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Nine-colored Deer @ Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center – Nanshan

October 7 @ 10:30 am 3:00 pm

Plot Synopsis

What is the story of “The Nine-colored Deer”?

On the deserted Gobi Desert, the camel caravan of Persian merchants crossed from the desert to the oasis. Due to thirst for many days, they accidentally fell into the river when drinking water. The nine-colored deer helped to carry the drowning person to the stone bank. I just hope that the merchants will not meet A leak. The merchant went to the ancient palace and talked to the king about adventures in the desert. Who knew that the queen heard about it and insisted on taking the fur of the nine-colored deer to make clothes and asking for a lot of money. The businessman forgot his righteousness, informed the king, and planned to capture the nine-colored deer. The merchant pretended to fall into the water again, and the deer came to hear the sound, and the warriors who were waiting were ready to shoot all arrows, but the queen was worried that her beautiful fur would be damaged, and planned to burn the entire forest, and the nine-colored deer finally nirvana to save the people.

“Double Stacked Space” Breaks the Tradition

Create a trinity of “shadowing, shadowing and lighting”
New Impression of Shanghai Shadow Play

“Nine-colored Deer” breaks the traditional performance mode that shadow puppets are only manipulated behind the shadow window. The creative team first tried the innovation of the fusion of fluorescent shadow puppets and traditional shadow puppets , extending the performance space to the front of the stage, breaking through the two-dimensional limitation of shadow puppet performance and upgrading to three-dimensional render . Using multimedia as the medium, the behind-the-scenes shadow puppets are cut into fluorescent shadow puppets in seconds and come to the front of the screen to have close contact with the audience. The seamless switching between behind- the -scenes and front-of-the-screen performances not only expresses the mysterious artistic conception of the ancient civilization of the works, but also enhances the performance space of shadow puppets, thus creating a new impression of Shanghai-style shadow puppets with the trinity of “shadowing, shadowing, and filming” for the audience .

Multimedia lens overlay

Upgrade Dunhuang visual effects

In order to restore the magnificent colors of Dunhuang , the creative team better applied film aesthetics and lens processing techniques to the shadow puppet canvas. By superimposing and applying 30 sets of multimedia lenses , and using lens vocabulary such as montage, push-pull and panning, the different scenes in the play were combined. The scenes and scenes can be switched freely, so that the multimedia abstract and freehand presentation and the shadow puppet performance are completely integrated, so as to achieve the picture effect of you in me and me in you, giving the shadow puppet more abundant performance space.

Lighting technology breakthrough innovation

Assists in the rendering of Dunhuang colors

Since “Nine Colors Deer” uses rich colors in multimedia, how to integrate the color of the picture, the color of the light and the color of the shadow play has become a technical difficulty that the show needs to overcome, posing a higher challenge to the lighting technicians. Through repeated experiments in the process of creating and rehearsing, the technicians broke the inherent mode of white light of shadow puppet lights, used colored and adjustable partitioned light sources , and constantly tried to adjust the hedging effect between the three, so that the picture presentation reached a perfect balance. According to the needs of the plot, the performance screen is controlled in sections to create an atmosphere, which has become a major technological innovation of the play . In addition, the multimedia technology of “Nine Colors Deer” uses a higher lumen laser projector , and the front projection picture is more clear and three-dimensional than “Mulan” .

Shadow puppet modeling is easy to draft many times

Enhancing Dunhuang’s Modern Aesthetic Vitality

There are more than 40 shadow puppet shapes in “Nine-colored Deer” , each with its own characteristics. In order to further integrate the Dunhuang colors and modern aesthetics , the design has undergone dozens of revisions before and after, so that the shadow puppet characters are constantly full and three-dimensional. In particular, the horn of the nine-color deer, from the young deer, the young deer, to the final growth of the god deer, has adjusted more than 30 designs , and its shape with both divinity and spirituality is impressive.

In terms of shadow puppet materials, the production team also used a combination of PVC and PEC materials through repeated trials to make shadow puppet colors more transparent and easier to perform and manipulate, maximizing the color, clarity and brightness of shadow puppet shapes. In addition, the production team also used fluorescent colors to make the modeling more flexible and artistic in the performance.

Original melody foreshadowing

Audio-visual combination of stereoscopic Dunhuang exotic style

All the repertoire uses original soundtracks and songs , integrates the most representative Chinese traditional instrumental music , through ingenious sound processing, at the same time with the musical tone of nationality and ancient style, try to use modern rap elements in dance music , let the play More exotic and diverse, paving the way for the oriental, exotic, mysterious and unrestrained tone. Combined with the upgrading of the theater’s audio equipment, the creative team added stereo processing to the sound effects , making the audience feel more immersive .

The original creative team returns

Helping the training of young performing arts talents

“Nine Colors Deer” adopts the original creative team of “Mulan”, and invites Wang Hao as the screenwriter, Hu Xuehua as the director, Su Junjie as the composer, and Wang Junjie , the former head of the Tangshan Shadow Play Troupe, as the shadow play consultant and shadow play director. The shadow puppet and stage beauty of the play is centered on the independent design team of the troupe, and has made further breakthroughs in production technology, so that the overall artistic quality has been continuously improved.

“Nine Colors Deer” takes the youth team of the troupe as the backbone of the creation and rehearsal. Through the double guarantee of famous director + famous teacher , and the trust and open creation mechanism, it builds an effective platform for improving the ability to cultivate young performing talents. Especially during the epidemic, the actors and creators overcame difficulties, implemented the dual-track mode of ” online workshop ” and ” design and production “, and held online main creative exchange meetings three times a week. Through a whole year of shadow puppet manipulation exercises, tacit understanding training, and basic skills training , the entire creative team has always maintained the creative pursuit of sophisticated skills, excellent production, and exquisite pictures, and their cohesion and combat effectiveness have been further improved.

Dunhuang frescoes are the treasures and essence of traditional Chinese mural art, and they are also the outstanding and brilliant cultural heritage of our country. Shanghai Puppet Troupe strives to make “Nine-colored Deer” a high-quality Shanghai-style shadow puppet stage art with rich ideological connotation, exquisite shadow puppet performance and various stage forms . Activate the vitality of the excellent traditional Chinese culture with the spirit of the times, and make the ancient civilization glow with new brilliance .

Shanghai Puppet Troupe

The Shanghai Puppet Troupe was established on June 1, 1960. The purpose of the troupe is to serve children . Over the past 60 years, after several generations of artistic practice and career struggle, the troupe has become a puppet art performance group with first-class artistic level and well-organized structure, and has its own puppet performance theater – Xian Lesi Puppet Theater.

Shanghai Puppet Troupe’s repertoire is rich and diverse, from world-famous fairy tales to modern fables, from mythological dramas to science fiction dramas, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, forming a unique Shanghai-style repertoire in the Chinese puppet industry. A number of outstanding plays that have been performed for a long time, such as “Monkey King Three Beats the Bone Spirit”, “Nezha God Meets the Titanium Star”, “Puppet Show”, “Imagination of Spring”, “The Little Girl Selling Matches”, “Little Eight Roads”, “Huashan Prodigy” “The Daughter of the Sea”, “Mulan”, “Creation – Patching the Sky” and “The Last War Elephant” are deeply loved by the audience of children and children, and have successively won the “Wenhua Award”, “Golden Lion Award”, “Magnolia Award” Award”, Shanghai literary and artistic creations, and various awards in international puppet competitions such as “Golden Clown” and “Golden Spark”.

 On the eleventh holiday, I walked into the theater,

 Feel the mysterious and splendid cultural beauty from the depths of the desert 

 Appreciate the immortal wisdom contained in the thousand-year-old fables 

Performance Information

 show time 

October 7 (Friday)


 show duration 

About 70 minutes (without intermission)

Actual on the spot

 performance venue 

Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center Theater Grand Theater

 Show Tickets 

480/380/280/180/120/80 yuan

 Early Bird Discount 

From September 7th to September 16th, early bird 25 % off

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