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“””Only 1+1″” Chun & Insect Bai” @ B10live – Nanshan

March 3 All day

“Only 1+1” is the offline performance IP created by “嘦LIVE” in 2024.
It is said that the memory of the human brain exists in six forms: image memory, emotional memory, logical memory, action memory, instant memory, and short-term memory.”Big Bang Life” often means a big explosion of memories, which are constantly being cut and organized; in the numb work and life, many people have forgotten about thought regulation and memory massage. Of course, music is the best way to clear your mind and forget unpleasant memories; moreover, it is with a group of “similar people”…We tried to take off everyone’s headphones, walk out of their rooms, stand in a group of unique people, and feel the charm of LIVE.”1+1” is not just “you and me”, there may be more sincerity and surprises, who knows?Come to the scene! LIVE!

Chun band was founded in 2020 ,It grows like weeds. Lead singer Dang Qian has been obsessed with Chinese folklore since childhood collection and interpretation, And use this as a theme for artistic creation, The biggest feature is that it is embedded with rich compassion and hope. The overall arrangement and presentation of the band, It also breaks through the shackles of traditional rock music. Play with minor scales and suona, etc. Chinese music elements are the mainstay, Presented in the freehand way of oriental ink painting, Quite imaginative. In the short few years when Chun Band grew up, has been bringing impressive live performances to music fans, Restless in fantasy, thinking in restless, Be sad in thinking, longing in sadness. A music critic once described the Tsubaki band this way: “This is an unclassifiable creation in the history of music, But it’s a story that everyone can understand. The themes often come from folk legends that have been circulating for hundreds of years. —Those we won’t share in the sun, But the legend will be quietly recalled in the corner. The music of Chun Band is indeed sad to the bone. But he lives towards death. “

Insect Bai, the brains behind the legendary post-rock band Sweet Plum,

Guitarist & vocalist, continued to exert influence even after disbandment.

Participating bands: Sweet Plum Horn, Tin Pan Street,

Miss Stockings, Flanders, Silver Bus, etc.

His music combines experimental character and exquisite melodies,

It sounds like a solitary self-admiration,

But it saves countless sleepless souls.

Insect White four-piece band lineup,

By Insect White, Miss Stockings/929’s Dudu,

Body Bear Specialist/Slowly Baozi,

Composed by Xiaoguang of Baimei Band,

Performing Insect White’s creations so far include the soundtrack of “Tattoo”,

Works from various periods such as Sweet Plum and solo albums,

A fusion of 90’s alternative and post-rock,

The twin guitars are intertwined with minimalist repeated broken chords,

Among the subtle changes,

Gradually falling into a wild and erupting wall of sound dream,

The solid strength goes straight to the soul,

Unreserved tears are the most honest form of catharsis.

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深圳市南山区华侨城创意文化园北区C2栋北侧 Building C2, North District of OCT-LOFT, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Shenzhen, China

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