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The Planet & Tree Tour @ B10 Live – Nanshan

March 17 @ 8:00 pm

Planet Hit Tree, established in 2016, is a band that combines rock, folk, blues, psychedelic, Funk and other music styles. It is jointly formed by three senior musicians Cui Xudong, Zhang Chao and Du Yang .

In 2017, the planet hit the tree released its first album and lost numerous awards and then went into hiding; in 2019, Du Yang and Zhang Chao officially returned to the planet hit the tree, and the band started a song tour; in 2023, the planet hit the tree with “The Hidden Period” Come on tour in 17 cities.

No one knows when this band will disappear willfully, but there will always be a new beginning, and it will still be waiting for us in the place of rock and roll.

Shenzhen is the first stop of the 2023 Planet Crashing Tree “Hidden Time” tour. I invited them to join VISION and share with us the band’s growth path and interesting life stories.

  my art against everything  

Planet Hit Tree may be a new band to ordinary listeners, but fans who are familiar with music and rock circles will know that they are legendary predecessors.

Six years, two albums, won countless people. Outside the circle is the persistent waiting of music fans, while inside the circle is the appreciation and approval of senior musicians. Mainstream stars such as Li Yuchun will go to their performances;

The three core members, lead singer and guitarist Cui Xudong, bassist Du Yang, and drummer Zhang Chao , their past resumes follow a long list of big-name bands like the finale guests of music festivals. As excellent as them, they have indeed reached a height that is difficult for most domestic rock musicians to reach.

And this time, VISION no longer talks about their burning glorious past, but focuses on their present: the planet hits the tree.

Lead singer and guitarist Cui Xudong is quite legendary in the Chinese rock music industry. The industry highly recognizes his superb technical awareness and endless inspiration, and Cui Xudong is always inseparable from descriptions such as “talent”, “freedom” and “artist”.

He was born free, and he is not willing to be just a guitarist who has made other bands, but wants to make his own music that can write about his life, pain, and struggle. Therefore, no matter how popular the band Cui Xudong was in, he never accepted the olive branch thrown back by the band.

In this way, Cui Xudong, carrying a guitar on his back and speaking with a northern accent, wandered freely between the rivers and lakes and the world.ordinary hermusic:Planet Crashes Tree – Hidden Period

Regarding self-finding along the way, Cui Xudong is still reckless: “Searching for self is a continuous process, and the self and cognition are different in each period. Now Cui Xudong is serious about making music and doing everything well. I hope I can become a better person. He used to be too bohemian, but now he still needs to clearly establish his connection with the world.”

Regardless of music, Cui Xudong’s real life is no different from ordinary people. To sum it up in his words, that is – eat, sleep, walk, think. But in this daily necessities, Cui Xudong was fully alone with himself, and made his own music that he had always wanted to make.

“We should face up to the insignificance of the present moment and the greatness of life. No matter happiness or sadness at the present moment, it is actually not worth mentioning in the big chapter of life.” Cui Xudong transformed his thinking into a movement, “It is the same in my music .I will not use the same tone to complete the core of a work, because the more opposites, the more tension, and tension is the most interesting thing in all fields.”Image

Bassist Du Yang, a top student in the music circle, a music producer, and one of the best bassists of the younger generation. He also taught at a famous music school in Beijing, and his teaching career ended with a return to the rock wave.

The switch between the two identities is common to Du Yang: “As a teacher, the classroom is mostly about music skills and art, while music actually reflects his own personal things, including his understanding of music and Aesthetics, personal perception and thinking. Knowledge and skills are the basis for understanding music and finding self-expression, because rock has its own expression and attitude.”

Drummer Zhang Chao, in addition to his experience as a drummer for major band stars, he also had another identity – an employee of a technology company. The first album of Planet Crashing Tree was also contributed by him here.

As a person who has worked in a technology company, Zhang Chao does not frequently use smartphones in his daily life, which is more like a shackle to him. In him, we can also feel the opposite art: “The less electronic products there are, the more people can realize the demand for electronic products. We are all in a rebellious state in our lives, and we are not willing to follow the trend.”

The establishment of the planet hit the tree, Zhang Chao said with a smile that it was a kind of “use of power for personal gain”: “Our company had a support plan for musicians at that time, and I used this opportunity to find Brother Cui and Brother Du. I feel the beauty of music, and the pleasure of working with them is beyond the reach of other bands and musicians.”

  We’re the best band right now  

2017 is a glorious year for the planet to hit the tree.

Recorded the first album, put it on the shelves of major music platforms, and received a lot of praise. Performed the first special performance in school, and squeezed 600 spectators in Beijing Jiang Jinjiu’s album debut scene. Signed a contract with Modern Sky, participated in the Strawberry Music Festival… but soon after, the drummer and bassist left the team one after another, and the band returned to hiding;

In 2019, Du Yang and Zhang Chao officially returned to the planet and hit the tree, and the band started a song tour again;

In 2023, Planet Hit the Tree will bring a 17-city tour with “The Hidden Time”.

The two-year hiding period from 2017 to 2019 was a special period for the band to experience in life, think in experience, and grow stronger with each other.

The vacancy has created a better development of the band, which is now the planet hitting the tree- “We are the best band now.”

In 2017 , drummer Zhang Chao and his family went to live in Thailand. This is a brand-new life experience, and it is also a very important and rare childhood enjoyment for Zhang Chao’s children.

In the same year, bassist Du Yang was in a bad state due to emotional problems, so he pressed the pause button on all the work in hand.

In 2018, the planet hit the tree and released a new single “Leilia” about “Memories of First Love”.

First love seems to have a sad ending, but this song does not have overly sad emotions. Instead, it is replaced by a warm arrangement and melody, which heals and tells this sad story at the core.Reliamusic:Planet Crashes Tree – Hidden Period

Zhang Chao was moved by the lyrics in “Leilia”, and he resolutely left Thailand and returned to the planet Hit the Tree.

It was also the same opportunity, when Du Yang listened to the second album “The Hidden Period” by Planet Crash Tree, his heart was touched.

Cui Xudong, Zhang Chao, and Du Yang grew up together as children. After constant communication and careful consideration, Zhang Chao and Du Yang decided to return to the planet and hit the tree.

And Cui Xudong, who is still wandering, is like the backbone of this family, closely implicating them: “Every one of us has a flame in our hearts, and only when we open our hearts and connect with the world, can everything be done well. This period is such a full-fledged process for each of us. I am also very grateful to Tian Peng, Jiang Zhi, Kang Long, and Su Yong for their contributions to the planet during that period.”

Musically, Planet Crashing Tree is a perfect soul mate.

From childhood to adulthood, the three of them played rock and roll together, and their favorite music styles were similar. In this kind of “similarity”, they have a tacit understanding, and they can understand each other’s thoughts with a musical note and a look in their eyes; More interesting and connotative planet-hitting-tree music.

The close combination of all aspects makes the planet hit the tree a harbor for their hearts-no matter when and where, the planet hit the tree is the shelter of their souls.

It might be better to use the band’s uninhibited words to describe the state of their relationship: “We’ve known each other for more than 20 years, and we both know what kind of bastard the other is. We are attracted to each other in music, and we know each other in life. It’s a very interesting phenomenon, the three of us are like a cycle of ‘sadomasochism’, the more we abuse each other, the more we get in tune with each other, the more we get in tune with each other, the more we appreciate each other’s talent, the more we appreciate each other’s talent, the more we are abused…”

planet hit tree debut album

“A Garden Without Birds”

planet hit tree

“Memories of First Love” “Relia”

planet hit tree second album

“The Hidden Period”

planet hit tree

Live version of “Liar”

  “Come” and “Go” of Chinese Rock 

Many ideals are a process from changing the world to being changed by the world.

In 1986, Cui Jian sang “Nothing” at the Workers’ Gymnasium, which opened the prelude to the era of Chinese rock and roll. After a short period of glory, rock music was regarded as a viper and beast because of its sharp rebellion, and the band then entered the underground circle far away from the mainstream music market.

In 2000, the MIDI Music Festival, the first original music festival in China, was held for the first time, and rock music was gradually accepted by the government. But at the same time, the style of Chinese rock music is no longer dominated by “crazy”, and many bands have begun to transform, which also declares that the ideal of Chinese rock to change the world has been shattered.

Looking back at Chinese rock, the three members of the band have their own emotions.

Zhang Chao: “It’s a pity that Chinese rock music is in my heart. Because of some variety shows, more people know what a band is. At present, only a few people in China know the existence of bands, let alone rock music. We lack a kind of popularization. , Only after more and more people know that the root of this form of music is a band, can we talk about jazz, R&B, rock…Now everyone doesn’t even know about bands, what kind of rock music are we talking about?”

Cui Xudong: “Chinese rock music is not only angry and uncompromising as many people understand, nor is it only twisted to represent rock music. Rock music has many aspects. It has both dirty and unpopular places, and a very fraternal and soft side. Ten Years ago, we wanted to change the Chinese music scene! But after thinking about it, the group of people who want to change the Chinese music scene are silent, and we don’t say such big words anymore.”

Du Yang: “Chinese rock, in fact, depends on how everyone understands it. For us, the most rock-and-roll thing is to be the truest self, record what happened in this era from our perspective, and express our thoughts and feelings into Music works are shared with fans and listeners. This is the rock and roll that we will not be changed.”

In 2019, the iQiyi variety show “Summer of the Band” became popular.

Many bands have skyrocketed fans due to their participation in the program, and the band culture has also been recognized by more people. With the popularity of the program, rock music has stepped into the mainstream cultural circle of music under the impetus of the traffic fan circle.

We can see that the Chinese rock music market is constantly developing, but it seems to be getting farther and farther away from traditional rock music. How to survive better in the market is a realistic problem that every dreamer must face, and Planet Crashing Tree is no exception.

Playing rock music for more than 20 years, within an acceptable range, the planet hits the tree and does not exclude the mainstream commercial market.

“Only the mainstream media can push rock music farther and let more people know this culture.” For a better future of rock music, the band has a serious sense of mission, “Rock music is more about tolerance, without It is necessary to exclude mainstream commercial operations. Narrowness will not bring a better future to rock music. We all have to take this step to let more people have a clearer understanding of rock music. Now that we have chosen to do this , then do this well.”

The planet hits the tree, and the reason for the band’s name doesn’t have any special meaning. Looking at it now, the seriousness and freedom they uphold and the power they convey are like a poem written by Gu Cheng:

“I would like to be a moon in the daytime, not seeking dazzling splendor, not confusing the secular tide.”

  2023 “Hidden Times” 17-city tour 

In 2023, Planet Hit the Tree will bring a tour of 17 cities across the country with “The Hidden Period”.

The album “The Hidden Period” released by the band in 2018 with the same name, this time, what they want to express is the power after the silence and the recovery of all things.

Hiding is not a negative state, just like the two years when the planet crashed into a tree and was vacant, all three of them became more mature and powerful: ” Hiding is a process of brewing strength. This theme is also consistent with the present. In the past few years, The whole world is in a bad state. But this year, we ushered in a better and bigger turning point, life will get better and better, and everyone’s life will be more free. The hidden period is over, and we will finally usher in Bright future.”hidden periodmusic:Planet Crashes Tree – Hidden Period

Student ticket | 100

Advance Ticket | 120

Live Ticket | 150

Double ticket | 200

深圳市南山区华侨城创意文化园北区C2栋北侧 Building C2, North District of OCT-LOFT, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Shenzhen, China

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