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Chinese Football

April 29, 2022 @ 8:00 am 5:00 pm

“I told you to come! It will definitely come!”

—— Chinese Football Band

Choosing a game is tantamount to choosing two endings, victory and defeat, experiencing new challenges – the game continues, and no one can predict what will come to you in the end.

Every time you win, you take something away. Every time you fail, something comes back. Just like the end of the game, every time I see the end, in addition to satisfaction, there are also regrets. Then you reread the file, want a new ending, and then get a new regret. Reaching the goal again and again makes the goal lose its meaning, “find the answer, but can’t find the meaning”.

Changes and unknown moving lines overlap. The shadow cast by the big environment is shrouded in this spring day. The lurking emotions that have never been vented are about to come out. The Chinese Football Band will set off again and use the power of emotions and music to reorganize a new one for you. spring day. Tickets for the Shenzhen/Changsha Shuangcheng tour will be billed on time tomorrow at 12:00.

Presented by M-LAB
Chinese football  2022  National Tour

Billing time:April 27th 12:00
Ticketing stations for this round:

May 11th Shenzhen HOU LIVE (Futian Store)

May 13 Changsha VOX LIVEHOUSE
The rest of the stops (invoicing on an elective date):





*We will make every effort to promote the ticketing of the above stations, and I hope you will continue to pay attention.
Ticket Information:Full price ticket: 150 RMB

To buy tickets, please click on the applet or read the original text!

In 2019, Chinese Football released the last EP “Continue? “, kicked off a long tour we’ve never experienced before, from China to Japan to Southeast Asia, and we thought our game was about to end. Out of Asia, to the world, not just talk. Now that I think about it, it was a fantastic year. I was on the same stage with American Football, took regal lily to China tour, and received invitations from the Bad Pond Festival and the Arctangent Festival in the UK. We even have a year-long 2020 world tour planned.

Last year, Chinese football planned a tour that spanned 40 cities across the country, and we ended up only finishing about half of the schedule due to the pandemic. But please don’t be discouraged, because we will definitely make up for the tour that doesn’t make it. Although the new album has yet to meet you, but in the current environment, the realization of every performance is hard-won, so friends, cherish every opportunity to get together at the scene.


Peripheral preview:


2022.5.11 (Wednesday) 20:30

2022.5.12 (Thursday) 20:30


No. 9289, Binhe Avenue, Xiasha Community, Futian District, Shenzhen

B112A on the first floor of KKONE


Full price ¥150

Scan the QR code to buy tickets

5.12 Billing tomorrow

Instructions for viewing


Visitors who purchased tickets at Xiudong, please open the Xiudong APP in advance to update, swipe your face for verification to obtain the dynamic QR code, so as not to delay your admission ;

*Please bring your ID with you;

*The venue is limited during special periods, please try to arrive at the venue on time to redeem tickets and enter the venue;

*Show required for admission

① 72-hour nucleic acid certificate 

② Yuekang code (green code)

③Itinerary  card 

④Location  code 

And fill in the visit registration form at the entrance of the venue , wear a mask throughout the process, and cooperate with the staff to measure the temperature before entering the venue . Thank you for your cooperation!

Guangdong Provincial Affairs “Guangdong Health Code”
Communication big data itinerary card


Please scan the above QR code on the day of the performance and save the screenshot in advance.

*Visitors with abnormal body temperature, red yellow health code, passing through medium and high-risk areas in the past 14 days , and the itinerary card with an asterisk will not be allowed to enter.

☝ In case of the above situation, the audience who cannot enter the venue can contact the ticketing platform in advance to apply for a refund

Visitors without an asterisk itinerary must present a 72-hour nucleic acid certificate, a Yuekang code green code, an itinerary card, scan the venue code, take a temperature measurement, fill in the visit registration form, and redeem their tickets to enter the venue.