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February 25, 2023 @ 9:00 pm 11:59 pm

Band Lineup

Blue veins BCJ

02.26 SUN.


Vocalist: Ah Jing
Guitar: Xiaoxin
Bass: Kongfu
Keyboard: Da Chen
Drums: Lai Hao

Taiwan’s original band, founded by the main creators A Jing and Xiao Xin. It is a group of super food-loving foodie bands. They get inspiration from life and make good music full-time. The first album “An Optimistic Attitude Is Necessary to Life” will be released in 2021. There are about ten singles and the number continues to increase…

Music style: It’s not what you think, just listen to our songs if you want to know!

Fake Sven

02.25 SAT.


Synthesizer/Vocal: Li Yichen

Guitar/synthesizer/vocal: Wang Xiaoxue

Fake Gentle is a female electronic duo from Chengdu, China, formed by Li Yichen (synthesizer/vocal) and Wang Xiaoxue (guitar/synthesizer/vocal); they also initiated the creation 10 years ago Formed the most watched female rock band “Miss Hormone” in Chengdu. Years of experience in rock bands has transformed them into a unique electronic music live group in the domestic scene. Their music scene is full of passion and energy, and there is no lack of exquisite rhythm and psychedelic melody. They can be played on the large stage of the music festival It can spark a chorus or create a climax on the dance floor of the most underground electronic music club.

Morse code

02.25 SAT.


Vocal: Dian Dian

Guitar: Yun

Bass: Xiaoxin

Drums: AJ

From Chengdu, Sichuan, officially established in April 2017, Morse code seems to use the transmitter in its own hands to knock those emotional symbols into your mind through music, but it is not pretending to be complicated, and the so-called Morse code My “password” is actually an independent personality attitude that does not settle. The music of Morse Code is mainly based on independent pop, and it combines Funk/Fusion/EDM and other music style elements in its arrangement. After continuous accumulation of works, it has gradually formed a Morse Code-style independent style. Get rid of depressive elements, get rid of anger towards negative things, without heavy sound walls, maintain a cheerful feel, and have an independent and distinctive style.

POWER MILK package talk meow 

02.26 SUN.


Vocals: Lychee Gulico

Guitar: Li Sir

Bass: Nai Guan

Drums: Hard Teacher

Not sticking to Jazz, Rock or a certain style

Not limited to fantasy, reality, or a certain proposition

When you think we are literary and fresh

In fact, we are all sexy and naughty

when you tag us as fantasy squad

In fact, our true identities are street bullies

In order to fight against the depressed life, this big BOSS

Power Milk rallying

Inspired by my own “Tuodi career” as the music “Storage and Explosion”

Infinite thinking and the collision of lyrics and music are the “big tricks” we let go

Sorry, the music of life should be colorful

Sorry we can’t give you an established definition of Power Milk

You can only enjoy it to your heart’s content, and you can’t help but say it


02.25 SAT.


Vocals: Sherri

Bass: Steven

Sax: Mantono

Drums: Xiao Ying

Keyboard: Dima

Sherri graduated from the Berklee Conservatory of Music in the United States. She has been breaking barriers in various fields and straddling different elements. Sherri is a very creative and powerful musician. The bassist Steven from Hong Kong combines his superb skills with a clear voice , makes people intoxicated. This time, they will play together with keyboardist Dima, drummer Xiao Ying and saxophonist Mantono. They hope that through the live performance of SHERRI AND BAND, more audiences will be familiar with music styles such as rhythm and blues, jazz, blues and fusion.


02.26 SUN.


Vocals: Shirley

Drums: Mac

Bass: Elian

Keyboard: Dima

Sax: Mantono

Lead singer Shirley was born in a musical family in Colombia. Her rich and diverse music experience gave her the opportunity to perform around the world, and she was on the stage of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Mantono is a very outstanding saxophonist, he can always show his most charming side on the stage, and he can enjoy the fun of music through his playing. Elian grew up in the environment of folk tradition and dance music. He is good at Spanish guitar and Cuban three-string guitar. His music hobbies include modern jazz, blues, rock and fusion music. He will pursue his music dream when he comes to China. Dima graduated from a professional music academy and has extensive performance experience, having participated in major international jazz festivals. Mac is a drummer from Mauritius who has cooperated with many excellent bands and is active in excellent music stages at home and abroad.

SIA Raving Machine

02.25 SAT.


vocalist: sia

Dancer 1: Qianqian

Dancer 2: Little C

The solo band of Xu Zhini (sia), the former lead singer of the vending machine. sia, an elf girl from the forest, MA in British comparative literature. Nordic Viking Cruises, the first international cruise ship in mainland China, China Merchants Eaton, signed a singer in 2022. The work focuses on the contradiction between nature and human existence and the construction of body aesthetics. The live performance is dramatic, interesting and flexible. There can be 3 singers + dancers, or 3-4 singers + band. Nightmares, crazily talking about individuality and infinity, time blames the drama of dissolving between land and sky. The detached and poetic stage performance poetizes all the sharp edges of reality, trying to use the ravings revealed by people’s subconscious under the illusion, and those dreamy and strange thoughts are gradually trying to exist in dreams with simple meaning.

Virtual back to Virtual E

02.26 SUN.


Vocal/Synthesizer: Cool Water

Guitarist: Shadow

Bass: Persimmon

Drummer: Steve

Harmony/VJ: Mia

Xuhui Virtual E was established in Chengdu, Sichuan. Xuhui uses cool-colored electronic timbres to integrate serious and rigorous symphony, heavy music, etc. to give music infinitely extended thinking. The keynote of electronic music is combined with orchestral and heavy music, giving the music a psychedelic and dark tone. The dark and cold melody exudes the aftermath of stories from different centuries, and the strong or weak rhythm impacts the cognition of the real world. “Rational release” and “cohesion” are the core elements that Xu Hui adheres to in creating and exploring his unique music style. Follow the virtual return and sink together.

DJ Lineup


02.26 SUN.


In 2016, he came into contact with electronic music and taught himself how to play discs. The live music styles are mainly House, Jazz, Funk, HipHop, Electronic and R&B. In 2017, he was invited to serve as the Support DJ of Shenzhen Le Dujuan White Heat Test; in 2018, he was selected to be on the main stage of Shenzhen EMP Made in China as Support DJ; in the same year, he performed for the Shenzhen original design brand ROARINGWILD.


02.25 SAT. – 02.26 SUN. 


An event party that has toured nearly 120 cities over the past 15 years. In Beijing, Ekki founded his own event brand BAD EGG with his friend Luke Ume, focusing on bringing high-quality Bass music events to Beijing. After coming to Shenzhen, Ekki and DJ Tayta launched a “passionate” project: Sunset Funk, a party with Funk, Soul, DIsco and Afrobeat on the roof. At the same time, Ekki has also served as a resident DJ at LAVO for nearly 6 years.


02.25 SAT. – 02.26 SUN. 


Kori is currently the resident DJ of LAVO Shenzhen Bay MIXC store (flagship store). She is committed to creating her own unique musical sense. He has cooperated with senior DJs such as UMEK, Dubfire, Mark Knight and Sandy River on the same stage, and was also invited to be the guest DJ of MISSRUDOLF Sanya’s light luxury new product launch conference, Desound R.2 warm-up DJ, HOLES and other jazz bar opening guest DJ, and Shenzhen Bay The special guest of the International Fringe Festival has won a group of loyal supporters with its outstanding performance.


02.26 SUN.


Graduated from Berklee College of Music. With his unique personal style, he has attracted the extremely influential 6one7 Production company, and has been invited to participate in their activities and performances in Cure Lounge, Storyville and Tunnel many times.


02.25 SAT.


Piro is a DJ, music producer and musician from Poland. In the past 20 years, he has recorded more than 30 records for international record labels, and also tried various music genres as a DJ and producer, including Jazz, Funk, Soul, House and Techno. As a member of Detroit Zdroj & Easybooking, one of the most influential DJ groups in Poland, Piro was not only invited to perform at legendary clubs Klub55 and Luzztro, but also with global artists such as Daft Punk, Carl Craig, Pole and Pikaya .


02.25 SAT.


new music catcher

No matter how chaotic, the music cannot be stopped!

Falling into it, being wrapped by the waves, tumbling and diving with the notes, this is a world of absolute beauty.

Jazz Hip-hop? Funk? Soul….

Uni is pursuing more possibilities of music. This is an iceberg, hidden deep in the bottom of the sea, 2/3 of which you have never seen. Electronic music is, and Uni’s road of exploration is also…


Floor 1M, Building T3, Kerry Plaza, No. 1 Zhongxin 4th Road Futian District