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Shanren and Blue Guy 2022 Live in Shenzhen

September 18 @ 8:00 pm 11:59 pm

Shanren and Blue Guy 2022 Live in Shenzhen

Shanren and Blue Guy 2022 Live in Shenzhen

Time: 2022.09.18 Sun 20:00

Venue: B10 Live http://www.b10live.cn

Address: Building C2, North District, OCT-LOFT, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Venue Support: OCT-LOFT Culture Development Co., Ltd

Admittance: 19:00


Fare: Student ¥99 / Advance ¥128 / Full Price ¥158 / Couple ¥240

※At Door tickets are unavailable. Please purchase the tickets online as early as possible.

ShowStart: https://www.showstart.com/event/179593

山人乐队 Shanren

瞿子寒 – 主唱 Vocals / 吉他 Guitar

斯告阿腊 – 低音弹拨乐 Bass Plucked-Strings

小不点 – 民乐 Traditional Chinese Instruments

小欧 – 打击乐 Percussions

夏天 – 打击乐 Percussions

Shanren was formed in the remote and mysterious Yunnan. It is a band with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The band has created a unique musical style based on respect for traditional cultures. Their music is like their personalities, which are simple and reserved. Life is hard but their music and attitude toward making music are simple and instinctive.

Over the past 20 years, Shanren has participated in almost all large-scale music festivals in China and performed thousands of times. In recent years, Shanren has entered the international market and left footprints in dozens of countries. It has become the most representative international ethnic rock band in China.

跳大海 Blue Guy

王冠 – 主唱 Vocals

李岸 – 吉他 Guitar

杨杨颖异 – 贝斯 Bass

张迪 – 鼓 Drums

Blue Guy are formed in 2015, focusing on dance-rock. They grow quickly in Yunnan Province and are active in all sorts of music festivals around the country. The gloom in Blue Guy’s music is blurred, unreal, ignorant, and straightforward. Behind those beating notes is the nihilism of the young people in the present.

Their debut album, Club Youth, was released in early 2019. They then went on a national tour. In the grotesque adult world, the “club youth” squander their youth in music, putting energy into the crowd and recording their frustration. The fragments of their sentences and melodies swirl in the synthesizer and finally indulge the audience.

深圳市南山区华侨城创意文化园北区C2栋北侧 Building C2, North District of OCT-LOFT, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Shenzhen, China

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