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Psychedelic Trance Party @ OIL CLUB – Futian

October 3, 2022 @ 10:00 pm 11:59 pm

Goa Psychedelic teamed up with Acid Flower Music, using Psychedelic Trance and installation art, to bring us another journey to explore folk culture and psychedelic roots!



Advocate and forerunner of Chinese dance music culture

“Instant Electronic Music” program production chief planner

Since the 1990s, he has been committed to the promotion of international electronic music in China. During this period, he has helped many European and American countries such as Britain/France/Finland/Iceland/Canada/Germany to promote their music, design and architecture. He founded DigitalDream and FutureMix, one of the earliest electronic music programs of radio stations in China.

Founder of the first electronic music radio station in China, Livehouse performance planning manager, artist performance management agent, music cultural exchange expert, music festival organizer, music product publisher, music critic, columnist, architect, Curator, DJ, party organizer, music publisher and publisher of well-known European and American record labels. The earliest and most successful leader of the music industry in China, the first to advocate that music is not just a sound, but a new way of life.


One of the most mysterious members of Wandering Soul Records, who uses music to link nature, is well versed in many types of PSY electronic music, and is the best shaper of the Goa party music scene in the city. In 2018, he appeared as “Seven Old Women” and brought a Goa party that Nanning had never seen before. In the Goa music he wears and broadcasts, the psychedelic tones and rhythms return to the true self, step on the Goa spaceship, experience the wonderful journey into the depths of the soul universe, dream around the Saha world, and return to the vacuum hometown.

Radio link: http://music.163.com/radio/id=350742069&userid=74093699


Focusing on Techno, Minimal and Psychedelic music, since he came into contact with electronic music in 2013, he has been deeply infected by the rich energy and connotation of Techno. After accumulating energy again and again, he realized the thoughts conveyed to him by music, and then officially started his DJ career. In his music, the profound and psychedelic minimalist style is the main line, and the diversity is integrated into it. The stable rhythm and emotional transmission of the scene firmly capture the crowd on the dance floor.

KeNan focuses on Techno, Minimal and Psychedelic music. From the beginning of his exposure to electronic music in 2013, he has been deeply affected by the high-energy and connotation of Techno.

After accumulating energy again and again, he realized the thoughts conveyed to him by music, and then officially started his DJ career. In his music, the deep and psychedelic minimal style is the main line, and the diversity is integrated into it. The steady rhythm and emotiona emotional transfer of the scene firmly captures the crowd on the dance floor.

Confused and guarded

The southernmost disc jockey in mainland China, a record lover and collector, has helped ZURIAAKE, CHINESE FOOTBALL and other bands to press vinyl records. At the same time, they are also a member of SoulTripRecord, and they are active in various music scenes, clubs, music festivals, etc. in South China. Starting from the diversity of sound, combined with different contents such as space design and installation art, it presents a professional and diversified music scene. In an attempt to “see the rhythm in the graphics and describe the color in the sound”, use the music scene to record the ethereal journey of the gods.


A lonely soul wandering in the Pearl River Delta party scene, under the guidance of the ghost, he fell into the magic swamp of psytrance. Preference forest/hitech, obsessed with golden age goa music.

In the past period of time, he launched the Goa Ecstasy Party Project, and successively held a number of psytrance events in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. He recently joined acid flower music acid music label, and will continue to output acid energy locally in the future.

100RMB Regular ticket

+86 18617150566

11A Ground Floor Tairan Mansion, Tairan 8th Rd Xiasha Metro Station Exit D, Futian District Shenzhen 深圳市福田区车公庙泰然大厦01层L1-11A (下沙站D出口 )
Shenzhen, China