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Pace: The May Standard @ ROOTS HOUSE

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May 15 @ 9:00 pm 11:00 pm



Wednesday Jazz Standards Library

Make Jazz Your Lifestyle

Pace: The May Standard

Why is it that a cloud is remembered for its gentleness even though it has a thousand different looks?

Jazz is often seen as a ‘conversational’ style of music, with its own jazz voice, in which each musician expresses his or her personal thoughts and true story through his or her own language.

”There’s a song you have to learn how to play, just as Duke Ellington had to prove he could play James P. Johnson’s ‘Carolina Shout’; and for some be-boppers, they had to prove they could play ‘Cherokee’; and twenty years later, you’re supposed to prove you can play John Coltrane’s ‘Giant Step’. Coltrane’s ”Giant Steps.” In short, you have to show that you’ve arrived by constantly labeling where the music is

Some people say that jazz seems to sound like it’s becoming bound up in tradition, as if it’s only about the past tense. But the truth is that many of today’s new recordings are re-interpreted versions of old classics, and even fewer new jazz standards have been created since 1974, which happened to be the year that the jazz repertoire was being codified and standardized one by one

Today, more modern material is being leveraged into jazz, but there’s still not enough critical mass behind these songs to make them standards, and it’s probably safe to say that the time hasn’t come yet

There has never been a ‘right’ way to play these songs, and when you hear the music of Miles Davis or Charles Mingus, it’s not so much that they’re playing a particular song as it is that they’re able to turn it into something new and different from what’s been expressed before!

Yes, there is a saying that has to be repeated over and over again: jazz never ends, it’s still being rewritten!

May Standards, with their stories

Ticketing Guide

Warm tips: for a better live music experience, please read the “Performance Notes” at the end of this article before booking; venue seating is limited, please book as early as possible; in order to have more on-site autonomy of the choice of alcohol, tickets do not include alcohol, on-site need to have other alcoholic beverages to consume!

RMB 120 for on-site ticket (with seating area location)

Pace: The May Standard


This I Dig of You
Body and Soul
Fantasy in D
Joy Spring
Nica’s Dream
Speak No Evil

Black Nile
‘Round Midnight
Cyclic Episode

When will the blues leave
Woody’n You
Ask me know
Night in Tunisia
I hear rhapsody
500 miles high

All performances will be based on live performance

5/8 & 5/15 & 5/22

May Track Story (Wu Jinru/Drums)

For me, traditional jazz standards are more like a book of ‘internal martial arts’ that I have to learn and feel over and over again. The story behind each standard can be as small as sharing my feelings at the time, or as big as mourning for someone important in my life!

I don’t think that being in awe of the tradition is a way of thinking, but rather, observing the most cutting-edge masters nowadays, they all have their own unique insights into the ‘tradition’.

band lineup


Professional Drummer
In 2008-2009, he studied at MiDi Music School and Beijing Institute of Modern Music under the tutelage of renowned Chinese drummer Song Liang. He was admitted to Los Angeles Music Academy and The Collective School Of Music in New York and graduated from The Collective School Of Music in 2012, where he studied with Prof. Ian Froman. Contemporary Jazz and Post Bop with Prof. Ian Froman, Odd Meter and Walking Time Feel with Sean Conly, Joe Fitzgerald and Marko Djordjevic. After studying in New York City, her teachers included renowned drummers Mark Guiliana and Nate Smith, and after returning to China, she has devoted herself to promoting jazz education, live performances, festivals, and recording programs, and in 2019, she joined the famous music producer Tan Yizhe’s TYZ Music Band team, working with artists such as Mao Yanyou, Yi YiYang Qianxi, Huang Zitao, Wang Yuan, Rocket Girls 101, Aihe, and Zhang Liangliang. Girls 101, Ai Hot, and Zhang Liangying, etc.


Graduated from Shenzhen University, majoring in Jazz Piano Performance, under the tutelage of renowned Chinese jazz pianist Li Lin.
Keyboard player of Shenzhen local jazz band TPS Quintet, keyboard player of Indie pop band Poker JUJU, one of the founders of Shenzhen public welfare music organization group ”Cat’s Stall”, keyboard player of Shenzhen Notes Tricky Jazz Big Band.

In 2023, as the principal pianist of Shenzhen’s local jazz big band ”Notes Tricky”, he performed at the Shenzhen Fringe Festival ”” Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall” and other large-scale performances.
In 2023, as the keyboardist of HR Band, he was the keyboardist of artist Wu Xing’s ”Tripping” national 8-concert tour.
In 2023, as the creator of the music label ”Cat Stall”, he planned and hosted 9 large-scale public welfare performances in Shenzhen and other places, and donated all the ticket income to the rescue of poor children and stray cats.


His musical enlightenment began when he overheard his mother buying Louis Armstrong’s records in elementary school, and he graduated from Tianjin Conservatory of Music in 2013, majoring in guitar in the Modern Music Department. Because of his immense love for jazz, he gave up his job at that time in 2016, thus starting his career as a professional musician. He has studied with many famous jazz musicians, such as Gu Zhongshan ,Yotam Silberstein ,Tommy Ho,Romain Pilon and so on. In the process of working with many musicians, he has developed the ability to pay close attention to the overall coordination of the band, which makes his performance rich in spatial sense.


He started playing bass in 2008, formed the band Blue Babble to participate in various performances and competitions, and later began to specialize in jazz bass. He studied with Swedish bassist Eirik Lund, and attended a series of master classes with Italian bassist Niccolo Faraci, Portuguese bassist Zé Eduardo, and Canadian bassist Sylvain Gagnon, etc. He has participated in many performances and competitions in the Pearl River Delta region, such as in Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Guangzhou, and Macau!

Notes on the Performance

1. once the tickets are sold, do not accept any reason for refund or exchange; our official ticketing channels, currently limited to the public mall/activity line/take partner/sense of the same, early bird tickets are only on sale in the public mall; in order to prevent the secondary ticketing market buying and selling caused by the admission order chaos, check the tickets for admission, I need to be in line with the information in the order, do not purchase tickets through other third-party channels, so as not to cause unnecessary losses
2. the show will start at 21:00 that night, the show is about two hours, there is an intermission; guests who have purchased tickets, the seat we will reserve for you until 21:30, after that time will be canceled; performance of the scene of the ticket inspection link need to wait patiently, in order to ensure that you can be seated as soon as possible, please enter at least half an hour in advance of the start of the show, when entering with the ticket record by the staff led by the checking of the ticket into the seats
3. we will according to the backstage order of tickets for your site to reserve a good designated seats, venue seating is limited, if the phenomenon of table sharing please understand; if there is a demand for designated seating, please add customer service as soon as possible after the purchase of tickets WeChat 15302618010 told us that we will do our best to coordinate the arrangements for you in accordance with the actual situation, the public backstage reply to the ” seat ” to view the site seating chart; in order to ensure that the performance of a good order, the site does not accept the transfer of seats In order to ensure the good order of the performance, the site does not accept the transfer of seats
4. Please do not bring any outside food and drinks into the venue area; smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is prohibited throughout the show.
5. To maintain respect for the performance, please refrain from making loud noises during the performance and keep your cell phone on silent or vibrate; if you need to take photos or record videos, please turn off the flash.
6. Please respect the venue and the musicians, applause is the best encouragement for live music.
7. We have our own wine design, wine is another way to feel the beauty of ROOTS HOUSE!



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