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Wandering Chamber Music Concert Series I Encounter with the Horn @ Shenzhen Concert Hall

February 23 @ 7:30 pm 11:59 pm

Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra×Shenzhen Concert Hall 

special presentation

Wandering Chamber Music Concert Series I

Encounter with the horn

Time: 2024.2.23 (Friday) 19:30

Location: Small Theater on the fifth floor of Shenzhen Concert Hall

Ticket price: 220/180/120/60 yuan

The trumpet , as the smallest member of the brass family, is characterized by leaping movements. It can play many light and airy melodies. For example, the cheerful and loud classic melody in “Hussar Overture” is composed of two trumpets. The trumpet sounded.

In this concert, trumpet players Dai Dongyu, Li Yang, Liu Jun, Du Jiajie and Sun Xiao from the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra will join hands with violinist Chen Qiumei , pianist Li Jiaqi and soprano Wang Shimeng Join hands to perform many works of different styles for the audience and friends, showing off the colorful nature of the trumpet!

Today, let’s walk with the editor into some of the repertoire of this special trumpet chamber music concert and see what wonderful melodies we can look forward to.

Johann Nipommerk Hummel

“Trumpet Concerto in E flat major, first movement”

Austrian composer and pianist Hummel has been immersed in the musical atmosphere of his native Bohemia since childhood. He became famous in Vienna as an outstanding pianist at a young age. He studied under Mozart, Albrechtsberg, Salieri and Haydn. He was a good friend of Beethoven and soon emerged as a composer. His works inherited the essence of Mozart’s classicism and incorporated the romanticism that was prevalent at the time. They are characterized by elegance, beauty and simplicity.

The Trumpet Concerto in E flat major, composed in 1803, is one of his world-famous masterpieces and is considered the greatest trumpet and orchestra work in the history of classical music. This three-movement trumpet concerto is noble, elegant, brilliant and romantic, and fully utilizes the brilliant and brilliant timbre characteristics of the trumpet. It still has its artistic charm even today. In it, we can also appreciate many exemplary trumpet playing skills. Therefore, it has become an important piece in trumpet competitions and concerts.

Chris Potty


Grammy Award winner and current trumpet king Chris Botti is considered one of the most popular trumpet players today. He has given unlimited possibilities for trumpet playing, whether popular, classical or jazz, and his changeable playing styles have won the love and pursuit of many music fans. His albums have become chart legends many times and he has been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards.

“Emmanuel” was composed by contemporary French composer Michael Colomber in memory of his deceased son. It is full of the composer’s sad confession and endless longing. Chris Botti is one of the many performers of this piece. He is a very eye-catching person. He plays the trumpet and echoes the melody under the violinist’s bow, expressing the deep feelings and sadness buried in the melody. It is pathos and delicate, which is all moving.

George Gershwin

“Summer Time”

The famous American composer George Gershwin created the opera “Porgy and Bess” in 1935. He integrated the musical styles of blues and jazz into the traditional stage play, and used the American musical language to express the unique style and national characteristics of the times. .

“Summer Time” was selected from it, with a slightly melancholy melody. It is one of the most classic jazz songs today. As a single track, “Summer Time” has more than 60,000 recordings in the 2017 Guinness World Records and has been adapted into numerous instrumental versions! Many music fans are no longer unfamiliar with the saxophone and piano versions that they often hear, and the audience of this concert will appreciate the trumpet’s special interpretation of it, which definitely has a different flavor.

Shinji Tanimura


Japanese musician and singer Shinji Tanimura is famous in Japan and Asia. Among the songs he composed, “Star” is the most well-known. It is loved by people from all over the world and has been changed into different language versions, including the Cantonese version sung by Teresa Teng. .

This piece of music composed in the 1980s is beautiful, melodious and ethereal. The traditional Japanese folk song brings a touch of sadness and can also make people feel the distant and open artistic conception. After years of accumulation, it has become an eternal classic melody in the hearts of countless people over the decades.

Georges Bizet

“Song of the Matador”

“Song of the Matador” is selected from the French composer Bizet’s classic opera “Carmen”. It is the aria of Escamillo, the second male protagonist in the play. Its majestic, powerful and energetic melody successfully shaped this character. The heroic image of a matador and the joyful atmosphere of the scene.

This excerpt has now become the most famous passage in this opera, and is also the most frequently performed by an instrument alone. Its majestic momentum is undoubtedly very suitable for the trumpet’s own aura, and I believe it will definitely inject an exciting atmosphere into the scene. .


robert foster

Horn, for three trumpets

Johann Nipommerk Hummel

Trumpet Concerto in E flat major, first movement

William Scholes

Colonel and Lieutenant

Eric Ivarson

Trio for trumpet, violin and piano, fourth movement

Count Champigny

Trumpet Polka

Chris Potty


George Gershwin

summer time

Shinji Tanimura


James Horner

distant fields

Georges Bizet

matador song

(The track is subject to live performance)

Wonderful track, “Horn” presented

The evening of February 23rd

Shenzhen Concert Hall Small Theater promises you

60RMB – 220RMB
2016 Fuzhong 1st Rd, Futian CBD, Futian 深圳福田区福中一路2016号
Shenzhen, Guangdong China

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