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Metaverse Art Week

August 25 @ 11:00 am 6:00 pm

   The World Is Made Of Code

Welcome to Metaverse Art Week 2022:

The world is made of code

Metaverse Art Week

SE Gallery


Artist: Chen XiongWei

Metaverse Opening:2022/8/25

SE Gallery will join hands with visual artist Chen Xiongwei and Metaverse Specialist Jonathan Jungers to present our first Metaverse immersive digital art exhibition, Kebeijing/Zero, at the 3rd Metaverse Art Week on Decentraland, giving audiences around the world the opportunity to break the constraints of time and space. Knock together at the door of the metaverse.
Offline event – Dialogue Metaverse and Decentraland Online Art Tour, to be held at the SE Gallery on Aug 25, 7pm-10pm, featuring Susie Liu from Roblox, former Tencent expert Jonathan Jungers, Microsoft’s Gibson will talk to visual artist Chen Xiongwei, as well as a host of metaverse and NFT industry luminars and creators.
Website- https://decentraland.org/
– It is recommended to log in on the computer. You can choose to register or participate as a tourist
– Find the coordinates (149,-147) and enter the SE Gallery‘s exhibition
Visit galleries and communicate with gallery owners and other industry elites. At the same time, you can participate in the forum and art activities of the activity week
– Get started now by logging in and planning your journey on Decentraland

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