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“Our Festival” National Day Online Event @ Shenzhen Concert Hall

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October 4, 2022 All day

The golden autumn of October, the beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers, is a good time to enjoy the National Day holiday. There is a lot of people everywhere, and the music in Shenzhen does not stop. This year’s National Day, Shenzhen Concert Hall specially launched the “Our Festival” National Day online special planning concert , singing the National Day, and the artistic rhythm flying.

【Our festival】

Happy Man Chongyang – Folk Music Concert

10/04 Double Ninth Festival

Online charity performance

As one of the important traditional festivals in my country, the Double Ninth Festival carries rich cultural connotations and spreads many festival folk customs. It is also a good time to listen to Chinese music. On October 4th, the day of the Double Ninth Festival, the audience and friends will welcome the first performance of the “Our Festival” National Day Online Specially planned concert “Le Man of Chongyang – Folk Music Concert”.

This is a traditional Chinese music feast brought by the Yantian Chinese Orchestra . From the classic and pleasant folk minor tune “Jasmine Flower” , to the contemporary folk music works of “Bow Dance”, “Impression Chinese Music Daqu” and “Silk Road” , it reproduces the sound of history and plays the essence of the nation. When the two festivals meet, a folk music ensemble “My Motherland” conveys a strong festive sentiment.


Guest performers: Yantian Chinese Orchestra/Chen Yingzhu

Sing together, grow up together—

Shenzhen Youth Flying Over Rainbow Choir concert


Online charity performance

Along the way, the Shenzhen Concert Hall has witnessed the growth of the little rainbows. On October 5th, the audience and friends will meet again with the clear and pure singing of the children of the Shenzhen Youth Flying Rainbow Choir . Across cities and mountains and seas, across nations and the world, echoes from afar and history light up the stage again.

In this online concert, you will hear the children sing the familiar “Little White Boat” , “Sun and Moon” from the Huayao Yi people in Honghe River, and “Doraki ” , a folk song with Korean characteristics … … A group of handsome young people presented gifts to the motherland with high-spirited youth, and also told about their own transformation and growth.

Ran Ran Qiuguang – Dulcimer Chamber Music Concert


Online charity performance

The cloudy sky gathers the summer colors, and the leaves move with the sound of autumn. Although I am in Pengcheng, where the summer is long, I can still feel the heat dissipating after September, and the air is refreshing. In the golden autumn season, there is a sound of autumn light. On October 6th, the “Echo” Yangqin Chamber Orchestra , initiated by Liu Yinxuan, associate professor of Yangqin at the Central Conservatory of Music, will join hands with young accordionist Mao Junxi, Erhu player Zhao Yu, Yangqin player Deng Haoyun, and American pianist Lu Yi played a dulcimer chamber music concert together.

Whether it is “Autumn Moon over Pinghu”, “Yaoshan Night Painting”, “Sunshine Shines on Tashkurgan” and other national-style songs, or “Rhapsody” incorporating elements of jazz, rock, Eastern European music and other styles , or the specially arranged dulcimer trio ” Shandandan Blossoms Red and Bright” will fully demonstrate the modern vitality of the ancient dulcimer musical instrument, leading audiences and friends to experience the splendid autumn light in the sound of music.


Guest performers: Liu Yinxuan / Ju Minghui / Wang Xihan / Zhao Yu / Mao Junxi / Deng Haoyun / Lu Yi

The Story of Spring – Guqin Appreciation Concert


Online charity performance

On October 7th, it was still accompanied by the national style. An elegant and elegant guqin concert will bring the National Day online concert series to a successful conclusion: Yao Liang, a well-known guqin artist who has worked hard for the development of Shenzhen guqin art for more than 30 years, leads the Chunfeng Qin Club founded by him , and slowly unfolds a ” Guqin Map”, leading music fans to roam the sea of ​​music.

In the concert, there are not only “Pingsha Falling Geese”, “Flowing Water”, “Three Lanes of Plum Blossoms” and other famous songs handed down from time to time, but also modern compositions such as “Spring Story” and “Spring Breeze” . The repertoire of the performance travels through time and space, integrates ancient and modern, and conveys the unique charm of guqin music that has lasted for thousands of years.


Guest performers: Yao Liang, Chunfeng Guqin Club

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The above four online charity performances

will be held from October 4th to October 7th

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