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OIL pres. Bass Exile Sub Exile vol.2

September 2 @ 10:00 pm 11:59 pm

🏜OIL’s new project in 2022 that goes back to the origin 𝑺𝒖𝒃 𝑬𝒙𝒊𝒍𝒆 Bass migration, bringing you picturesque bass scenery in organic rhythm.

After the electronic nomad band TAIGA and Lv Zhiliang, who is good at weaving rhythm, were invited by us to the debut of Sub Exile, Sub Exile’s long journey will take a further step this time, and three halls will be opened for everyone. Bringing a wider auditory landscape: organic rhythms from all corners of the world full of vitality and natural spiritual power, transformed into poetry under the broad sound field and continuous bass, evoking the lost souls in the reinforced concrete forest and guiding them return.

🕊𝗛𝗼𝘄𝗶𝗲 𝗟𝗲𝗲 Back to OIL to bring us a completely different album show of “Bird Island” 🗿Shanghai underground music legend Gaz Williams aka. See Vinyl Set. 🇲🇴 𝗡1𝗗 brought together Django , RASREI (MC) and other Macau bass masters. More local new and old faces stop in hall 3 ! 🌍

-Line Up-

Howie Lee 

Howie Lee (Li Huadi) is an important name in the current Chinese electronic music industry. Since exploring music composition and making DIY tapes at the age of fifteen, Howie Lee has become one of the most influential producers in the Chinese contemporary music culture scene.

Howie Lee started Do Hits in 2011, exporting exciting new sounds of underground music in Beijing and even the whole country. His unique personal creation combining folk music, sound design, dance/jazz rhythm has captured a large number of audiences around the world. The experience of studying in London has enabled him to skillfully combine bass music with oriental elements, and blend them into a unique club sound.

From Taoist classics, martial arts novels to popular Chinese hits, Howie Lee’s various musical and visual outputs often revolve around themes of modern and ancient Chinese history. With a unique Chinese aesthetic, he has created a style that is rooted in Eastern thought, “Fusion” music that fits with the world’s aesthetics.

Although Howie Lee has continued his national style, improvisation, bass music as inspiration, wandering on the edge of experimental sound and club music, depicting scenes through infinite changes in sound structure. But his new album “Bird Island”, released in 2021, unexpectedly presents the world in his eyes to the audience in a more calm and profound way. Just as the horizon gradually turns into a gentle arc after ascending to the sky, the music unfolds like the vast world in the eyes of a bird.

Drunk Monk (Vinyl Set)

Drunk Monk will start dropping a tune before it ends, and let the tunes play simultaneously for a while, creating an uninterrupted flow of music that excites the audience and keeps them dancing to multiple songs. And at this moment, what is in front of us is a name that is a little unfamiliar and a little vague. Who the hell is Drunk Monk?

To unravel the answer to this question, it may be necessary to rewind the time to a few years ago, a dozen or even decades ago. His father was a record collector. Growing up, his dad’s unauthorised record collection was a serious and seductive place for him.

“Music is precious” This planted a seed in the heart of little Gaz Williams. Later, he came to Shanghai to study at university, and as a matter of course, he released a long-held enthusiasm here. Under the alias of Drunk Monk, a classic image in the popular Shaw Brothers movies, he stepped into the surging underground music world in Shanghai.


N1D from Macau is a pioneering producer and DJ in the electronic music/bass industry in southern China. He debuted in the golden age of Dubstep. Since 2008, he has been active in bass in southern China as a member of the famous Hong Kong bass team Heavy. at the party. He has accumulated a lot of experience in his music career in the past 10 years. He has performed with international DJ/producer units including Addison Groove, Coki, Goth-Trad, Joe Nice, Kryptic Minds, Loefah, Madam X, Mala, Pinch, Tes La Rok, Truth, VIVEK and more.

From 2008 to 2011, N1D visited Shanghai Shelter (known as the best underground music club in China) three times, as a guest guest for their largest Dubstep/bass event in the country – Sub-Culture Night show. In 2013, N1D and DJ BudBall formed “Ecstatic Bass” (Ecstatic Bass), the only bass party/team in Macau. The bass party held by the team in Hong Kong and Macau was widely supported by southern Chinese electronic music fans, promoting a huge drum of bass power underground.


DJANGO is another identity of ZARAH, a member of the Macau bass team ‘Le Jisheng BASS’. As DJANGO, he does not want to be limited to the word genre, but focuses on the music itself, hoping to find their synchronicity in different sounds. Blending Techno, House, Acid, Electro to SET of Broken beats, there is always a sense of harmony found in all kinds of music from his selections. Full of energy and smooth rhythm, it exudes different situations and colors, and takes the audience to the depth of electronic music.

He has warmed up and performed on the same stage for many important figures in the bass circle, such as LOEFAH, MADAM X, JOE NICE, KILLA P, COMMODO, etc.


From OIL Soundsystem, his voice is not limited by labels, the queer event “Hunny Dew” is a resident, one of the mainstays of Sprites P!ay, and he also connects the surrounding Dub sounds, sometimes deep, sometimes crazy, to open the border The inclusive spirit operates.


Macau artist RASREI has been active on the stage since 2020, known for his unique musical taste and unique MC style influenced by the Rastafarian movement. Active in the local scene, he has been working with the well-known local team Lotus Hill Clique. At the same time, as a DJ and Selecta has also competed with DH such as Riot Muffin, DJ ATL, DJ Room Service, Budball.


Not only on the dance floor, but in someone’s house, in a bar in an eight-tier town, even on the highway with him…you can probably hear Alion’s collection anywhere you can play music. For him, sharing music is his life and his way of expressing it. From the speed limit of 60 to the overspeed of 180, every song he plays is a bizarre story that he wants to tell you. Growing up in the northwest desert and wandering from all walks of life in the country, he has a great interest in any strange music that has never been discovered, so that he will never let you guess what outrageous existence will be played next. And he may exist in the unexplored wilderness of the club scene.


One of the founders of the GWAAI brand, Slade is committed to connecting the underground music scene in South Africa and China, injecting natural factors into the dance floor, and the music spun out of his hands is deeply rooted in the wild, dynamic and naturalistic nature of the original Africa. However, the nurtured spiritual edification is always like the well-being of the deep sea, the deep and low voice is hallucinogenic, and sometimes it is weird and cute like a jungle elves, full of energy, easily placed in the rolling fields under the vast starry sky. 


The lead singer of Siren’s lighthouse, recently released the EP “Siren’s lighthouse” with the same name. She loves classicism and mysticism. She turned into a group of little sirens and came to the club to walk out of her tragic mythological life, world music and folk songs. As always the base wine for her grandiose imagination. Forget the misery, like explorers, they embark on a psychedelic journey. In her set, there are sounds from all over the world, whether it is gothic music from Europe, African tribal drums, and the melody of the nomadic atmosphere of the Middle East will become the material for her to build a wonderful musical myth, and the places it depicts are all Let you be there.

xin sheng

Influenced by the Situationist International, he began to seek out the radical, rebellious and romantic voices of the period. In his DJ sets, sometimes sharp and angular, sometimes mechanically repeating looping differences, both in music and in life, he is keen to find traces of events that herald new forces.


His spiritual hometown is half Jamaica and half Latin America. Due to his early backpacking experience, he prefers root music and some world music. Based on African-American music and digging down, from the Caribbean beach in the sunset to the virgin jungle in danger, he is the source of inspiration for digging.


Fatalis, who grew up in Shenzhen, began to spread his unique musical hobby in clubs all over the south because of his whim. Although it is difficult to judge whether it is good or bad, it has become a part of the unique scene culture here. Online music programs such as Baihui and SHCR are also committed to bringing different forms of sound. He not only loves high-speed dance and bass music, but also explores the classic records of his age and the psychedelic sounds that span the millennium. It is also his daily pleasure.


Warmchainss, which has grown savagely from scratch with Shenzhen club OIL, combines the unique DJing skills of Huaqiangbei’s black technology. This humble work experience as a warm-up for a world-renowned musician/DJ made her absorb the music energy from another world like an accelerationist. Warmchainss, whose dance floor style is flexible and strong, has appeared on the stage of Boiler Room Shenzhen, and also launched the column “Speed ​​Sick!” on Hong Kong United Radio HKCR. In the fall of 2021, it will join Shy People as a special resident.


Mashiro, aka Mochizuki Mashiro, is probably the Bedroom DJ who has the most aggressive and driest songs among GNG 6 people. Self-deprecating as a madman in northern Guangdong, he started with fan music, never stopped Diggin, and wandered around Guangdong and online Friends radio. He will show crab steps on the dance floor after a glass of fruit beer, and he will also play trance in DJ DECK until his tears rise. In any case, his heart is still tied to all kinds of hardcore and emotional music. His long-term bedroom experience also led him to experiment with production, occasionally interspersing a strange edit/bootleg in unexpected places to share his own emotions.

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