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Life Poetry: March JAZZ Standards Night @ ROOTS HOUSE – Nanshan

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March 6 @ 9:00 pm 11:00 pm


Wednesday Standards Library

Make Jazz Your Way of Life

Life Poetry: March JAZZ Standards Night

The best jazz is a heavy thing: it’s small, but it’s made of uranium

Life is a beautiful jazz

Jazz is full of colorful anecdotes, and I’m in the midst of an emotional blossoming, and I can fully feel the subtlety that comes from it.

Just as there was a song you had to learn how to play, so Duke Ellington had to prove that he could play ‘Carolina Shout’ by James P. Johnson; twenty years later, you even had to prove that you could play ‘Giant Steps’ by John Coltrane. Step by step, we need to rewrite the process by focusing on where the music is at the moment

The history of jazz has always been filled with songs that challenged taboos and thus left their mark.” There has never been a ‘right’ way to play these songs, and when I hear the music of Miles Davis or Charles Mingus, what I marvel at is not that they are playing a particular song, but that they are able to make it new and different from what it was before.”

Jazz doesn’t have an end; it moves along with the endeavors of life

March JAZZ Standards Night that celebrate the poetry that comes from life

Ticket guide

Tips: In order to have a better live music experience, please read the “Concert Instructions” at the end of this article carefully before booking. Seats are limited, so please book as early as possible.

On-site ticket RMB 120 (wooden chair area/bar area)

Life Poetry: March JAZZ Standards Night

Concert Tracklist


I Should Care
Along Came Batty
Darn That Dreams
Lazy Bird


Au Privave
Dolphin Dance
Joy Spring
Central Park West


You Must Believe in Spring
It Might as Well Be Spring
Up Jumped Spring
Joy Spring

More tracks revealed live
The tracklist will be subject to change at the live concert


3/6 & 3/13

March Track Stories (Wu Jinru/Drums)

For me, traditional jazz standards are more like a book of ‘internal martial arts’ that I have to learn and feel over and over again. The story behind each standard can be as small as sharing my feelings at the time, or as big as mourning for someone important in my life

I don’t think that being in awe of the tradition is a way of thinking, but rather, it is a way of observing that the most cutting-edge masters nowadays have their own unique views on the ‘tradition’

Band profile

Drums Wu Jinru

Professional Drummer

In 2008-2009, he studied at MiDi Music School and Beijing Institute of Modern Music under the tutelage of renowned Chinese drummer Song Liang. He was admitted to Los Angeles Music Academy (LA Music Academy) and The Collective School Of Music (NYC Collective Music Academy), and graduated from The Collective School Of Music in 2012, where he studied with Prof. Ian Froman. Contemporary Jazz and Post Bop with Prof. Ian Froman, Odd Meter and Walking Time Feel with Sean Conly, Joe Fitzgerald and Marko Djordjevic. After studying in New York City, her teachers included renowned drummers Mark Guiliana and Nate Smith, and after returning to China, she has devoted herself to promoting jazz education, live performances, festivals, and recording programs, and in 2019, she joined the famous music producer Tan Yizhe’s TYZ Music Band team, working with artists such as Mao Buyi, Yi Yangqianxi, Huang Zitao, Wang Yuan, Rocket Girls 101, Aihe, and Zhang Liangliang

Guitar Xu Ke

After overhearing his mother buying Louis Armstrong’s records in elementary school which opened up his musical enlightenment, he graduated from Tianjin Conservatory of Music in 2013, majoring in guitar in the Department of Contemporary Music. Due to his immense love for jazz, he gave up his then job in 2016, thus starting his career as a professional musician. He has studied with many famous jazz musicians, such as Gu Zhongshan ,Yotam Silberstein ,Tommy Ho,Romain Pilon and so on. In the process of working with many musicians, he has developed the ability to pay close attention to the overall coordination of the band, which makes his performance rich in spatial sense

Bass Zhunan

He started playing bass in 2008, formed the band Blue Babble to participate in various performances and competitions, and later began to specialize in jazz bass. He studied with Swedish bassist Eirik Lund, and attended a series of master classes with Italian bassist Niccolo Faraci, Portuguese bassist Zé Eduardo, and Canadian bassist Sylvain Gagnon, etc. He has participated in many performances and competitions in the Pearl River Delta region, such as in Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Guangzhou, and Macau



March Track Stories (Zhu Zexu)

The spring in Shenzhen is quite short, but we still prepared four seasonal tracks to share the spring in jazz

Band profile

Saxophone Zhu Zexu

Born in Kobe, Japan, he began studying saxophone at the age of eight. He entered Berklee College of Music in 2014 where he studied Bebop in 2016 with pianist Barry Harris, and moved to New York in 2019 to transfer to William Pecterson University.

In the past five years, Zhu Zexu has played in China, Japan and the United States, and has worked with musicians such as Kim Clarke, Wayne Escoffery and Hiroyuki Tsutsui. He graduated in 2022 and moved to Guangdong

Keyboard Wang Xiaoyu

Jazz pianist

Wang Xiaoyu began to learn piano at the age of 7, and began to learn jazz music in 2016, under the tutelage of Hungarian jazz pianist Zoltan Szigeti and American jazz pianist Liu Chuangwei. She is proficient in Bebop, Latin and other jazz styles, and has been active in jazz scenes all over China in the past two years

Bass Zhang Congcong

Zhang Congcong graduated from Shenyang Conservatory of Music with a master’s degree in electric bass, under the tutelage of Professor Wang Daping
In 2019, she began to learn jazz bass
She studied under the famous American bassist Kim Clarke
Her playing style is heavily influenced by Walter Page, Oscar Pettiford and Ray Brown
She has been active in and jazz education and performances

Drums Zeng Jiale

A member of the Communist Party of China, Tseng Jiale once independently planned and founded the “Le Jian” jazz drum solo concert in his sophomore year. He is deeply influenced by Brian Blade, and pursues the integration with other musicians. He studied jazz drumming with Jin Chuan, master percussion instructor at Zhuhai Grand Theatre Art Center, and Duan Ran, a member of the Beijing Marimba Association. He also studied harmony theory and small ensemble composition with Zhang Yichen, a graduate student of the Stuttgart State University of Music and Performing Arts in Germany, and Yu Zhenhai, a saxophone instructor at Xinghai Conservatory of Music and the director of the Guangzhou Weiwei Jazz Orchestra. He has performed with Elad Sobol (Song Yuxiang), Lukasz Lagocki, Du Cha, Lan Lan, He Junni (Niuhe), Huang Zhengwei, Emma, Zhang Mingwei and a number of outstanding jazz musicians, and gradually derived a rich rhythm with unique personal characteristics

《Concert Instructions》

  1. Once the tickets are sold, they will not be returned or exchanged for any reason; Our official ticket sales channel is currently limited to ROOTS HOUSE official account mall/Huo Dong Xing/Qu Huo/Tong Gan, and early bird tickets are only sold in the official account mall; In order to prevent interruptions to the admission flow caused by the resale activities of secondary ticket market, when presenting the tickets at the door, you must match the information in the order, and please do not purchase tickets through other third-party channels to avoid unnecessary price difference.
  2. The concert will start at 21:00 on the night, and will last about two hours, with an intermission; For guests who have purchased tickets, we will reserve the seat for you until 21:30, after which it will be canceled; In order to ensure that you can be seated as soon as possible, please enter at least half an hour before the start of the concert, and follow the staff to check in with the ticket purchase record at the door.
  3. We will reserve designated seats for you on site according to the order of backstage ticket purchase; As the venue seats are limited, please understand that you might share a table with other audiences; If you have a designated seat demand, please add customer service (WeChat 15302618010) as soon as possible after purchasing the ticket to notify us, we will try our best to coordinate arrangements for you according to the situation; you can reply “seat” in the chat of the official account to view the on-site seat map; In order to ensure good order, no seat changes will be accepted at the concert.
  4. Please do not bring any food and drinks from outside into the venue area; No smoking indoors (including electronic cigarettes)
  5. To show respect for the concert, please do not make loud noises during the concert, please set your mobile phone to silent or vibrate mode the whole time; If you take photos or record videos, please turn off the flash
  6. Please respect the venue and the musicians, applause is the best encouragement to live music
  7. We have our specially designed drinks, and fine booze is another beautiful way to experience ROOTS HOUSE


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