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“The World” @ Pingshan Grand Theater

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October 2, 2022 @ 7:30 pm 11:59 pm

The novel “The World” is divided into upper, middle and lower volumes with a total of 1.2 million words, all of which were written by Liang Xiaosheng in 8 years. The roles of corporate workers, intellectuals, and individual merchants are numerous, intersecting and colliding, forming a picture of scattered groups of people in the world.

In just 180 minutes, every actor has to go through a character change from youth to old age, from immature to mature, not only to restore the characteristics of the times in clothing, props, environment and details, but also to perform in line with the symbols of the era, echoing The times change, restore the psychology of the characters, and truly interpret every ordinary character in the times in a three-dimensional and true way.

“The human world” is a concept far larger than the human world

Liang Xiaosheng’s novel “The World” tells the story of ordinary people living in a small corner of the city called “Light Word Piece”. In the city corner of “Light Word Piece”, three generations of the Zhou family have continued from the 1970s to the present. The story unfolds slowly. The Zhou family has a father who “does not fight intellectuals”, three brothers and sisters who have ups and downs in fate but always adhere to their beliefs, and the next generation with a great sense of justice.

“The World” is slowly unfolded centered on the stories of the three generations of the Zhou family. Some people say that in “The World”, they saw their grandparents, fathers, friends, and even themselves. In the ordinary background, the extraordinary is often the most touching, because it is us ordinary people who have gathered into a period of time and an indelible era. The meaning of salute to those who are ordinary, ordinary, and who insist on being good people.”


The story extends from the 1970s to the reform and opening up to the present, and is embedded in the past 50 years of Chinese society going to the mountains and the countryside, third-tier construction, recommending to go to university, restoring the college entrance examination, returning educated youth to the city, opening to the outside world, revitalizing the economy, reforming state-owned enterprises, and self-employment. Major social changes and development events such as shantytown reconstruction, anti-corruption and upholding integrity, through the life trajectory of the children of the Zhou family in the northern provincial capital city as clues, tells the story of the protagonist Zhou Bingkun in those years in the mountains and the countryside, fell in love with the humble Zheng Zheng. Juan, for the sake of love, Zhou Bingkun stayed in the light word piece born in Si and grew up in Si. Brother Zhou Bingyi and sister Zhou Rong, as educated youths, also made choices for love that originated from their original aspirations. During the 50-year period, the Zhou family’s fate has been ups and downs, not only the glory and dream of Chinese social development, but also the process of reform and opening up. Difficult and complicated. They both love and hate light letters, just like their bitter and happy love, no matter how the social context and the trajectory of people’s hearts change, the Zhou family always strives to be an ordinary Chinese citizen with full enthusiasm and kindness.

Pingshan Grand Theater “Classic Presentation” Series

Famous writer Liang Xiaosheng’s first adaptation of the original play

Drama “The World”

performance location

Pingshan Grand Theater Grand Theater

show time

October 2, 2022 (Sunday) 19:30

October 3, 2022 (Monday) 15:00

show duration

About 180 minutes (intermission 15 minutes)

Show Tickets

480/380/280/180/80 yuan

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Package: RMB 800 (RMB 480*2)

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