Mother’s Day Family Art Brunch & Dinner @ Park Hyatt Shenzhen

花影融艺,至爱希声。深圳柏悦酒店联合木星艺术中心母亲节特别献礼。Happy Mother’s Day! On this special day, we have prepared lilies and art experiences for you.#母亲节mothersday#深圳柏悦酒店parkhyattshenzhen

Toast to May Day @ Shangri-La Shenzhen – Luohu

Toast to May Day and show appreciation to yourselves for all your hard work.  Enjoy the holiday with tasty delicacies and amusing offers we prepared for you and your family at Shangri-La Shenzhen.为自己的辛勤付出喝彩,让味蕾在美食的海洋里肆意放纵。 好吃好玩,欢度假期。 Oyster themed dinner buffet “蚝”门盛宴自助晚餐 2023.4.28-5.2 We offer ten kinds of selected oyster with ten different cooking methods to delight your taste bud.精选来自十个不同产地的生蚝,配以十种不同的烹饪手法,“蚝”味令人无法抗拒! RMB288/位person Activity: 内含趣味活动: Airplane …

Palace Feast @ Vientiane World Theater – Nanshan

performance date   April 29, 2023 (Saturday) 10:30 (first session) 15:00 (second session)  performance location  Shenzhen Vientiane World Theater (2nd Floor, Mixc World Art Plaza, Nanshan District) age audience 2 years old + children and families  Show duration about 70 minutes (no intermission) fare ¥120/180/280/380 Scan code to buy tickets👇

Father’s Day Movie Reaction w Kids @ GFA Kids Club – (Online Event)

GFA KIDS CLUB🤓Open English Class Event英语公开课活动 🧔‍♂️ Happy Father’s DayMovie Reaction With KidsLet’s encourage the young ones speak their minds!We would like to invite dads and see how a father’s love and guidance makes a difference. 🧔‍♂️父亲节特别活动看电影学英语,让孩子学会拥有和表达自己的想法。我们邀请爸爸们一起参加,聊聊父亲的爱和教育有何不同? MOVIE: Raya and the Last dragon 寻龙传说 如果我们再不停止猜忌,学会信任,,那么迟早有一天,我们会走向灭亡。我不想让你成长在这样的世界!我相信龙佑之邦可以重现,但必须有人迈出第一步…相信我。 If we don’t stop and learn to trust one another again, it’s only matter of …