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The Peacock @ Shenzhen Poly Theatre – Nanshan

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September 25, 2022 @ 8:00 pm 11:59 pm

Yang Liping in a promotional photo of “The Peacock.” Photos from WeChat account “SZpolytheatre”

Chinese dancer and choreographer Yang Liping will bring her dance drama “The Peacock” to Shenzhen. At age 64, Yang serves as the artistic director of the production and will make a special appearance in the dance. Tim Yip is the show’s costume designer and stylist.

Making its debut in 2012, “The Peacock” has four chapters: “Spring,” “Summer,” “Autumn” and “Winter.” The drama tells of maturation, human nature, life and love, as well as the interplay and fusion between life and cosmic forces.

Each character represents different facets of human nature, including light and enlightenment, dedication and sacrifice, fear and greed. Human weaknesses are revealed in complex and painful entanglements. The characters eventually find the answer to the rotation of the seasons in dedication and love. It is a story about a peacock but also an allegory for humanity.

Yang is a native of Yunnan and a member of the Bai ethnic group. Her career took off in 1979 when she was acclaimed for her lead performance in the ethnic dance drama, “Peacock Princess.” She later choreographed and performed “Spirit of the Peacock,” which brought her to prominence in 1986. She performed at the closing ceremony of the 11th Asian Games in Beijing in 1990. Her trilogy, “Dynamic Yunnan,” “Huangshan Impression” and “Pingtan Impression,” has garnered phenomenal success in China and worldwide.

A scene in “The Peacock.”

Yip won an Oscar and a British Academy award for designing costumes in Ang Lee’s martial arts movie “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” in 2001, which also made him the first Chinese ever to win these awards. His striking costume design and art direction for the films “Red Cliff” and “The Banquet,” and the television drama “When Oranges Are Ripe” also won international attention and approval for their humanism and innovative appeal.

180RMB – 1080RMB