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July 13, 2022 All day

13th Wednesday|Wednesday

Evening Show|9:00pm

World Music World Music 

Vocal & Guitar / Vocal & Guitar|Alex

Vocal & Guitar / Vocal & Guitar | Mark

14th Thursday|Thursday  

Jam Session | 9:00 PM


Vocals / Vocal | BinBin

Jazz Piano / piano | SamTsang

Double Bass / Doublebass | Li Jing

Jazz / Drum | Zhou Haoran

15th Friday|Friday 

Evening Show

Jazz Quartet

Vocals / Vocal | BinBin

Jazz Piano / Piano|SamTsang

Double Bass / Doublebass|Li Jing

Jazz/Drum|Zhou Haoran

16th Saturday|Saturday 

Afternoon Show|3:30pm

Trio Trio

Drum / Drum | Mac

Bass & Vocal / Bass  & Vocal | Philip

Guitar & Vocal / Guitar & Vocal | Mark

Evening Show|9:00pm

jazz quartet

Vocals / Vocal | BinBin

Jazz Piano / Piano|SamTsang

Double Bass / Doublebass|Li Jing

Drums / Drum | Takeshi

17th Sunday|Sunday

Afternoon Show|3:30pm

Music Blind Box / Music Blind Box

Evening Show|9:00pm

Jazz Quartet

Vocal / Vocal|BinBin

Jazz Piano / Piano|SamTsang

Double Bass / Doublebass|Li Jing

Drums / Drum | Takeshi



Founder of Black Stamp Jazz Coffee, special guest host of Feiyang 971 Radio. Since the establishment of [Black Stamp Jazz Cafe] in Shenzhen, the capital of design in 2012, it was renamed [Black Stamp Jazz Club] on August 19, 2021. BinBin has opened thousands of “LIVE Jazz Performances under Street Lights”, which has also made BinBin is quite influential in the domestic jazz circle. Her voice is extremely unique, her rich tone is as smooth as black velvet, and it is highly recognizable. The singing style is deeply influenced by great jazz singers such as Billie Holiday, Peggy Lee and Anita O’Day. She has been singing standard jazz since 2006. Her persistent promotion of jazz and her characteristic soft and relaxed voice have captured many audiences.

Guitar | Alex

Guitarist from Ukraine, taught himself acoustic and electric guitar. From 2003 to 2005, he was the guitarist of the Ukrainian band “Necropolis”, and from 2005 to 2011, he was the guitarist of the Ukrainian band “Mindstructure”, and released the first band album in London, England. He has participated in local and world-class music festivals in Ukraine for many times and has rich stage experience. From 2012 to now, he has participated in the performance as a new era fingerstyle guitar player, and has cooperated with many Shenzhen musicians


He is China’s leading guitarist, from Xinjiang, China. He is the most spiritual flamenco guitarist in China and the vice president of Shenzhen Flamenco Association. Inspired by flamenco guitar master Paco de Lucia, he has high musical attainments and understanding, and created his own unique musical style on the basis of flamenco. Especially in playing techniques, he re-innovates and integrates music with his unique understanding of music. His original works are full of spirituality. The industry calls him the most international guitar wizard prince

Piano|Zhang Mingwei

Young jazz pianist, professional musician, graduated from the Composition Department of Wuhan Conservatory of Music in 2014. He has twenty-four years of piano playing experience and more than ten years of jazz piano playing experience. He has participated in concerts in Shanghai Concert Hall, Shenzhen Poly Theater and other places as a jazz pianist many times, and has performed personal works and won unanimous recognition. , won the runner-up in the jazz master competition in 2019, and played the piano on Jiangsu Satellite TV’s “One Stop to the End” program in 2020. In the same year, he also cooperated with the top domestic drummer Johnny Joseph (J3 band drummer) for a special concert!


The new generation of jazz pianists, under the tutelage of famous Chinese jazz pianist Huang Jianyi and jazz saxophonist Alec Haavik, have rich experience in jazz performance and stage, and have been invited to perform in major star hotels in China for many times. Well-known domestic and foreign musicians and music groups have had wonderful cooperation. For example, John Chin, a Grammy-nominated album and active in the New York jazz scene, Jerome Jennings, resident director of the Julia Jazz Orchestra, member of the Christain Mcbride trio, Roy Hargrove, Bass player Barry Stephenson, and pianist Tadataka from Japan Unno, saxophonist Walter Blanding of the big band at Lincoln Center in New York, etc., has been deeply influenced by jazz music and the atmosphere of the band for many years, and his musical language is full of energy and emotion

Drum|Xiao Ying

Graduated from the University of West London with a Master of Pop Music, and the New Zealand School of Music Jazz Department. Participated in and produced domestic and foreign music scenes, recorded musicians and taught activities. He is currently a teacher of jazz drumming and ensemble classes at the School of Popular Music, Guangzhou Xinghai Conservatory of Music. Some of the cooperating artists: Langgram, Zhang Wei, Ye Zhentang, Luo Yiheng, Zhao Dage, Chen Bing, Zhang Lei

Double Bass|Li Jing

Aiya Music Co-founder, Aiya Music full-time bass teacher; full-time jazz teaching and music promotion planning. In the past 20 years of performance, he has played from FUNK, pop rock, Reggae, Latin, to JAZZ, etc. for many years, so that he has accumulated rich experience in performance and stage coordination. Now he focuses on the teaching and performance of jazz, and cooperates with many professional musicians in various music festivals, live houses and other performances, and travels between Shenzhen and Hong Kong for music exchanges and cooperation between the two places.

Drum|Zhou Haoran

He started learning drums at the age of eight and attended Berklee College of Music, where he is currently a freshman. Good at Jazz Funk gospel, influenced by Dave Weckl, Aaron spears, Buddy Rich and other masters.



Affected by the current epidemic, in order to ensure the health and safety of the audience,

The Black Stamp Jazz Club has been disinfected;

Only those with a 24-hour nucleic acid code can enter the venue;

No smoking indoors (including electronic cigarettes);

During a musician’s performance (whispering, complimenting loudly);

Thank you for your support and understanding

OCT Loft Creative Culture Park Nanshan District North District AS-133, 134
+86 19128457780
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