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Lu Siqing: Legend of Magic Bow·String Family

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September 20 All day

Recently, the “Notice on the Announcement of the National New Era “Public Learning Star” and “Lifelong Learning Brand Project” Publicity and Promotion List in 2023 was officially announced, and the “Shenzhen Concert Hall-Beautiful Sunday’s ‘Music Lecture Hall’ Project” was promoted It is a national ” lifelong learning brand project” in the new era in 2023. It is also a rare music learning project among many recommended projects in recent years. This project was also recommended as a Guangdong Province Continuing Education Quality Improvement Project Certification Project (Lifelong Learning Brand Project) and Shenzhen City’s “Lifelong Learning Brand Project”.

The “Lifelong Learning Brand Project” is one of the important activities of the “National Lifelong Learning Activity Week” organized by the Ministry of Education nationwide. It aims to advocate lifelong learning, play a leading role in demonstration, and contribute to building a lifelong education system for all and accelerating the new era. Learning society construction services.

Dan Zhaoyi: Interpretation of Chopin’s style and appreciation of Chopin’s music

“Beautiful Sunday’s Music Lecture Hall Project”

It is a public welfare lecture organized by the Propaganda Department of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and the Shenzhen Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau, and organized and implemented by the Shenzhen Concert Hall.

When it first opened in 2007, faced with the current situation that most ordinary citizens had very limited understanding of elegant art and were far away from elegant music, Shenzhen Concert Hall, with the support of the Shenzhen Publicity and Culture Fund, boldly innovated and actively planned to create every venue. The charity brand “Beautiful Sunday” performs on Sunday afternoons and launches a “Music Lecture Hall” (sub-brand) every month. It has been persisting for sixteen years and has brought more than 130 exciting lectures to Pengcheng audiences. , benefiting approximately 150,000 viewers.

This project is positioned to popularize music education. It invites well-known conductors, performers and art school educators to hold music lectures through a combination of lectures, allowing citizens to understand music knowledge and appreciate classical music in a simple and easy-to-understand way. The lecture content takes music as the axis and extends to various fields such as literature, history, philosophy, and education.

Chen Gang: Starting from “Butterfly Lovers”
Zheng Xiaoying: Talking about “Singing in Foreign Music” from the Chinese version of Mahler’s “Song of the Earth”

since its inception

There are more than hundreds of celebrities

Be a guest at “Music Lecture Hall”

Zheng Xiaoying, Ye Xiaogang, Lu Siqing, Zhang Guoyong, Chen Sa and many other famous artists have appeared on the stage of Shenzhen Concert Hall, opening the door to classical music for the audience, connecting the bright pearls in the ocean of music with vivid language, and guiding the audience in the magnificent Feel the joy of spirit and excitement of the soul in the colorful sounds of music.

In addition, the project also insists on abandoning obscure book-based teaching and advocates teaching music and art in a way that ordinary audiences can understand. The rich theme planning, relaxed interactive atmosphere, and face-to-face “contact” with celebrities have made the “Music Lecture Hall” very popular among the audience. It has not only been recognized by the general public in terms of helping to promote the popularization of art for all, but has also won many awards. Various public welfare awards.

Chen Sa × Debussy – Dialogue across time and space
Lu Siqing: Legend of Magic Bow·String Family

Future, Shenzhen Concert Hall

Will continue to polish the “Music Lecture Hall” brand

Let art become the source of social aesthetic education

Actively create a strong atmosphere for lifelong learning of art

Better meet the people’s growing spiritual and cultural needs


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2016 Fuzhong 1st Rd, Futian CBD, Futian 深圳福田区福中一路2016号
Shenzhen, Guangdong China

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