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Let’s “date”! 2022 Nanshan International Weekend Concert will come as scheduled→

April 23, 2022 All day

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good news, good news

Nanshan public cultural activities are new!

As a loyal fan of cultural and musical activities

Finally we have waited for our “spring” 🍀

This ” List of Public Cultural Events “

There must be something you want to see!

Beautiful South × Enough Zheng live Nanshan Weekend Concert


The 2022 Beautiful South × Enough Zheng live Nanshan weekend concert is coming as scheduled! I believe that it has been a long time since you watched a Live Show outdoors. A little drunk, three or five friends, and some free Music, what could be more chill than this?

I believe that everyone has already begun to look forward to this musical feast, so don’t worry! On April 23, the first Nanshan weekend concert will be held. Still the old rules, this event will be performed in Nantou Ancient City for 10 consecutive performances from April to August.

The first performance was Dr.Jen from Macau. DR.JEN is composed of the members’ names, D is the guitarist DANNY, R is the lead ROMEU, J is the drummer JERALD, E is the former member ESTHER, and N is the bassist NOUIS. The band style is biased towards the European and American DISCO FUNK type. . The lead vocal ROMEU once sang on the same stage with Eason Chan. The band members have also collaborated with Hong Kong and Macao artists many times, and the band has won major awards for many times.

This summer, let’s enjoy music and relax in the music!

2022 Banyan Tree Concert


A day without music is like having only white rice for three meals a day, so boring! In the past 4 years, a total of 33 “Banyan Tree Concerts” have been held, and we have spent a lot of interesting time with everyone.

“The Banyan Tree Concert” has always insisted on bringing original music to everyone, but in fact, there are various interesting stories behind these music.

This year, they launched a brand new “Banyan Concert” .

You can watch the stars, lie down and listen to the live

Gain three or two like-minded friends
Learn the story behind each song

There are a total of 10 live house shows, and they are all original musicians with stories. The first performing team was Jieyou Oral Liquid from Shenzhen. Jieyou Oral Liquid was established in 2019. The two members, Liao Daxiang and Cheng Junjie, are senior guitarists and musicians in Shenzhen.

The main writing direction of the group is urban ballads, using a pen and two acoustic guitars to write the complex emotions of young people in the city.

Every weekend for the next three months, the Banyan Tree Concert will meet you~

Nanshan Weekend Happy Theater


This week, Nanshan Weekend Happy Theater is an “immersive parent-child interactive magic drama”, which is suitable for mom and dad to bring the little cuties at home to watch together and spend a happy family gathering time on weekends~

As an immersive interactive parent-child magic drama, “Magic Academy” is flexible in form and interactive at any time. In the character packaging and plot design of the play, a more life-like approach is adopted, so that children can quickly understand the plot and use it rationally. In the interactive part on and off the stage, children and even parents are invited to walk on the stage and actually participate in the performance. Children are no longer just “joining in the fun”, and parents do not need to watch and explain as they do other dramas.

Stay tuned for more theatrical performances!

2022 Nanshan International Weekend Concert


With the breeze, the concert in spring arrived as scheduled. Listening to the classic melody and prelude together, the exotic atmosphere has been blowing. The 2022 Nanshan International Weekend Concert is the same as ever, where you can hear languages ​​from different countries and their representative music.

This year, the first opening ceremony will be “World Classic Movie Show”!

In this classic movie show, you can enjoy Russian folk dance, pop music singing, “Super Mary” theme dance, saxophone solo, guitar Latin folk, Latin dance, Bollywood dance, classic Broadway…

Wonderful gatherings are held every weekend, bring friends and family to have a carnival together!

“Intangible cultural heritage into the community”


Manchu embroidery (Bohai Mohe embroidery) has a history of more than 1,300 years of inheritance. It was included in the national intangible cultural heritage protection list in 2014. The Manchu embroidery craftsmanship training program of “intangible cultural heritage into the community” and “intangible cultural heritage into the campus” was launched in 2019. Officially launched.

Since the start of the project, 200 sessions and 300 hours of training have been conducted in dozens of schools. At the same time, 220 sessions and 330 hours of training have been conducted in 19 communities and training classes. 1950 people.

After the full embroidery skills training of “Intangible Cultural Heritage on Campus”, children can understand what intangible cultural heritage is, the significance and value of intangible cultural heritage; the elderly in the community can add a good hobby; parents who take care of their children at home can Learn to master a craftsmanship.

Intangible cultural heritage is the soul of national culture, and the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage is the unremitting mission of contemporary people. It takes your strength to keep the intangible cultural heritage in sync with the times and integrate it with technology.

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