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Visitors from the Orient. Project R: ChuChuVibes x The New Traditional @ ROOTS HOUSE – Nanshan

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September 22, 2022 @ 9:00 pm 11:59 pm

Jazz Selected R Program

Season 2: Visitors from the East

“Oriental Jazz JAZZ IN CHINA”

S2. V2

10/22 & 10/23

Saturday & Sunday


The Soul of Jazz: Freedom, Reliance is closely related to the stories that happened in the long history of Chinese civilization for 5,000 years. The familiar relationship between folk music and jazz is always inadvertently revealed. Adding traditional musical instruments and timbres to the duet not only enriches modern music, but also stimulates the listener’s sensory nerves. Create a different sound map together. ChuChuVibes x new national style is a bold initiative, hoping to inherit and carry forward the Chinese national art, and at the same time integrate and combine more attempts with the new music elements of the 21st century

– At the beginning, Jazz Selected R Plan S2. V2

R story 

The Jazz Selection R Program is a high-standard performance brand that represents the professional level of jazz music and is planned and initiated by ROOTS MUSIC and FENNESSY. Project R will continue to plan performances for themed seasons such as jazz specials, classical jazz, movie soundtracks under jazz, character tributes, and city impressions around the dimensions of jazz genre, history, and influence on the development of modern music.

Every season and every issue, senior jazz musicians from home and abroad will be invited, and the high-standard performance lineup will portray a clear impression of the history of jazz development and a professional and excellent live jazz experience for the audience.

In the future, we will take the stage in different scenes, stages and cities to explore all the possibilities of jazz, and we will strive to build a leading brand of jazz performance highland


Note: Please notify us with your booking and reserve seats asap. We willallocate your seats based on when the tickets are purchased since we only have a limited number of seats, so you may have to sit with someone else.Early Bird RMB 160(Limited: 10, on Wechat Official Account)Pre-sale Ticket RMB 180  (Limited amount)Live Ticket/At-the-door RMB 200(Designated seats, only after pre-sales have sold out)Standing Tickets RMB 220(Limited based on Availability)Set Tickets RMB 300(For both sets, Limited: 10, on Wechat Official Account) Seats SelectionAt-The-Bar RMB 160  (Limited: 4)On-The-Sofa RMB 220  (Limited: 10, For 2 & More)


first half

1. New Crystal Silence

2. Blues for ChuChuVibes

3. Big girl beauty

4. Loess Love

5. Evidence

second half

1.In your quite place

2. Yardbird Suite

3. Jujube

4. Small river flowing

5. La fiesta

All performances will be subject to the scene

ChuChuVibes x New Country Style

Ft. Young Suona Player Shi Rongshan

About “ChuChuVibes x New Country Style”

The music is like the breeze in the evening, bringing a sense of comfort and a little bit of agility, accompanied by the warm riverside breeze; the air reverberates with the softness left by the music. With the hammers moving fast, we can hear Rong Chenchu ​​duet ChuChuVibes. This is the most commonly used band form in Rongchenchu, a tribute to vibraphone player Gary Burton and pianist Chick Corea. Use the simplest stage decoration to reflect the most different musical tension and content. The multiple creativity and 10,000 possibilities between the duo are very similar to ChuChuVibes’ voice, the notes are intertwined, and it is more of a connection between the music and a story. This performance tried the ”New Country Style” series, which skillfully integrated elements of national music with jazz, modern music and percussion. Bold attempts and a series of works. Rong Chenchu ​​has a solid foundation in national music, and also has a sense of reverence and awe for traditional music. While learning Western music, being able to create Chinese elements in it is also the original intention of Rong Chenchu’s works.
ChuChuVibes is the leading duet group in China, and has received invitations in major music festivals and theaters; and has received unanimous praise. Including the Fourth China Import Expo, and as the first band to appear in the press center, it won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign media. In addition, ChuChuVibes is also a frequent visitor to major theaters. Their series of works ”Voice Parade” and ”When Classical Hears Jazz” have been well received by the audience, and tickets are hard to come by. Apart from the fact that the performance is different from traditional jazz bands, the dexterity and softness it brings to the audience are delicate and dynamic, bringing a touch of soft and warm percussion color in the late summer and early autumn. Vibraphone, marimba, combined percussion, etc. will appear on the stage as the main instruments of the band. Apart from traditional jazz and percussion, the orchestra uses jazz techniques to integrate jazz vocabulary into percussion. In addition, it has its unique timbre and touch. With the speed of the vibraphone motor, it brings out a little soft melody, which is a little more quiet and natural than traditional jazz wind music. The texture of harmony and melody formed by the performance of different percussion instruments can also be integrated into more musical arts and performing arts, and at the same time, it can be used as a way to show performance skills, and there will be many different performance methods. shuttle
ChuChuVibes x Xinguofeng is the fifth band in the ”ChuChuVibes” series. Also the most unique one. It will be different from the previous modern fusion jazz, and it will reflect the charm and feeling brought by ”Chinese music elements x improvisation”. This change will bring more relaxed and pleasant music, but also to continue the development of “music without borders”, each time integrating a musical instrument other than traditional jazz, it is also a touch, increase A new timbre, the main line of music when there is an alternative collision between timbre and music, but still retains the harmony and rhythm of traditional jazz and contemporary jazz in terms of audibility. It is also 10,000 possibilities for the audience and listeners to understand the sound instrument

member introduction

Percussion Music Rongchen Chu

Contemporary American percussionist, jazz vibraphone, arranger, composer

Promoter and inheritor of Chinese national percussion music

MUSSER Percussion Global Artist Jinbao Musical Instrument Global Artist
Innovative Percussion Global Artist Shanghai Outstanding Artist Award Winner

New England Conservatory of Music graduate tutor

Percussion teacher, School of Music, Shanghai Normal University

As an outstanding percussionist who spans classical, modern, and jazz and is active in concerts at home and abroad, Rong Chenchu ​​has been praised by the American media as “the percussion leader of the contemporary music scene”, and has been praised by the world music master Tan Dun. Known as ”rare music pioneer”, hailed by UNESCO as ”the oriental percussion, jazz pioneer” and jazz master Jerry Bergonzi hailed as ”the pride and future of oriental jazz” ‘

Keyboard Feng Yuwei

Young classical pianist, jazz pianist, composer

As a new generation of female jazz pianists in China, the young Feng Yuwei has a solid background in classical piano. Since childhood, she has been very fond of impressionists such as Ravel, Debussy, Skriabin, Rachmaninoff, etc. , The works of romantic composers, after coming into contact with jazz, they are even more addicted to it and influenced by the music of many masters, such as: Thelonious Monk, Oscar Peterson, Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, Fred Hersch and so on. Under the influence of these musicians, she also gained a new understanding of her own playing. Feng Yuwei’s playing style is flexible and imaginative, and sometimes jumps freely like an elves on black and white keys. She was once praised by jazz master Stefan Karlsson as “extremely talented and has excellent musicality and skill”. She is a rare artist. Accomplished pianist across classical and jazz

As a performer, Feng Yuwei has been active on various stages. He was invited by music master Tan Dun to perform in the ”Water Jazz” concert; he was invited to perform his adaptations of world classics on the same stage with pianist Mr. Shi Shucheng in the concert hall of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra; Invited by the Shanghai Concert Hall to hold a concert at the Press Center of the China International Import Expo; held a special ”i Jazz” Sir Feng Yuwei piano concert at the He Luting Concert Hall, and held a concert at the Hangzhou West Lake Flower Music Festival, which was well received by the audience; invited to participate in Performed in concerts at Guangzhou Jazz Festival and Shenzhen Drummer Festival; was invited to Guangzhou to participate in the ”Jazz Up” series of jazz concerts held by Tencent; Served as a permanent performing artist for the world-famous immersion drama “Sleep no more (Sleep no more)” ; Invited to perform in the JZ Festival series; held many personal concerts at the Oriental Art Center, Lincoln Jazz Center, Blue Note Music Center, etc.

Suona Stone Rongshan

Young suona player and producer

He studied under the famous suona artists and educators Hou Yanqiu and Shi Haibin, and the jazz suona player was taught by Guo Yazhi, a wind musician living in the United States. Graduated from the High School Attached to China Conservatory of Music. Now he is studying jazz trumpet at Beijing Modern Conservatory of Music, under the tutelage of famous jazz trumpet player Li Xiaochuan from Shanghai Conservatory of Music and jazz trumpet player Wen Zhiyong. In 2021, he participated in the recording of the variety show “Chinese Chaoyin”; in 2022, he participated in the recording of Henan Satellite TV’s Spring Festival Gala; he participated in the recording of Henan Satellite TV’s “Qixi Wonderful Tour”.


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