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OIL CLUB Open Decks Week @ Room 2 @ OIL CLUB – Futian

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January 25, 2023 @ 8:00 pm January 26, 2023 @ 2:00 am



Amon is a synthwave+techno artist who has become a handmade mouth artist, and has a small chance of being a player. Favorite wine is Shuangfeiren.


Gentle and crisp cochlear hot spring, delicate synthesizer sound mixed with atmospheric Chilling experience.

WhiTe Xiaobai, who is stationed in Beijing to study music production and is active in underground scenes such as Wigwam, is a free soul who shuttles between 4/4 time and beautiful melodies. He is deeply influenced by jazz, classical, rock, experimental music, etc. The genre is integrated into a complete emotion. 

After Deep, the beautiful mood of Micro House and the cold rhythm of Minimal Techno became the top cards in the morning, he wanted to speed up, experience the rhythm first and rough and unrestrained feeling, and have some sour and broken sounds.


Caesar has changed from a stripper fanatic on the dance floor to a chaotic music player who loves 128BPM. His goal is always to fill the dance floor with sweat and love with the most sultry house music.

from dancefloor stripper to favorite 128BPM chaos player, his goal is always to fill the dancefloor with sweat and love with slutty, over-the-top house music.


self-doubting usb man


A native of Guangzhou, a tuner who “doesn’t do his job properly”. He is often active in the underground scene in the surrounding area. He feels that music is an indispensable spiritual food in people’s life. He loves house/techno/progressive. He can often find special charm in his Dj set, bringing different surprises to the audience!


After immersing himself in the American electronic music scene, Dr. Z studied at the ICON Collective in Los Angeles and became an alumnus of Slander, Nghtmre and others. After returning to China, he found a part-time job as a quantum physicist in order to make ends meet, so now he studies quantum computers during the day and synthesizers at night.

Basis K

A local DJ from Shenzhen, there are two extremes for his scene, either 130bpm indie dance or 170bpm earthy music with backbeat, when he is happy, he will play a 200bpm Gabber, and he loves to play it on the Internet Looking for all kinds of songs, the secret weapon is the Qingfeng Music DJ website. When playing discs, the left and right hands will fight. The music is fast enough to see him flying out of the performance venue, ok, let’s talk about it next time


Happy New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai


The down-and-out product manager OIL is a performer.

In 2021, I probably spent more than 100 hours in OIL, and listened to various DJs, various styles, and various forms of sets for more than 100 hours.

In 2022, I will mainly play at home by myself, and rarely go to clubs to listen to music.

Listening to electronic music for 10+ years, playing Djing by myself for 2 years, occasionally accepting live and performing in some scenes, preferring life and outdoors.

I and a few friends often organize small parties at my home on weekends, and all acquaintances participate.


Arabest, a visionary whose creativity and innovation spans multiple platforms. Using sci-fi themes, a psychedelic color palette and practical effects, his signature style is mystical, atmospheric and metaphysical – just like God himself. His spirit springs from his desire for him and his discomfort.

Dissatisfied with his achievements, he constantly sought to apply the basis of his designs to neoclassical music. He does not unite himself with those he admires and discovers that his combined talents can produce greater happiness.

The results of such work often take beautiful and unexpected forms, no matter what sound design looks like. His fascination with lush musical notes, light, shadow and movement is exemplified by his unique production techniques, including the use of programmable synthesis arrays, robotic choreography, and driven material generation. Work often revolves around themes of identity, metaphysics, and the connection between people and technology.



my house dance


Like a pool of melted chocolate, it tastes sweet, but looks like a lump

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+86 18617150566

11A Ground Floor Tairan Mansion, Tairan 8th Rd Xiasha Metro Station Exit D, Futian District Shenzhen 深圳市福田区车公庙泰然大厦01层L1-11A (下沙站D出口 )
Shenzhen, China

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