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TEDxShenzhen 2022 Annual Conference Tickets Open

August 14, 2022 @ 2:00 pm 9:30 pm


2022.8.14 (Sunday)

14:00 – 21:30


Qiaochengfang, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Nest Cultural Center

Today, the global epidemic has lasted for two years and six months, and the world situation is still complex and volatile.

Repeated epidemics, abnormal climates, wars and conflicts, economic downturns… No country can stay out of the way, and no individual can be alone.

It is precisely because of these divisions and disasters that we have continuously deepened our understanding and consensus on a community with a shared future for mankind .

In August of this year, the TEDxShenzhen annual conference is coming as scheduled. We hope to invite all our friends to open a reflection on “us” and have an equal and pluralistic dialogue with thought leaders from various fields such as arts, humanities, and sciences——

In the name of “We We” , expand the boundaries of knowledge, touch the depths of human nature, and explore the common future of “we” .

The poster of this conference uses the simplest lines and the simple action of high-five to convey the most powerful “We We  theme:

We have experienced the improvement of the epidemic together, ushered in the season of graduation, and witnessed the beauty of youth and the warmth of humanity. Life is a sea, we still have sails and seas, isn’t all this worth a High Five ?

We have been “delayed”, “lost” and “missed” due to the epidemic. We are physically and mentally exhausted, but we are still good at discovering the little joys in life and retain our kindness and warmth to the world. Isn’t this worth it for ourselves? Applause ?

When our palms meet, a tacit agreement is reached, from “I” to “We We”. The brisk, lively and powerful ordinary movements give extraordinary warmth.

At that time, TEDxShenzhen will explore topics that are worth sharing, should be paid attention to, and must be discussed with live TEDxers through 24/7 immersive speeches and exploration experiences .

And as a community with a shared future for mankind, how can we coexist and coexist , and how can we fight against an uncertain future?

In order to ensure the quality of the event, we will open the registration channel in advance to screen and control the quality and quantity of the event audience. The following is the ticket information:

  ” Standard Ticket”  

RMB 580/person, limited to one purchase per person (excluding AP)

  • Participate in the standard process of the TEDxShenzhen annual conference;
  • Enjoy Shenzhen’s local cultural and creative blessing bag;
  • Enjoy a coffee break at the venue.

“Independent Patron Ticket”

3800 yuan/person, limited to one purchase per person

  • Priority participation in TEDxShenzhen year-round events, including invitation-only events;
  • In-depth participation in all aspects of the TEDxShenzhen annual conference and access to VIP services;
  • Enjoy Shenzhen’s local cultural and creative blessing bag;
  • Enjoy a coffee break at the venue;
  • Will attend the reception welcome dinner on August 12, have in-depth exchanges with speakers, partners and the TEDxShenzhen curatorial team, and put forward your valuable opinions;
  • Received thanks for the publication.

 “After Party Admission Ticket” 

220 yuan/person, limited to one purchase per person

After Party is an excellent opportunity for you to further contact and communicate with the speakers, the audience who listened to the speech, and the curatorial team, as well as sharing. You can talk about the harvest, share the experience, and let the day go to the wonderful music of food and wine of exhaustion. (*After Party admission tickets are purchased on the basis of standard tickets and cannot be purchased separately)

* Specific rights and interests of offline ticket types

“Online Standard Ticket”  

RMB 50/person, limited to one purchase per person

Standard process for participating in the online venue of the TEDxShenzhen annual conference

“Online Avatar Ticket”  

99 yuan/person, limited to one purchase per person

To guarantee the event experience, only 50 people

  • Participate in the standard process of the online venue of the TEDxShenzhen annual conference;
  • Create your own avatar (freely pick characters and clothing);
  • Interact with unfamiliar audiences with exclusive access to Metaverse chat rooms.
*Specific rights and interests of online tickets

Offline participation : Long press to identify the QR code below to enter the [Activity Line] application page. Please follow the prompts to fill in the registration questionnaire carefully.

Online Participation : Long press to identify the QR code below to enter the ticket purchase page of [Metaverse Venue] powered by Shuyi Square .

Online ticket Q&A

1. How to confirm that the purchase is successful?

A: After the purchase is successful, the following page will appear (that is, there is a countdown and a deposit certificate).

2. How to enter the online metaverse venue?

A: Please save the QR code for online ticket purchase or bookmark this tweet so that you can enter the Metaverse venue smoothly on the day; please log in to the account with the ticketing account on the day of the event. The Metaverse venue login entry will be activated on the day of the event. ” to participate in the online conference.

(If you have any other questions about online ticket purchase, please add “Mr. Tuchuan” WeChat to inquire, the WeChat ID is TEDxShenzhen_2012 )

* Instructions for participation

【About ticket purchase】

• All tickets for this event are limited in number , please register as soon as possible. The unified registration time is from July 19th to August 7th at 24:00

•  Filling in the registration does not mean that the registration is successful. The registration is successful only after the review is passed . We will notify you of the review result by email and SMS within 9 days ;

• Due to limited on-site seats, please complete the payment within 48 hours after the approval . If the review is approved but the payment is not made in time, it will be regarded as a waiver of the quota, and this quota will be postponed to the audience who have passed the subsequent registration. Please contact Mr. Tu Chuan (WeChat ID: TEDxShenzhen_2012 ) if you encounter any problems with payment;

• TEDxShenzhen is a non-profit organization. All team members are volunteers. All tickets are used for event execution and organizational operations. Tickets do not provide invoices. Once sold, no refunds or transfers are accepted.

*Online standard tickets do not need to be screened

【About filling in the questionnaire】

• Due to the customized content design, please fill in the questionnaire only for yourself . If there are repeated questions or repeated application information such as mobile phone and email, we will consider it as the same applicant for a review and screening;

• This registration form is only used for this event, please fill in all of them (except for individual questions marked “optional”), we will not consider incomplete forms;

• We are actively looking for TEDxers who bring more thought to the community, and registration information is to let us know you better and to design a better event experience for everyone. We will collect information on the premise of your consent, and will not collect information prohibited by laws and regulations . All information you fill in will be kept strictly confidential and will not be obtained or used by any organization or individual other than TEDxShenzhen. Please fill in carefully.

Qiaochengfang, Nanshan District