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Rattan Band’s 2022 New Album “Crowded” National Tour Shenzhen Station

May 15 @ 2:00 pm 7:00 pm

” A Seat Full ” is a well-meaning self-deprecation, an unknowable adventure, and an invitation from Vine.
With the addition of new members, they will present a completely different performance style and arrangement, which can be said to be the most special tour since the establishment of Fuji.

In 2022, the band migrated south to Guangzhou, and the long-shelved new album “Crowded” was finally released. It also welcomed two new members, bassist Niu He and drummer Orange Juice. It’s been a great run-in with everyone and can’t wait to go on tour with the new album right away.
Regarding the tour theme of ” empty seats “, the initial slogan came from the self-deprecation of the members. Everyone wanted to do a full-seat performance, but they were worried that the silence without a song for a long time and the repeated epidemics would make everything diametrically opposite.
“The best time to see the scene is before the 2019 epidemic, and the second is now.”

Vine / The Vine 2022 New Album TourWaiting for your seat, waiting for your arrival

Billing Information
Pre-sale: 80
Full price: 100Double: 150
Billing time2022.4.19 12:00PM
Part.1 Screening InformationSunday, May 15th Shenzhen HOU LIVESaturday, May 28 Chongqing Mao Livehouse
Sunday, May 29 NEARBAR, ZhengzhouSaturday June 4th Beijing Music SpaceSunday, June 5 Harbin SUB LIVE

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About the new album“Crowded/Carnival Theory”:
This is Vine’s first full-length album, spanning 4 years and containing 10 songs.
The concept of “clumps” comes from the city that sleeps together every day, like a lush forest under the moonlight, which grows impetuously and rapidly. It allows us to easily obtain pleasure and pain, and is taught to be an ordinary person, passively becoming a fashion machine in the culture of being directed.
But everything should not be like this. We should still try to experience the moving details of life, question those seemingly reasonable “value traps”, and sincerely give emotion, only when life is a carnival.

About Vine/The Vine:
Founded in Harbin, it consists of vocals: Haoran / guitar: Zihan / saxophone: Lao Bai / bass: Niu He / drums: orange juice.

Some people say that they are a band that makes people feel warm, expressing their current understanding and desire for life with enthusiasm and even a little innocence. Until “Wild Cat” became a hit single with over 10,000 comments, they also began to transform with the EP “Almighty Night”, observing and expressing all emotions with a calmer perspective, and the motivation of creation began to extend inward.
Now, they have come to Guangzhou, hoping to open a new era. The band’s first full-length album, Overgrown, is out now.


2022.05.15 (Sunday) 14:00


No. 9289, Binhe Avenue, Xiasha Community, Futian District, Shenzhen

B112A on the first floor of KKONE


Pre-sale ¥80

Full price ¥100

Double ¥150

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Instructions for viewing


Visitors who purchased tickets at Xiudong, please open the Xiudong APP in advance to update, swipe your face for verification to obtain the dynamic QR code, so as not to delay your admission ;

*Please bring your ID with you;

*The venue is limited during special periods, please try to arrive at the venue on time to redeem tickets and enter the venue;

*Show required for admission

① 72-hour nucleic acid certificate 

② Yuekang code (green code)

③Itinerary  card 

④Location  code 

And fill in the visit registration form at the entrance of the venue , wear a mask throughout the process, and cooperate with the staff to measure the temperature before entering the venue . Thank you for your cooperation!


Please scan the above QR code on the day of the performance and save the screenshot in advance.

*Visitors with abnormal body temperature, red yellow health code, passing through medium and high-risk areas in the past 14 days , and the itinerary card with an asterisk will not be allowed to enter.

☝ In case of the above situation, the audience who cannot enter the venue can contact the ticketing platform in advance to apply for a refund

Visitors without an asterisk itinerary must present a 72-hour nucleic acid certificate, a Yuekang code green code, an itinerary card, scan the venue code, take a temperature measurement, fill in the visit registration form, and redeem their tickets to enter the venue.

12a, Basement first floor, KKONE Shopping Center, 9289 Binhe Road, Futian District, Shenzhen 深圳市福田区滨河路9289号KKONE购物中心B1层12a
Shenzhen, Guangdong 518116 China

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