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St Mark Children’s Chamber Choir @ Shenzhen Poly Theater

March 1 @ 10:00 pm 11:59 pm

Make you cry in the theater The “cattle herding class” that touched the world

In 2004, a movie “The Spring of the Cowherd Class” was released, which was about ” Music Makes Life Achievements “. There is no big production, no cool special effects, and no blessing from popular celebrities, but it has made audiences all over the world shed tears in the theater for the touching performances of the young actors and the sounds of children in the film.

Matthew, a music teacher with little talent, came to the kindergarten. What he faced was not ordinary students, but a group of wild boys who had been abandoned by adults. At first he thought that coming here would make his bad life worse, but he soon discovered the children’s love and talent for music, and a two-way redemption began.

Only after watching the movie will you understand that “spring” not only represents the season, but also represents hope . Even though life was unsatisfactory, Matthew and the group of children still encountered their own “spring.”

The “Pond Tutoring House” in the movie was filmed at Havel Castle

Of course, in addition to the heartwarming and healing plot, another very important factor that attracted many viewers to this movie was the children’s chorus in the film . The French Saint Mark’s Chamber Children’s Choir behind it was discovered by director Barati, including Jean-Barty Morier , who played the protagonist Moranci in the film , who was a member of the Saint Mark’s Chamber Children’s Choir at the time. ‘s lead singer.

Jean-Barty Maurier

In order to film the film, the director traveled all over France to find an excellent choir to perform in the film, and finally found the St. Mark’s Chamber Children’s Choir in Lyon, France, to perform, and invited choir conductor Nicolas Bote to serve as music consultant and conductor. Children are trained to sing the songs in the film so that they are always consistent with the tone of the film, and are filled with a fresh and hopeful feeling.

In the end, the film’s unprecedented success won many international film awards , including Oscar nominations for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Film Score , and also gave “San Marco” an international reputation in the chorus community.

France’s best choir, My breath became softer from the beginning

The St. Mark’s Chamber Children’s Choir was founded in 1986 and is known as ” the best choir in France “. The famous children’s choir conductor Nicolas Bote serves as the artistic director and conductor of the choir. Its choir members are selected from the choir of the Saint Mark Center in France, aged between 10 and 15 years old. About 30 of them will participate in concert tours around the world. This is also one of the decisive conditions for the choir’s timbre to remain ” childlike ” over the years.

Since its establishment, the choir has recorded more than 15 CDs. It has topped the French charts and ranked second on the U.S. Billboard Classical Album Chart . It has sold more than 2 million albums and more than 300,000 DVDs worldwide . He is often invited by the local government to perform for visiting dignitaries from various countries, as well as perform on various other important occasions. The highest record was that 60,000 people listened at the same time!

In China, their clear singing voices are also widely loved. They have toured many places in China and participated in the recording of CCTV, Hunan Satellite TV and other programs. They have also been invited to collaborate with singers such as Tan Weiwei and Wu Qingfeng. They have already attracted countless fans in China and are a veritable ace choir in everyone’s mind!

Conductor | Nicholas Bote

Born in 1963, he has had high musical talent since he was a child. He first sang in the Lyon Parish Choir, then became a singer and became interested in conducting children’s choirs. Since 1984, he has taught music at St. Mark’s School. In 1986, he founded the first children’s choir and later served as the artistic director and conductor of the St. Mark’s Chamber Children’s Choir. Over the years, he has been training the choir members with a rigorous attitude, allowing the members to bring out their own characteristics. Even though 15 years have passed since the movie “Springtime of the Cowherd” was released, and the children in its choir have been constantly changing, the natural sound in the movie is still passed down to this day . It can be said that the choir can maintain a high level of performance. The performance and worldwide acclaim is largely due to conductor Nicholas Bothe.

“Cow herding class” makes a splash in Shenzhen
The natural sounds of children that everyone should not miss

It has been 19 years since “Spring of the Cowherd” was released. I believe many people are like me. The specific storyline has been blurred, but what will always be unforgettable are the paper airplanes flying in the sky and the clear and beautiful singing of the children. On March 1, 2024, the French St. Mark’s Chamber Children’s Choir, the inheritor of the original song of the movie “Spring of the Cowherd”, will sing in Shenzhen!

France’s St. Mark’s Chamber Children’s Choir follows the tradition of its “predecessor” chorus members who participated in the movie “Springtime of the Cowherd” and are excellent in singing and acting. It is also very good at interpreting religious hymns and classical music into the 21st century. song. Therefore, in this concert, they will present high-level performances, familiar classic songs, and the most beautiful children’s voices to relive that warm time with you!

Performance information

【Performance information】

▶ Performance name ◀

【U Theater】

Inheriter of the original song of the movie “Spring of the Cowherd Class”

——Concert of St. Mark’s Chamber Children’s Choir in France

▶ Performance time ◀

Friday, March 1, 2024 at 20:00

▶ Performance location ◀

Shenzhen Poly Theater

 Address: Haizhudong Community, Yuehai Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City

F1, Poly Cultural Plaza, No. 4 Wenxin 6th Road

▶ Performance duration ◀

115 minutes (including intermission)

Recommended viewing age: 4 years old+

▶ Performance Tickets ◀

100/180/280/380/580/680 yuan

Exclusive offer: starting from 10 % off !

Scan the QR code to purchase tickets and enjoy discounts

100RMB – 680RMB
Shenzhen Poly Theatre, Houhaibin Road, Nanshan Distrect,Shenzhen 深圳市南山区后海滨路保利文化广场深圳保利剧院
Shenzhen, China
0755 – 86371687
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