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Wild New Year’s Eve Dinner: Don’t Say Goodbye, Say Goodbye Bravely @ B10 Live – Nanshan

December 30, 2022 @ 8:00 pm



Chinese Football Tour Finale Zhengzhou Station Photography: @古川

2022 is coming to an end

Another year slips away another year becomes history

An industry that has been dormant for three years is about to wake up

Wild will also gather its four bands in the last two days of 2022

Let’s make this special and meaningful farewell togetherimage


Chinese Football  Langmi Senbei

Merge Trip Fuel on the right 


12.30 Shenzhen B10LIVE

12.31 Wuhan VOX


Pre-sale 150 full price 180Image

12.30 Shenzhen Railway StationImage

Langwei Senbei tour ends in Shanghai Station Photography: @飞飞的人爷历史

We seem to be able to travel slowly

See the light that shines into life

Although everything has not been so smooth this year

Can grow and never picky about the surrounding environment

More or less progress happens every day

Those expectations for a better life are piled up layer by layer

Everyone has countless desires to say and fulfill

we are on eve of new year 

Sending our annual summary for you and yourself



Chinese Football Tour Nanchang Station Photography: @uvian


January 8 WIN&LOSE Tour Xiamen Realive&Books

January 9 WIN&LOSE Tour Wenzhou MeaningSpace

January 14 WIN&LOSE Tour Haikou OldSchool

January 15th WIN&LOSE tour Sanya Lichun Tavern

February 25 WIN&LOSE Tour Qingdao So.Downtown

February 26 WIN&LOSE Tour Jinan Pleasure Land

April 3rd WIN&LOSE Tour Beijing Jiangjinjiu

May 11th/12th WIN&LOSE Tour Shenzhen HOULIVE

May 13 WIN&LOSE Tour Changsha VOX

May 20 WIN&LOSE Tour Shijiazhuang Brown Sugar

May 21 WIN&LOSE Tour Hohhot WHOHOT

May 29 Good Friends Concert Guangzhou Sound Republic 

On June 5th WIN&LOSE Tour Nanchang Heitie

July 1st WIN&LOSE Tour Ningbo Lighthouse

July 2nd WIN&LOSE Tour Fuzhou Weimeike

July 3 WIN&LOSE Tour Suzhou Hills

July 9 Young Friends X Hangzhou MAO  

July 15 WIN&LOSE Tour Guiyang Fried Egg

July 21 Capsule 1+1 Jinan Land of Pleasure 

July 24 Wuhan Strawberry Music Festival

July 30 WIN&LOSE Tour Zhengzhou 7+

On August 7th, the wild label Ridong Lakeside

December 30 Wild New Year’s Eve Dinner Shenzhen B10

December 31st Wild New Year’s Eve Dinner Wuhan VOX



July 12 “Chinese Gourmet”

Shelf Life Artist S2 “100,000 Hours” Collection



Chinese Football Tour Nanchang Station Photography: @uvian

Xu Bo Vocal/Guitar

Looking back on 2022, nothing can be achieved, and looking forward to 2023, nothing can be done. I hope you have a bright future, and I hope that I will go forward bravely. Remember to buy “wave plates”.Image

Chinese Football Tour Shenzhen Station Photography: @路早阿MI

Drummer Zheng Zili

The biggest improvement this year is that I have thickened my skin, and I have the courage to express what I want and what I don’t want. Next year, of course, I hope the band will get better and better, the new album will be liked by more people, and the relationship will become closer. It would be even better if you can talk about a relationship in your own words. I won’t share any plans in advance for the new year, because if you can’t do it, don’t make promises haha. It will be very happy to be with many good friends this New Year’s Eve, and I have nothing to say goodbye to. I will take good care of all the joy and pain that happened this year. New Year’s wishes, the most practical: I wish you all good health!Image

Chinese Football Tour Hohhot Station Photography: @SRT疯魔

Wang Bo Guitar

22 years is one year older than 21 years, I hope to be more diligent in the new year. This New Year’s Eve dinner, I want to drink some wine with everyone. As for blessings, I have already lived forever.Image

Chinese Football Tour Xiamen Station Photography: @山山与野

Three Brothers Bass

2022 is a year when all parties have no choice but to choose to lie flat, and living hard is just to ensure that they will not regress. The main purpose of the New Year’s Eve dinner is to meet the long-lost Manager Chufei Chen. By the way, let’s take a look at his private clothes without wearing formal clothes at work. how is it like.



Langwei Senbei Tour Wuhan Station Photography: @感气


Warm Hugs on January 1 Hefei OnTheWay

January 22nd Winter Break Transcript Shanghai MAO

On May 20, a momentary light tour Wuhan VOX

May 29 Good Friends Concert Guangzhou Sound Republic

June 10th/11th Deca Joins Tour Changsha Guests

On June 30, a momentary light tour Hangzhou MAO

On July 15th, Twinkle of Light Tour Xiamen Realive&Books

On July 16, the flash of light toured Fuzhou Weimeike

On July 24th, there is not much room for the Twinkle of Light tour in Guangzhou

On July 30, a momentary light tour Chongqing VOX

On July 31st, a flash of light toured Changsha VOX

On August 7th, the wild label Ridong Lakeside 

On August 12, a moment of light tour Zhuhai Orchestra

On August 13th, a momentary light tour Shenzhen HOU

August 20 Want Want Want Summer Hangzhou MAO 

September 3 Haining Tide Music Festival

On September 15th, guests of Tuwen Printing Shop Tour Hangzhou Station

September 17, public sensory unboxing Changsha Houhu

On September 24th, guests of MOONAGE Tour Hangzhou Station

On October 4th, wild home delivery to Hangzhou Wine Club

On December 4th, a momentary light tour Shanghai Yuyintang Music Park

12.17 Snack duel 1V1 Hangzhou Wine Club 

December 30 Wild New Year’s Eve Dinner Shenzhen B10

December 31st Wild New Year’s Eve Dinner Wuhan VOX



September 20 “Social News” single



Langwei Senbei Tour Shanghai Station Photography: @飞飞的人生历史

Zoo Sauce  Vocal/Guitar

In 2022, through the first band tour, I finally understand the feeling of performing a special show! It’s a kind of pride and joy of having a party at home and inviting everyone to come and have fun. At the same time, I am more confident on stage. We have saved some new songs and plan to release an album next year. I am looking forward to the wild New Year’s Eve dinner. In the new year, I hope that all the planned things can be carried out as scheduled, and that all relatives and friends can be healthy and safe!Image

Langwei Xianbei performed in the public senses unboxing performance Photography: @pillow

Zhu Zhouhan’s guitar

2022 is still a relatively lucky year, we have completed our first national tour. Although it was postponed midway, the performance was successfully completed in the last month of this year. I am very happy to have so many music fans and friends come to our performance, and we have also grown during the performance. There are also new songs released this year. In the new year, I hope everyone will make progress together and everything goes well!Image

Langwei Senbei Tour Hangzhou Station Photography: @997out

Ruoyu Gu  Beisi

2022 is still a fruitful year. Although many activities and performances were postponed due to the epidemic at the beginning of the year, including the tour, it was postponed again and again, but in the end it was successfully completed. I went to many cities and met many interesting people. new friend. Hope to meet you with more works in the new year.Image

Langwei Senbei Tour Wuhan Station Photography: @感气

Tong Jiakai Drummer

Looking back on 2022, what I have experienced the most is accidents. From the tour in March to the summer vacation, the first stop became the last stop. Everyone has been running around the tour for a year, and now I just want to end this fucking epidemic immediately , I hope next year everything will change for the better.



A group photo of the merged jump to the East Lake on the right


On January 8, something like a dream tour Fuzhou Wei Mei Ke

On January 9, something like a dream tour Xiamen Realive&Books

On March 19th, the guests of Manbing Tour Zhaoqing Station

You appeared on May 21, Guangzhou Tai Space

July 16, 06:00, 18, Shenzhen HOU

July 17, 06:00, 18, Guangzhou MAO

On July 24th, the guest of Langwei Senbei Tour Guangzhou Station

On August 7th, the wild label Ridong Lakeside

Flow in your city on December 10th Zhongshan SunliveSpace

December 30 Wild New Year’s Eve Dinner Shenzhen B10

December 31st Wild New Year’s Eve Dinner Wuhan VOX



December 15 “Her Bass” single



Jiahong  Bass/Lead Vocal

My biggest progress in 2022 is to start my own personal plan~ I have always wanted to write some songs by myself, and now I am finally brave enough to do it myself♪( ´θ`)ノMy wish for myself in 2023 is to be able to write more songs More songs, and second, more money~ For the band, I hope that the next new song will be liked by more people, and there will be more performances in the future~ I am really writing a new album~ This New Year’s Eve dinner is the most I want All I do is count down loudly with everyone! Make a wish! Want to say goodbye to the virus and bad 2022! ! Don’t get sick again! ! ! We will stay in Wuhan for one more day on New Year’s Day, hoping to take more vlogs and photos with our teammates! I wish everyone more money and good health in 2023, and don’t be depressed anymore! !Image

Xu Jie Guitar/Vocal

My biggest improvement in 2022 is that I have become more fond of work. I hope that in 2023, I can handle the near things better, and then see further with the band. Recently, I am preparing for a very special performance. It is estimated that it will be announced in January of the new year. Please stay tuned. The wish of the New Year’s Eve dinner is: bid farewell to poverty, and hope that everyone can have a living margin to pursue the ideal world.

jco  bass

My biggest improvement in 2022 is the improvement of cooking skills. In 2023, I hope the band will perform more and my life will be more regular. What I want to do most this New Year’s Eve dinner is to bid farewell to the new crown. I wish everyone good health and good luck in the new year.Image

Rain Ink Drummer

In 2022, my biggest improvement is that I can eat more than before. In 2023, I still hope to perform more and plan to travel. This New Year’s Eve dinner, I want to eat Xiaomin food stalls most, and bid farewell to bad 2022. Finally, I wish everyone a happy 2023!Image

Ah Qi Guitar

In 2022, I feel that my biggest progress is that fortunately I have not regressed. In 2023, my wish for myself is that I can learn everything I want to learn well, and the exam will go smoothly. As for the band, I hope we can go to more places to perform together, as long as we are still on this planet, we can go anywhere. What I want to do most at the New Year’s Eve dinner is to have fun with everyone, as long as the performance goes well. Say goodbye to the gloom of 2022 and stay away from frustration. I hope you are all in good health.



TripFuel at Hefei OnTheWay


June 20th Lur: Guests of the Hefei Tour

On August 7th, the wild label Ridong Lakeside

November 20, Deep Water tour Hefei station guests

December 30 Wild New Year’s Eve Dinner Shenzhen B10

December 31st Wild New Year’s Eve Dinner Wuhan VOX



April 1 “Blackouts” single



manager chen  guitar

Inspired by my friends, I have been exercising almost every day since this summer. I have become thinner and healthier than before. Life lies in exercise. In 2023, I hope that the new album will be released smoothly and life will be happy. I hope that the new year can go smoothly, everyone is safe and happy, and bid farewell to the bad self. Finally, in the new year, I wish you all good health and delicious food!Image

Little Zhou  Beis

There have been almost no major crashes throughout the year, my emotions are relatively stable, and my vital signs are normal. When I carried a 60kg barbell on my shoulders and my mind was blank, I saw lightning flashing across Mount Olympus. The wish of the band is to record and release the new album, the mother and child are safe, and there is no greater ambition. I myself too, have very low desires in all aspects, just muddle along. I want to resume sports quickly, my heart is beating and my blood is burning. Nothing to say goodbye to, it’s all over anyway, new year, new meltdown.Image

rat king guitar

My biggest improvement this year should be that I met many new friends and had many new ideas. In the new year, I hope that Chuifei can release the new album smoothly; in my own words, I will become more powerful and earn more money. This is my first time to participate in the wild New Year’s Eve dinner, everything is fresh and worth looking forward to; the most I want to say goodbye to is nothing more than the previous downturn and the deadly epidemic. As for blessings, I would like to give you a sentence: Do more, think more, earn more money, be healthy and happy every day.Image

Manager Chen asked me to cut out the picture…

Zheng Yu  Drummer

The biggest takeaway from 2022 is the end of a period that made me very anxious and more time to think about other things. In the new year, I hope that the band members will get better and better in all aspects, say goodbye to bad emotions, and stop fucking quarreling. In 2023, I will also be 30 years old, and Manager Chen will be 35 years old. I hope we all have a better future!Image

Mr. Li and Langwei Senbei in Shanghai Yuyintang Music Park



We look forward to seeing you at the end of 2022

Spend the end of the day with you and usher in a brand new year

December 30, Shenzhen B10LIVE

December 31 Wuhan VOX


2022 Wild New Year’s Eve Dinner

don’t say goodbye, say goodbye bravely


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