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The Grand Theater @ Renaissance Shenzhen Bay Hotel – Nanshan

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December 22, 2022 All day

Renaissance Shenzhen Bay Hotel will join hands with home furnishing Lifestyle brand TaDah has suddenly co-launched an afternoon tea menu inspired by theater elements.

Starting from December 22,YiTing Bar of Renaissance Shenzhen Bay Hotel will exclusively with that suddenly cooperates themed English afternoon tea mainly drawn from the elements of “theater” are presented together with TaDah’s series of bone china tea sets “The Grand Theater”, bringing more sweet experiences to afternoon tea lovers in Shenzhen.

Cui Meiping, Executive Sous Chef of the Western Kitchen, draws inspiration from theater-themed tea sets, interprets and makes this set of creative afternoon tea from the perspective of a woman who loves desserts:under the background of the theater geometric and retro elementsTune as a supplement. The main feature of the menu is of course the iconicJoyful Note Opera Cake. It is a classic French dessert with the image of the Opera House, also known as the mille-feuille cake. Dancing musical notes adorn the chocolate topping, giving it character. The rich chocolate aroma intertwined with a touch of almond flavor hits the face. After the entrance, the delicate and smooth coffee sauce and cream occupy the mouth, soft and delicious, and the lips and teeth are

fragrant. The perfect combination of sweetness and mellow coffee sandwich makes the taste smooth, and the shape is more three-dimensional with a theater-style gentleman’s tophat.

The shape of Xiandian also makes full use of the geometric elements in the Grand Theater, presenting a sense of smooth lines.A line: Old Vinegar and Crab Meat Jellyhas a transparent hemispherical shape as a whole, and the details echo the second-floor boxes of the Grand Theater depicted on the teacup. Embellished with golden petals that resemble the drop-shaped pattern on the hanging curtain of the box, the tea is fresh and refreshing.

Gorgeous Curtain Foie Gras Mousse with Caramel AppleThe mousse shape curve is inspired by the curtain that was slowly rolled up at the beginning of the play, reflecting the title of the prologue in the famous book “Vanity Fair” by the British writer Thackeray depicted on the teapot:” Before the Curtain” (a few words before the opening), leaving room for reverie. It seems to indicate that a visual and taste feast is about to begin. Paired with caramelized apples on the top layer and crispy biscuit bottom, three flavors in one bite, overlapping one after another, giving the taste buds an unprecedented impact.

TaDah is suddenly a home lifestyle brand, and “originally designed daily utensils” is its label. The founding team loves home furnishing and has experience in family porcelain making. The reason why I choose porcelain as a traditional medium is because I want to capture some essential and unchanging things in the ever-changing life, and use creativity to give it new meaning. Since its inception, through cooperation with designers and illustrators, it has launched 30+ individual product series. The products not only fly into the homes of destined people, weddings, birthday parties… become synonymous with gifts, but also in the media, variety shows, TV dramas Appear in, show colors, and gain love. Brand products have appeared in “Andi AD”, “Fashion COSMOPOLITAN”, “Ruili Home Design” and other magazines, and have been recommended by FT Chinese website, ELLE DECO and other media, Business Fan, Poison Tongue Movie, Camellia and other public accounts. “Marie Claire” launched a joint derivative product in the 20th anniversary exhibition of the Chinese version. The brand is also an official partner of the variety show “Perfect Restaurant”, and its products accompany celebrity guests to create delicious food. In the hit TV series “The Heirloom” in 2022, branded products will appear as the heroine’s favorite items. Landmarks of literary and artistic life that have settled in many places: K11, LoFt, Wenxuan BOOKS, One Way Space, Eslite Bookstore, Tianqiao Art Center, Met Museum…

For reservations for joint afternoon tea or for more information, please call: + 86 755 8120 2270

or visit the official website www.marriott.com/szxrb

No.18 Keji South Road, Nanshan District
+86 755-8663 5888
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