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Techno Motel Detriot Slam @ Oil Club – Futian

December 29, 2022 @ 10:00 pm

“From Motown to House, Electro dance music to Techno, Detroit has always been at the center of the next musical revolution.”Image

Detroit’s decline has long been known. The former industrialized automobile city of the world has not followed the tide of the third industrial revolution. The poor living space and low urban atmosphere make people urgently need to find a spiritual breakthrough. Techno emerged as the times require, absorbing the city’s icy industrial landscape, and using the sound of technology to help Detroit escape the unbearable reality.Image


If you look at Detroit from an economic perspective, Detroit is indeed a tragic city. But as early as the 1980s, the first flow of rhythm born in Detroit is still causing a world-class tsunami. Detroit techno became a dance music phenomenon across Europe, soundtracking Britain’s illegal rave scene and defining the sound of Berlin’s burgeoning club scene.

New Dance Show is a very popular TV show in Detroit, where we can see how crazy dancers in the 90s danced to techno music. https://v.qq.com/txp/iframe/player.html?origin=https%3A%2F%2Fmp.weixin.qq.com&containerId=js_tx_video_container_0.8325486811000049&vid=m0391hk4vtz&width=535&height=300.9375&autoplay=false&allowFullScreen=true&chid=17&full=true&show1080p=false&isDebugIframe=false 

City of Techno (Detroit) – New Dance Show 1991

Techno Pioneer

Techno pioneers such as Juan Atkins, Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Drexciya and others drew inspiration from Detroit’s industrial roots, interweaving atonal sequences and noisy percussion instruments, laying the foundation for Detroit Tehcno. So far, the voice of Detroit Techno still reverberates around the world.


ON 12.29

On December 29th, Mainroom, Techno Motel will present a special presentation – Detroit Slam, Detroit’s unique industrial sound will fill the OIL dance floor , Flugruger, Mantis, Notag will mobilize every inch of you with the blend of drum rhythm percussion and synthesizer dance steps.


ImageFlugruggerHe is not only a DJ, but also a music producer and tattoo artist.He has absorbed the essence of Nirvana & Prodigy’s music since he was a child.After being passionate about hardcore & metal core music in high school, he opened up the music world of underground hip-hop & electronic music.He believes that there is no perfect style or genre of music, “From disco in the early 80s to witch house, music full of soul is always beautiful.When he had many musicians in his circle of friends, he decided to go out of his way to make his own music. Now he wants to dive into the weird and funny world of music and share it with you!Recently focused on Minimal techno, tech house & disco house!See you on the dance floor! See you in the dance floor!
ImageMantisBorn and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Mantis is currently one of the most influential figures in the underground music field in Shenzhen. He has many years of rich experience in music and DJ professional fields. In ten years in China, Mantis has also established a very Many music projects and participation in different music activities have fully influenced the local music culture. He is the founder of Mantis Project and has worked as music director in several bars in Shenzhen.

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Mantis is now one of the most influential people in the Shenzhen underground music scene. After a music and DJ career that spans many years, over 10 of which have been spent in China, Mantis has and continues to establish numerous projects which helps the music culture of the places where he resides. He is the Founder of The Mantis Project and has been the Music Director for various Clubs in Shenzhen
ImageNoTagShe is a native of Shenzhen who is a mixture of Northeast China and Chaoshan. Occupation is a dream entrepreneur. She is tired of the cold and arrogant persona in the company on weekdays. She just wants to be a carefree person with a new look. Freedom is her essence. She refuses to be labeled and never Define your own style. Whatever music you want to play depends on your mood. In the past, I used to classify songs according to style, but one day I suddenly broke the jar, why do I have to be such an organized person, just mess up the songs, let’s play whichever one is happy.

December 29, 2022 THU .


main room

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Pre-sale Advance ¥40

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  (Before 00:00)   ¥70ImageImage

40RMB – 70RMB
11A Ground Floor Tairan Mansion, Tairan 8th Rd Xiasha Metro Station Exit D, Futian District Shenzhen 深圳市福田区车公庙泰然大厦01层L1-11A (下沙站D出口 )
Shenzhen, China