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July 14, 2022 @ 10:00 pm 11:59 pm

Today, when the voices of reflection and questioning are completely obscured by huge waves, being forced to like may be something everyone has experienced, but thinking cannot stop for a moment.

This time, perhaps we can put aside the useless idea of ​​​​fashion, temporarily break away from the electronic music that represents the so-called “trendy” and “cool”, and draw some new inspiration from the sounds of the past – the 70s half a century ago The ~80s brought a lot of unimaginable music, and on Thursday night, July 14th, we’ll temporarily occupy OIL’s dance floor to play them for you.

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Strictly speaking, the starting point of Nebulae digging is a compressed disc filled with more than 400 low-quality songs in childhood. Over the years, the form and carrier of music have changed, and the compressed disc has become a compressed disc containing more than a thousand carefully selected songs. track digital memory. From clubber to DJ, it has nothing to do with the classification and labeling of music, respecting the physical feedback brought by “listening” and exploring the deep and abstract spiritual world are the basic music values ​​she follows.


The lead singer of the band Siren’s lighthouse, who is about to release the band’s EP “Siren’s lighthouse” with the same name. She loves classicism and mysticism. She turned into a group of little sirens and came to the club to walk out of her tragic mythological life. World music and folk songs are as usual The same is the base wine of her grand imagination.

Forget the misery, like explorers, they embark on a psychedelic journey. In her set, there are voices from all over the world, whether it is gothic music from Europe, African tribal drums and the nomadic melody of the Middle East, which will become the material for her to build a wonderful musical myth, and the places it depicts are all Let you be there.

Xin Sheng

Influenced by the Situationist International, he began to seek out the radical, rebellious and romantic voices of the period. In his DJ sets, sometimes sharp and angular, sometimes mechanically repeating looping differences, both in music and in life, he is keen to find traces of events that herald new forces.


Shenzhen-based XHANKONKON is a serious and lively ruthless character. He treats every DJ performance as a battle of goodwill, and the dance floor is the forefront of this battle.

If you see XHANKONKON on the DJ booth, don’t be surprised by his over-focus, because the battle doesn’t allow any mistakes. Many dance styles from the 80’s to today can be heard in his pile-driver-like DJ set: Techno, Hard Core, Grime, Dancehall, Classic Trance are all his forte, jumping back and forth between rhythm patterns , and of course there may be rock music from an older era – it’s all about the performance and his mood.

XHANKONKON’s music career started with Functionlab, the most neurotic music label in Hangzhou, where he released his first solo EP “Find Failure” and singles “Digital pig” and “XXX-ME”. Currently he runs the party brand “AGEUSIA” in Shenzhen and Warmchainss, bringing a brutal sound to Shenzhen’s electronic music scene.

XHANKONKON, based in Shenzhen, is a serious and lively character. He treats each DJ performance as a kind-hearted battle, and the dance floor is the forefront of this battle.

If you see XHANKONKON on the turntable, don’t be shocked by his over-concentration, because the battle doesn’t allow any mistakes. In his pile-driver-like DJ Set, you may hear many dance style from the 90s to today : Techno, Hard Core, Grime, Dancehall, Euro Dance are all his special skills, repeatedly jumping between various rhythm patterns And, of course, there may be rock music from an older age-It’s all depend on the crowd and his mood.

XHANKONKON’s musical career began with Functionlab, the most nervous music label in Hangzhou, where he released his first EP “Find Failure” and singles “Digital Pig” and “XXX-ME”. He currently runs the party brand “AGEUSIA” in Shenzhen with Warmchainss, bringing a brutal voice to the electronic music scene in Shenzhen.

Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/xhankonkon

Boiler Room: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9s4lBhwpmPg&t=2162s

FAR Radio: https://v.qq.com/x/page/n0978zut7vx.html

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