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March 29 All day

Wednesday March 29 at 21:30

Young Jazz Guitarist Zhou Dian Trio & Jam Session
Guitar: Zhou Dian
Double Bass: Yang Chaosen
Drums: Zhang Yongsheng
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An outstanding young bassist and guitarist in Xi’an, he learned guitar performance in 2014, and began to systematically study jazz music performance and theory in 2017. He graduated from the Modern Instrumental Music Department of Xi’an Conservatory of Music in 2020 and studied under the jazz guitarist Zhang Boyuan. , Liang Ying, jazz bass player Zhang Ke. Currently, as a professional musician and guitar educator, he is active in various jazz stages, modern music stages and modern music teaching in Xi’an, and leads his own trio, and hosts Xi’an jazz jam sessions at the same time.

Thursday, March 30 at 21:30

Young Jazz Pianist Chang Xinyi Trio

Piano: Chang Xinyi

Double Bass: Zhou Dian

Drums: Wu Xueqi

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Chang Xinyi, who studied classical piano since she was a child, graduated from the Piano Department of Xi’an Conservatory of Music. In 2019, she has been studying jazz piano with Teacher Shitou.

Friday, March 31 at 21:30

Young Jazz Vocal Monica Quartet
Vocal/Vocal: Monica
Piano/Piano: Chang Xinyi
Bass/Double Bass: Yang Chaosen
Drums/Drums: Zhang Yongsheng
Free Entry/Free Entry

The new generation of young jazz singers. He studied classical piano since childhood, then studied bel canto and was admitted to Xi’an Conservatory of Music. After graduation, he devoted himself to the study of musical theater and studied at HfM Hanns Conservatory of Music in Dresden (HfM Dresden) in Germany. Eisner Berlin , who came into contact with jazz music during his study in Europe, and then traveled in 2019 and participated in the Berklee College of Music Summer Jazz Festival Master Class, Anaheim Jazz Festival, and studied under the famous Chinese Jazz musician Chen Xuanyu. He has performed on the same stage with famous jazz musicians many times. Now as a professional musician, he is active in various jazz stages and modern music stages. And lead his own quartet.

Saturday, April 1 at 21:30

Jazz guitarist Zhang Boyuan Trio

Guitar/Guitar: Zhang Boyuan

Bass/Double Bass: Yang Chaosen

Drums/Drums: Wu Xueqi

Free Entry/Free Entry

Zhang Boyuan, a guitar teacher at Xi’an Conservatory of Music, is a jazz guitarist with a rock and roll attitude in his bones. He once graduated from Nanjing University of the Arts with a bachelor’s degree in electric guitar. He not only joined the punk band Old Doll in 2008, and formed Speed ​​Youth in 2013, but also likes to take risks in different music types such as blues and jazz. For increasing accumulation and continuous self-refreshment, Zhang Boyuan and his jazz quartet are often active in jazz performances in Xi’an. In July 2016, he served as the opening guest for the master class of American fusion jazz drum master Dennis Chambers; in August 2016, he was a guest at the Meeting Jazz Festival At the Jazz Xi’an Music Festival, fellow musicians include Jamie Stewardson, Alexei Tsiganov, Xia Jia, Gao Taihang, Zhang Ke and other well-known Chinese and foreign jazz musicians.

Sunday, April 2nd at 21:30
Jazz Vocal Dong Yao Quartet
Vocal/Vocal: Dong Yao
Guitar/Guitar: Zhang Boyuan
Bass/Bass: Zhou Dian

Drums/Drums: Wu Xueqi
Free Entry/Free Entry

The founder of the Meeting Jazz brand, a jazz “missionary” with musical beliefs. With multiple identities such as a literary soldier and a radio music DJ, he has always unswervingly turned his hobby into a career. He has planned many influential jazz performances at home and abroad. Before he knew what Scat was, he had already integrated impromptu singing into his life. Working together and constantly pursuing musical perfection.

Kind tips

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Reservations are accepted from 18:30 to 20:30 every day. Reservations are not accepted after 21:00

During the performance, the whole venue is non-smoking, and there is a smoking area outside

To ensure the quality of the performance, please speak in a low voice

Please turn off the flash when taking pictures

I wish you all a happy viewing

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2F, West Section, Shuncheng South Lane, Zhuquemen, Xi'an

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