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Rising Star Electronic Music Party! @ HOU LIVE

October 1, 2022 @ 11:00 pm October 2, 2022 @ 2:00 am

In recent years, the outbreak of the epidemic has made it impossible for foreign electronic music artists to enter the domestic performance smoothly. Under such circumstances, those new bloodlines that were once hidden under the light of those big-name artists have gradually moved to the front. It shows the power of the new generation of domestic electronic music . “Electric Tiger” is committed to bringing these unfamiliar new faces to the front of the stage, and continuously injecting the best new blood into the Chinese electronic music market .

This time, we will use the fusion of multiple electronic music genres as the basis to bring together these rare and outstanding artists, and in the name of “THE RISING GENERATION” rising star electronic music party , inject the power of the new generation into Shenzhen. DARKIST, MORTIS, NAE, ROCHARD, SURGEON,  these excellent artists that you may have rarely seen, will show their terrifying control of the stage on stage. Their performance will undoubtedly give a boost to the domestic electronic music market , which is currently sluggish .

With their enthusiasm for the stage, they will attack the dance floor at Shenzhen HOU LIVE , and use their crazy performance skills to show everyone the endless charm of Guodian’s new blood !

Artist lineup


NAE, DJ/3D Artist, 4×4 is like entering the world, we are looking for boundaries and channels in the frame, and the repeated and stable arrangement and construction constantly push the sound vibration into consciousness and expand into infinite spiritual energy. Delicate acidic ingredients and undercurrent restrained Bassline create layered feedback, allowing people to see the mirror image of their own emotions in non-specific emotional music, triggering philosophical thinking in circulation, flow, and stillness.


Darkist’s music always makes the audience scream, and he combines the most avant-garde and popular music genres today. The music is on! The whole scene was almost shattered by the bass pulse! Maybe these one-sided words make you feel hypocritical, then he will speak with his stage experience and strength. He once performed on the same stage with LNY TNZ, an artist under the Barong Family label, and was invited to participate in the Never say Die tour. He performed on the same stage with many international first-line producers such as Boombox Cartel, SAYMYNAME, EPTIC, LAXX, etc. and was recognized. He infuses the dance floor with endless energy every time he performs. The pure love for electronic music has prompted him to study different musical styles, and has always maintained a kaleidoscope of new and wonderful bass beats.


Rochard Music Producer & DJ, Founder of FENTI Label, Music Director of Sauce Club. Rochard grew up under the baptism of HIPHOP music from a young age. In terms of music production, he loved music and showed amazing musical talent since childhood. His works and DJ SET have been recognized by many musicians. With a variety of musical styles, he has a soft spot for TRAP. He has collaborated with Gentian Zi, KEY.L Liu Cong, PSY.P, Wang Taiyi, Pharaoh, TY, AR Liu Fuyang, 3Bangz, Naqiwofu, Nawuke. Hot, YOUNG13DBABY, Dough-Boy, thomeboydontkill, Carta and other international first-line musicians performed on the same stage and were highly praised. With more than 100 performances and a large amount of music accumulation, his unique understanding of TRAP music and his discerning taste have enabled him to continue to output new listening enjoyment. There will be surprises you will never expect at his scene.


Mortis is an out-of-universe space in Star Wars where the light and dark sides of the Force meet, and where father, son, and daughter trade off each other, affecting the balance of the Force. Mortis spent 18 years in the most unsafe neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side, honing his understanding of Trap: it’s paradise. It’s hell. It’s enlightenment.  No one knows who Mortis really is. Mortis is an idea, and an idea is bulletproof.


Surgeon is a person who never follows the public aesthetics. He also has his own unique understanding and expression of the quality of music. He is not good at words, and he only wants to make the wildest and most ruthless music, and at his scene, you will experience an unprecedented music feast.

show time


October 1, 2022 23:00 – next day 02:20

performance location


B1 Floor, KKONE, Binhe Avenue, Futian District, Shenzhen


Show Tickets


Early bird tickets are 60 yuan, advance tickets are 99 yuan

160 yuan for pre-sale tickets for two people, 120 yuan for on-site tickets

ticket channel


Wechat scan the QR code below to enter

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12a, Basement first floor, KKONE Shopping Center, 9289 Binhe Road, Futian District, Shenzhen 深圳市福田区滨河路9289号KKONE购物中心B1层12a
Shenzhen, Guangdong 518116 China

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