TEDxTalks | 摄影分享 Photography Sharing

Si Hai Shi Dai (Hou Ting Station, Line 11) Between Middle Sha Song Road and East Zhong Ting Road Shenzhen 沙井街道沙松中路与中亭东路交汇处 四海时代,11号线后亭站, Shenzhen, Guangdong

Agenda 1. Icebreaking 2. TEDxTalks 14:45-15:25 Isaac Cohen - Wildlife Isaac Cohen, a biologist with an immense passion for wildlife photography, has been recording Shenzhen's animal biodiversity for the past five years. Being able to capture species that defy the logic of what is supposed to inhabit a megacity and dedicated to educate its citizens on how to protect them. ...