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Solid Dimension

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September 24, 2022 All day

On September 24, Guangming Culture and Art Center Art Museum is honored to invite ” new media art genius” – Cao Yuxi , to present a solo exhibition “Solidified Dimension  . This exhibition will appreciate the suspended light and shadow moment from a new perspective. In the 1,300-square-meter space of the 2F exhibition hall of the Guangming Culture and Art Center Art Museum, the artist will create a unique light and shadow art scene, leading the audience to experience the life and time. , Space reflection. This exhibition is also the artist Cao Yuxi’s first solo exhibition in an art museum.

Cao Yuxi

He successively graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Computer Art Department of the New York School of Visual Arts with a master’s degree in art. In 2022, he will be the visual effects director of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.
Cao Yuxi’s work spans new media art installations and live performances with sound visualization, creative programming and data visualization, and contemporary art with artificial intelligence as a material for ready-made art methods, public art in the form of lights or projections, and any production in digital media. or cross-border forms of circulation. His works are often exhibited in new media installations or new media performances in various contemporary art museums and new media art festivals such as: Beijing Today Art Museum, Minsheng Art Museum, Shenzhen He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen OCAT, Chengdu OCAT, New York MOMA PS1, Shenzhen Bi-City Architecture Biennale, Vancouver ISEA World Digital Art Symposium, Montreal Mutek, Geneva Mapping Art Festival, Liede BAM Art Festival, Gijon LEV Art Festival. His new media works are often transformed into public art projects. His work “Interactive Ink” is currently in the permanent collection of Beijing Daxing International Airport, and <Dimensional Sampling_#1|Multidimensional Sampling_#1> has also been collected by Shenzhen Citizen Square The permanent collection of the City Lights Show Light Art Museum project.

Single Early Bird Ticket
Limited time online limited sale!September 16, 2022 18:00-September 30, 23:59
Early bird price: ¥38/piece! !
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Regular Price Ticket Information
release time
October 1, 2022 00:00-November 19, 18:00
Adult ticket: ¥59/piece
Student ticket: ¥39/piece
Double package: ¥99/set
Three-person package: ¥139/set
Group ticket: ¥39/piece (available for more than 20 people)

The exhibition is open to the audience on September 24, 2022, so stay tuned!

38RMB early bird (until Sept. 30)
2F Exhibition Hall A

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