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Chen Sa: When Scriabin met Chopin Concert @ Recital Hall, Shenzhen Concert Hall – Futian

December 22, 2022 @ 8:00 pm

You know, in the year-round repertoire, I am actually always the one who is lucky enough to be found.

There is no need to repeat the ever-changing changes. Many “antibiotics” have been injected into life, and the decibels are heavier. In the hustle and bustle and shackles, Scriabin gradually appeared in my consciousness—the man known as Russian composer with one of the most important voices of the early 20th century. Born in 1872, he was influenced by Chopin in his youth, which made his early creations more or less carry the characteristics of romantic individualism and dreamlike multi-lines. Let’s talk about Sonata No. 3 first. The one marked “Spiritual Form” is four movements he composed when he was 27 years old. The ascending fourths of the first movement and its tragic eruption and half-step second interspersed in the gap, occasionally as light as wings, are more game-like motives or have The majestic sense of fate has gained more of his personal characteristics in his fourth movement – neurotic, slightly closed and magically fanciful; multi-part interlaced vs half-tone climbing around, strenuous, split Even panic and anger, as well as the cumulative feeling of near-physical effects, point directly to the “ecstasy” at the end. Fortunately, before this chapter, which makes me occasionally feel jealous and go crazy, there is a second movement similar to the scherzo Scherzo ABA-style B-section Qingyi Pastoral, and the Andante of the third movement after that is supplemented with matching and balance. Especially the third movement, deep in my childhood memory, it is a musical interlude that made me ‘forget what time is’ for a moment.·

Can time stop?·

Yes – when he disappears.You will see that everything in the world is moving quietly, and there is no sense of passing away or coming.

December 22 at 8pm

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