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Xiaoguo Talk Show “Daughter Red” Xiaolu’s Personal Talk Show @ Grand Theater – Nanshan

January 6 @ 8:00 pm 9:30 pm

【Deer said】

“Surrounded by laughter, those topics that are ashamed to talk about, secretive stereotypes, and the embarrassment of men’s silence and women’s tears can all be danced on the comedy stage with dignity”

This is my fourth stand-up comedy show. Just like the word “daughter” in the name, the content of the show is also very girly. As for what is red, the show will reveal it!

To cut to the chase, the entire session is divided into the following three sections:
Talk about the biggest daily pressure I am currently enduring as a 30+ woman ;
Talk about the troubles I have faced since I was a little girl and will accompany me for most of my life;
Tell me about the most embarrassing experience in my life right now.

Some of the content in this session may be something you haven’t heard people talk about in public in the past few decades, and it may cause you a little discomfort, hold on! It’s funny in the next second!

· Show Information·

Friday, January 6, 2023


【Performance location】

Grand Theater of Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center Theater

【Performance ticket price】

880/RMB 580/RMB 380/RMB 180 RMB

Scan the QR code above to purchase tickets

180RMB – 880RMB (RMB 880/RMB, 580/RMB, 380/RMB 180)

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