. The latter two different styles of music are used by Schumann to represent himself and his wife. They are indeed the “ceiling” of Christmas gifts.


“Song of the Prairie”

“Song of the Prairie” is a piece of music specially composed by Chinese music professor Guan Qingwu for the viola . In the work, the composer used the playing skills of the matouqin, and expressed the vastness of the grassland with the mellow and low tone of the viola.

The unique timbre of the viola is supplemented by the matouqin with a similar timbre. The audience seems to feel the strong wind blowing from the grasslands in their ears. Coupled with the addition of ethnic music, especially the Mongolian music elements, people can be in the East and the West. In the collision of musical instruments, the image of the boundless and green Mongolian Plateau emerges in my mind.

This is a very successful Chinese viola work
 , which perfectly integrates Chinese and Western music, and also allows more people to understand Mongolian music and feel the potential of the viola to express oriental music, so it has become a must-have for viola concerts. Songs, more and more new.


Piazzolla: A History of Tango

For a long time, Latin music has attracted people from different regions with its distinctive artistic style and contagious performance form, especially for the reserved oriental people, the enthusiastic and unrestrained Latin music is full of different styles. Among them, tango is the most representative music.

“Would there be tango in fashion without the dawn and night of Buenos?” – Borges 

When it comes to famous tango music artists, Piazzolla must be a giant that cannot be avoided. He once said that “tango is under my skin”. “History of Tango” is a duet chamber music composed by him in 1986. The first two movements are traditional tango styles, and the last two movements are his representative “new style tango” .

The first movement “Fengyue Venue 1900” is charming but not vulgar, and even has a slight elegance, full of playfulness and cunning. The second movement “Cafe 1930” is full of romantic atmosphere, quiet and long, quiet and beautiful, giving the audience more space for reverie. The third movement “Nightclub 1960” adds other musical styles such as rock, samba, bossa nova, etc., both bright and long.

The viola’s tone is mellow and warm

Hidden treasure instrument as a violin family

Although it is low-key, it does not lose strength

Maybe we can in this concert

Let’s feel the charm of viola together

Recommended recent performances

romantic monologue –

Shen Ziyu Viola Recital

Time: 2022.06.17 (Friday) 19:30

Venue: Small Theater, 5th Floor, Shenzhen Concert Hall

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/performance track/

Brahms: “F-A-E” Sonata,

Third Movement: Scherzo

Bach: Suite for Unaccompanied Cello, BWV.1007

Guan Qingwu: Song of the Prairie

Schumann: Three Romances, Op.94

Piazzolla: The History of Tango

I. Fengyue Site 1900

II. Cafe 1930

III. Nightclub 1960

(The repertoire is subject to the live performance)

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