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Exhibition Preview | “Beyond Color” Shirley Wong Solo Exhibition

April 9 June 20


The SE Gallery will be honoured to launch the solo exhibition “Beyond Color” by artist Shirley Wong from April 9 to June 10, 2022, which will focus on the series of works created by the artist in recent years.

Shirley learned from Zheng Kai, a famous Chinese-American artist, and Mr Zheng is also the enlightenment of modern Chinese design. Shirley has travelled in Europe, Africa and other places for a long time, and the things she met during the trip about nature, music, life and love give her inexhaustible inspiration. In the “Journey” series, we can feel that they contain diverse regional customs and positive emotional accumulation. The bright colors, gorgeous pictures and strong artistic expression in the works make everyone who approaches or appreciates her works feel endless joy. “Life of line”, This series of works she created under the epidemic makes people forget the pain and depression of reality, bringing people a kind of spiritual comfort and expectations for the future.

Influenced by abstract expressionist paintings, the soft colors in the work are stacked together, and the pictures are light and slightly glowing. They are either light or deep, casual and accidentally sprinkled through different color blocks and lines in the work, like a free idea floating over the canvas.

Mr Zheng Kai, Shirley’s art tutor, once commented on her paintings: “Shirley is good at composing music with painting, using points, lines, surfaces, rhythms, density and contrast to describe the variations, tone and alignment of music, and composes wonderful paintings… Wonderful!”

Shirley Wong: Beyond Color

 ARTIST LIVE TOUR | ONLINE2022/04/09 15:00Saturday 3 p.m.


  LocationSE Gallery Room 101, Building A2, OCT Park, Shenzhen

* In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the VIP tour and offline opening time of this exhibition will be postponed and notified separately according to the epidemic prevention and control situation. During the exhibition period, if there are no special circumstances, an appointment will be implemented to watch the exhibition. The audience can add our official WeChat account to visit in an orderly manner. We will adjust it in time according to the epidemic prevention and control situation. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


Shirley Wong

Born in Guangzhou,China. Now based in Shenzhen/Guangzhou, She also spends much of her time travelling and living in Switzerland.

Shirley expresses her feeling and love for nature through visual art, and she displays her incredible talent, sense and comprehensive artistic qualities in both photography and painting. Her paintings feature vibrant and bright colors that resemble the rolling rhythm of musical notes, creating a rich expression indicated through the well-spaced brushstrokes and the special technique of texture. 

She enjoys visualizing such music as a serenade, sonata, waltz, concerto, symphony, fantasia and pastoral songs using the form of painting. In recent years, her major series of works include “Visual Fantasia”, “Pastoral Fantasia”, “The Color Maniac” “Incredible India”, etc.

Shirley’s travel notebooks:

India “The color Maniac ”

Switzerland “Tears of the Alps”

Italy “Acqua Alta”

Working on “Four pieces of Greek”

Shirley’s work has been widely collected by individual collectors and art institutes in such countries as China, Singapore, France, Switzerland and Italy. 

Shirley has held many solo exhibitions and group exhibitions at home and abroad. Her main solo exhibitions and group exhibitions include:Individual exhibition:

2022 Shenzhen Color Gallery, China “Beyond Color”

2020 Shenzhen Lifan Art Museum “The Erotic”

2019 Chengdu, China/Chongqing Hong Kong Wei’an Gallery “Dayin Xisheng”

2018 Tillsamman Artspace “Poral” in Zurich, Switzerland

2017 Guangzhou, China EMG “Blue & White” Greek themed photography

2015 Castel Pietriao “Poral Fantasia” in Tuscany, Italy

2014 OCT “The Way of Erotic” in Shenzhen, China


2012 Guangzhou Institute of Science and Technology, China “Very India” Photography

2011 Guangzhou EMG Art Space “Very Indian” Oil Paintings

2009 “Guangzhou, China 225 ART SPACE “Visual Sonata”2008 Xiaozhou, Guangzhou, China, “Safe Access” Photography
Joint exhibition:

2020 China Shenzhen Lifan Art Expo

2019 China Shenzhen Lifan Art Expo

2012 Guangzhou/Beijing, China “Chinese Contemporary”

2011 Guangzhou/Shenzhen, China “Southern Artists Joint Exhibition”

2010 “Four Elephants” International Abstract Painting Exhibition, Xiaozhou Art District, Guangzhou, China

2010 Guangzhou, China Guangdong Contemporary Women’s Art Exhibition

2009 “China Contemporary Art Joint Exhibition” in Xiaozhou, Guangzhou, China

My best work is my life.

My best artwork is the life how l live.

—— Shirley

Exhibition works

For the purchase and collection of works, welcome to contact Joyce.

Under the epidemic

Let art soothe the soul.


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