Shenzhen Time

What is the time in Shenzhen?

Shenzhen time is the same as the rest of China as Shenzhen city is located in China just above Hong Kong in the southern part of Guangdong Province. China keeps the time zone the same across the whole country including the time in Shenzhen. Shenzhen also has the same time as Hong Kong and Singapore. The GMT adjustment is +8. Daylight savings time is not observed in Shenzhen, China.

Websites to Convert Time Zones to Shenzhen Time

You can convert the time from your current time zone or UTC to the Shenzhen timezone by using these sites:

Apps to Convert Time Zones to Shenzhen Time

If you need to frequently convert the time to Shenzhen time just download and install these time converter apps.

Review of time zone converter apps

Shenzhen has a large watch and clock industry making it home to the China Watch and Clock Fair exhibition held in the Shenzhen Exhibition and Convention Center.

Now that you are clear about the time in Shenzhen be sure to check the weather in Shenzhen.