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Year of the Rabbit HOU LIVE Boxing Party for the Year of the Tiger – Futian

January 14 @ 11:00 pm

The Renyin Year of the lunar calendar is coming to an end, the Guangdong Spring Festival Transport has begun, and Shenzhen has also come to the annual “empty city” rest time. In this difficult year, there has been a lot of bad news, but also a lot of good news. All the organizers have presented us with wonderful performances after a tortuous road. I would like to pay tribute to all the workers who are engaged in performing arts and sincerely thank all the audiences who understand and support us!ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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On this New Year’s Eve, we have prepared a party “New Year’s Eve Dinner” for performance lovers and party participants who are still staying in Shenzhen.

Dance this midnight, have fun together.

Dumplings with wine, the more you drink, the more delicious! As Renyin’s last party in HOULIVE, this is not high or low. In order to thank everyone for their support this year, we are here to give out benefits!

The three things to be happy during the Chinese New Year are nothing more than delicious food, fun, and red envelopes. Red envelopes have far-reaching significance to every Chinese son and daughter. Red envelopes represent auspiciousness, blessings, good luck, etc…

On the night of the party, HOU LIVE will distribute a red envelope to each audience. When you open the red envelope, you will have the opportunity to win year-end awards such as performance tickets, wine exchange coupons, and wine discount coupons. We hope to send our blessings to everyone who loves music and parties. I also hope that the audience present will not be in a hurry to open the red envelopes, let us open them together at the party under the guidance of the DJ!Image

Not bright during the day

Gavintoo, from Shenzhen, has lived in Africa and is a new jazz/electronic music producer praised by music fans all over the world.

Known affectionately by music fans as Uncle Zuo Bai, his works always start with a refreshing rhythm, and the exquisite and charming grace is deeply memorable. The Chinese classical romanticism deeply implanted in the electro-acoustic and hip-hop rhythm makes the music that is not bright during the day still present an extremely beautiful romance and elegance in the collision of multiple cultures. As a representative pure music producer in China, his works have received more than 25 million plays on the NetEase Cloud Music platform.made square

,greattwenty threeThe video is from Made Square

At the beginning of 2015, March released the single “Lotus” in cooperation with rapper Xia Zhiyu, and announced the upcoming release of the second album. In January 2016, finally released the second official album “Youyuan Jingmeng/ Into The Midnight”, which is still based on Nu-Jazz/Hip-hop with the iconic Chinese classical romantic color of “Daylight” , and deploy some near-future style, so that the whole exudes a charming Chinese classical romantic flavor in the fashionable and exquisite electric hip-hop framework. The album was unanimously praised by the music industry when it was released, and was selected as the best album in the spring of 2016 at the Chinese Music Media Awards, and the top ten albums at the Chinese Golden Melody Awards in January 2016, and won the best album at the Chinese Music Media Awards. Electronic artist. The famous music critic Qiu Dali praised: “In the experiment of Chinese contemporary music, there has never been an album dedicated to measuring the texture of night. This is a record that explores the secrets of men’s inner world. There are graceful flowers inside, swaying in the wind. “.

Just last month, the limited edition vinyl of “In the Park” co-operated with Peng Tan by Daylight has also been launched on the official WeChat store of Mingtang Turntable.No light during the day,Xia Zhiyu – Lotus Lotusaudio:00:0004:45It’s not bright during the day, Pentan – in the parkaudio:00:0004:20


Dwarf is from the electronic music organization Hermit and started his DJ career in 2019. His live content is spirited and interesting, and he likes music in 4/4 time. In the past few years, his exploration of music has changed from focusing on Techno to understanding trance music and then entering the niche electronic music scene. He only hopes to enrich himself with more different sounds. From being in charge of the brand promotion, planning and operation of the Shenzhen Turntable Art Club, to appearing as a guest of I LOVE TRANCE on the Foshan Grammy Show and OIL performance guest, to hosting and planning many electronic music parties, he not only likes the strong and powerful Drum beats, and also like to add some ethereal and interesting sounds to enrich his content. Hope to bring more different sounds to the electronic music scene.


You’re right, but FNX is a thoughtless aggressive five. The story takes place in a real city named Shenzhen, where FNX will play the role of human beings, encounter music with different personalities on the journey of searching for electronic music, find the lost innocence, and jointly discover the truth of the beautiful sound.


2023.1.14 (Saturday) 23:00

Venue/HOU LIVE (Xiasha Store)

No. 9289, Binhe Avenue, Xiasha Community, Futian District, Shenzhen

B112A on the negative floor of KKONE


Pre-sale ¥90

Full price ¥120

Double ¥150

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See you there!

12a, Basement first floor, KKONE Shopping Center, 9289 Binhe Road, Futian District, Shenzhen 深圳市福田区滨河路9289号KKONE购物中心B1层12a
Shenzhen, Guangdong 518116 China