Isang Taon Na Po Kami: AYOS 1st Anniversary @ AYOS Bistro Truck – Nanshan

Mabuhay!Thank you for your all out support.AYOS 1st Anniversary on June 27th Tuesday.• Experience the Philippine Culture with our famous Street Foods and Barbecue.• Sing and Dance with the Filipino Musicians.• Games and Prizes.Please join us on this event because you are INVITED.Maraming salamat po!Mabuhay!谢谢大家这么久一直以来的全力支持!6月27日周二是AYOS一周年纪念日·体验菲律宾文化与我们著名的街头食品和烧烤·与菲律宾音乐家一起唱歌跳舞·游戏和奖品快加入我们的活动吧!你被邀请了!十分感谢大家! address: AYOS PHILIPPINE BISTROTRUCK90+CREATIVE BLOCKSHENZHEN BAYAYOS菲律宾小酒馆卡车90+创意街区深圳湾广东中国