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PENNY BLACK performance schedule during the Spring Festival 2024.2.5-2.16

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February 15 All day

Weekly Performance Schedule


Early Evening Show|7:00PM

Piano | Jackey
Bass | Li Jing
Trumpet | Zi Zhi

Evening Show|9:30 PM

Latin duo PALOMA & JAIRO
Vocal | Paloma
Vocal & Piano|Jairo


Early Evening Show|7:00PM

Alex’s world music
Vocal & Guitar | Alex

Evening Show|9:30 PM

Latin Jazz Duo
Vocal & Guitar | Moncho
Vocal & Piano | Jairo


Early Evening Show|7:00PM

Latin Jazz Duo
Vocal & Guitar | Moncho
Vocal & Piano | Jairo

Evening Show|9:30 PM

Alex’s world music
Vocal & Guitar | Alex


Early Evening Show|7:00PM

Latin Jazz Duo
Vocal & Guitar | Paloma
Vocal & Piano | Jairo

Evening Show|9:30 PM

Vocal | BinBin
Piano | Wen Bochao
Double Bass|Li Jing
Drum | Li Jiahao


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10th-16th Feb.

Afternoon Show|3:30 PM

Alex’s world music
Vocal & Guitar | Alex

Evening Show|8:00 PM

Latin Jazz Duo
Vocal & Guitar | Paloma
Vocal & Piano | Jairo



Founder of Black Stamp Jazz Coffee, special guest host of Feiyang 971 Radio Station. Since the establishment of [Black Stamp Jazz Cafe] in Shenzhen, the capital of design, in 2012, and changed its name to [Black Stamp Jazz Club] on August 19, 2021, BinBin has opened thousands of “LIVE jazz performances under street lights”, which also makes BinBin is quite influential in the domestic jazz circle. Her voice is extremely unique, and her thick timbre is as smooth as black velvet, which is highly recognizable. The singing style is deeply influenced by great jazz singers such as Billie Holiday, Peggy Lee, Anita O’Day, etc. She has been singing standard jazz since 2006. Her persistent promotion of jazz and her characteristic soft and relaxed voice have captured many listeners


He is the leading guitarist in China, from Xinjiang, China, the most aura of flamenco guitarist in China, and the vice president of Shenzhen Flamenco Association. Inspired by the flamenco guitar master Paco de Lucia, he has extremely high musical attainments and understanding, and created his own unique music style on the basis of flamenco. Especially in terms of playing techniques, he re-innovates and integrates music with his unique understanding of music. His original works are full of spirituality. The industry calls him the most international guitar elf prince

Vocal | A-DoG

Independent Vocal/singer-songwriter, active in the Chinese music scene at the age of 14, released his personal EP “Hidden Relationship” in 2017, and also released singing works such as “City” and “Prison Bird”; founded “PRISM BOX” in 19 years Box and Brain Eater Radio, release “WINTER TRAIN” EP in 2020

A-DoG hopes to use the human voice as a diversified “instrument” to create more different styles of music and possibilities, and integrate precise and cold electronic music with rhythmic music to become the carrier of emotional and romantic elements.

Double Bass | Li Jing‍

Co-founder of Yaya Music, full-time bass teacher of Yaya Music; dedicated to jazz teaching and music promotion planning. During nearly twenty years of performance, he has accumulated rich experience in performance, stage coordination and so on, having played FUNK, pop rock, Reggae, Latin, to JAZZ, etc. for many years. Currently focusing on the teaching and performance of jazz, cooperating with many professional musicians in various music festivals, live house and other performances, and traveling to and from Shenzhen and Hong Kong for music exchanges and cooperation between the two places

Piano|Zhang Mingwei

Young jazz pianist, professional musician, graduated from Composition Department of Wuhan Conservatory of Music in 2014, majoring in composition. With 24 years of piano playing experience and more than ten years of jazz piano playing experience, he has participated in concerts in Shanghai Concert Hall, Shenzhen Poly Theater and other places as a jazz pianist many times, and has performed personal works and has been unanimously recognized In 2019, he won the runner-up in the jazz master music competition. In 2020, he appeared on Jiangsu Satellite TV’s “One Stop to the End” program to play the piano. In the same year, he also cooperated with the top domestic drummer Johnny Joseph (drummer of J3 band) in a special concert!

Piano|Cheng Xiaoyue

Founder of Vintage Park. Graduated from the China Conservatory of Music, received a master’s degree in jazz from Queen’s College in New York, and is a music producer at UCLA, Los Angeles. Worked with Human Engine (serving Lady Gaga) on the Meta Human music virtual human project.

Piano|Wen Bochao

Graduated from Shenzhen University, majoring in jazz piano performance, and studied with the famous Chinese jazz pianist Li Lin.

He serves as the keyboardist of the Shenzhen local jazz band TPS Quintet, the keyboardist of the indie pop band Poker JUJU, the keyboardist of the Notes Tricky Jazz Big Band, and the keyboardist of the Shenzhen Flying Park Trio.

Jazz Trumpet | Zi Zhi

Studied in the jazz and improvisation major of the Victoria College of Arts, known as the “cradle of Australian jazz musicians”. Under the tutelage of Eugene ball, the winner of the best jazz album in Australia in 2008, he learned rhythm from national treasure drummer David Jones, pianist Andrea Keller, guitarist Ashley Cross learned jazz theory and composition, and singer Suuny Kim learned Yin-Yang theory and Tai Chi. During the school period, he performed with his own quartet all over Melbourne, participated in the Asian Music Roundtable as a student representative, and performed the Aboriginal music work “Two birds one from Australia one from Korea” with the Australian Art Orchestra (AAO). Compared with other trumpet players, Zizhi’s timbre is softer. While paying attention to rhythm, singing is the musical element he cares most about. After returning to China, he was active in major jazz stages across the country, and participated in album recording and tour as a long-term guest musician of Beijing Sleeping dogs.

Jazz Drum|Zeng Jiale

He once studied jazz drumming with Jinchuan, the percussion master of the Zhuhai Grand Theater Art Center, and Duan Ran, a member of the Beijing Marimba Association. He also studied with Zhang Yichen, a graduate student at the National University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart, Germany, a saxophone teacher at Xinghai Conservatory of Music, and Guangzhou Wei Jazz Yu Zhenhai, head of the big band, studied harmony theory and small band writing. He has collaborated with a number of outstanding jazz musicians such as Elad Sobol (Song Yuxiang), Lukasz Lagocki, Du Cha, Lan Lan, He Junni (Niu He), Huang Zhengwei, Zhu Zexu, Emma, ​​Zhang Mingwei, etc., and gradually developed a unique style of jazz music. Rich rhythm.

Drum|Zheng Haoyuan

He was admitted to the Jazz Department of the Prince Claus Conservatory of Music in the Netherlands with a full scholarship for jazz and drum performance. He was born in a musical family. He has been learning various musical instruments such as erhu and piano since he was a child. Due to the influence of his family atmosphere, he embarked on the path of music. Good at playing various styles such as Jazz, Funk, R&B, Latin, etc. He has participated in large-scale venues such as Shanghai JZ Music Festival and Shanghai MIDI Music Festival.

Drum|Li Jiahao

Jazz drummer and composer living in Europe. He started studying percussion in 2012 and studied under percussion educator Zhan Minghui. In 2015, he was admitted to the Admiralty Conservatory of Music of Shenzhen University with the first place in both professional and cultural studies. In 2018, he represented Shenzhen University in the IPEA International Percussion Competition held at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and won second place in the jazz drummer group. While in school, he co-founded the TPS Jazz Sextet with his friends and was active in major jazz bars and music festival stages in the Pearl River Delta, receiving wide acclaim. After graduating from Shenzhen University in 2019, he joined the Mr. Poo Jazz Quartet and started touring in the Pearl River Delta region.

In 2020, he went to Europe to continue his studies for a master’s degree. He graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels (Dutch) and studied under the famous European jazz drum master Stéphane Galland. During his further studies in Europe, he was active on different stages, such as Music Village, Sounds Jazz Club, Brussels Jazz Weekend Jazz Festival, Big Band Battle Jazz Festival, etc. While in school, he served as a percussionist in the Latin Jazz Band and was invited to perform in different places with the band many times.

As a new generation of Chinese jazz musicians, his performances are full of musicality and sense of space. He has been exploring various possibilities and sounds in the field of jazz and constantly changing his playing methods. He has tried to incorporate Eastern elements into his playing and gradually formed his own playing and composing style.


Ariel was born in Cuba and graduated from Domenech University.

As a well-known jazz pianist, Ariel is also good at writing lyrics and music. He has more than 20 years of stage experience, playing for various bands and solo artists. He is familiar with different styles of music: classical, funk, R&B, pop, jazz, Latin.

Vocal & Guitar | Moncho

A musician from Colombia whose stage performance is extremely infectious.


  • No smoking indoors (including e-cigarettes);
  • BYO drinks and food are not allowed
  • During a musician’s performance (whisper and say praise);

The final right of interpretation rests with the Penny Black Jazz Club

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