Nov. 12 Heipaijiao coastline hike in Huizhou


Route outline: leisure level, suitable for newbies, less difficult than Dongxichong coastline hike, the length is about 12km, will take about 6 hours. Most of the trail is on the beach, and there is about 1km of mountain path in the middle. There are two shops on the way. November 12, 2022 07:30 Shenzhen University Metro Station exit A2 07:55 Children's ...


Nov. 13 Judiao Sha coastline hike in Dapeng

Dapeng Dapeng, Guangdong

Route outline: The coastline of Judiao Sha is 5.53 km long, passing through reefs, rock walls and beaches. It will take 6 hours to through it. The highest altitude is 47m. the difficulty is 2 stars out of 5, and is a little more difficult than crossing the Dongxichong coastline. it is suitable for people  who have good physical strength and have certain outdoor experience. ...


Nov. 19-20 Go hiking in Qingyuan


Route outline: The hiking route on the first day is about 13km long, elevation is about 600 meters, will take about 6 hours. Some sections of the mountain path are steep, the difficulty is 2.5 stars out of 5. The hiking route on the second day is about 8km long, elevation is about 525 meters, will take about 6 hours. ...