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Shenzhen International 3C Automation Assembly and Testing Exhibition 2022

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November 30, 2022 All day

Welcome to the 3C Automation Assembly and Testing Exhibition

Welcome to the “3C Automation Assembly and Testing Exhibition” (hereinafter referred to as “3C Automation”) jointly organized by Shenzhen Automation society and Asian Automation and robotics association. Will display the 3 c industry automation processing technology and equipment, including mobile communications, home appliances, tablet PC, digital camera, smart home, wearable devices, VR/AR equipment terminals, entertainment robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, automotive electronic products such as field and integrated circuits, circuit boards, liquid crystal module and a backlight module, touch screen, casing, battery, camera parts and components manufacturing one-stop intelligent manufacturing solutions.

The exhibition focuses on industrial applications, covers the whole 3C manufacturing industry chain, and maximizes the one-stop efficient procurement needs of professional buyers. To build an efficient and convenient procurement trade and technical exchange stage for each 3C manufacturer who hopes to realize smart manufacturing and innovation in the trend of industry 4.0.

Product Categories:
  • 3C automation equipment exhibition area: robot automation equipment for stamping, drilling, tapping, dispensing, soldering, screwing, carving, polishing, sandblasting, plug-in, grinding, flat grinding, screen printing, curing/drying, laminating, cleaning, coating, cutting, laminating, labeling, loading and unloading, transmission, anti-static, packaging, handling and other processes;
  • Exhibition does parts and control system: servo motor, stepping motor, linear motor, reducer, motor, pneumatic systems, actuators, module, screw, guide rail, slide rail, gear, belt, pulley, coupling, clutch, brake, synchronous belt, fastener, bearing, CAM, PLC, SCADA, frequency converter, CNC system, starter, sensors, transmitters, actuators, remote monitoring, industrial switch, embedded systems, machine vision systems and components, industrial PC, data acquisition and recognition system, linear positioning system, motion control systems, robots, robot ontology, AVG car, etc.;
  • Does test and measurement area: 2 d / 3 d detection system detection equipment, electronic components, bare plate visual inspection equipment, to detect the thickness of the film, the ICT equipment, AOI equipment, infrared detection device, the chip frame detection equipment, optical microscope, PCB visual inspection equipment, solder joint visual inspection equipment, temperature, humidity test/environmental testing equipment, viscometer/oscilloscope, thermometer, X-Ray equipment, functional test equipment, etc.;
  • smart plant 3C industrial application demonstration area;
FuHua 3 Rd, Futian District,Shenzhen 深圳市福田中心区福华三路88号深圳会展中心
Shenzhen, Guangdong China