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La La Land – Concert of Classic Film Works @ Grand Theater of Shenzhen Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center – Nanshan

January 14 @ 7:30 pm

The movie “La La Land”, Douban scored 8.3 points, the 89th Academy Awards Best Picture, the most romantic 20 classic lines, true love is to encourage each other while sublimating love, full of lovetime flies

A magical movie, after watching you will firmly believe in your dreams,

      A beautiful melody, after listening you will believe in love.

Review of classic lines


A small encounter may be the encounter you have been waiting for for a long time


Dreams are like this, there are conflicts and compromises, and they are very, very exciting


When people let you down, keep going because you wake up in the morning and it’s another sunny day


Let life beat me till it can’t beat, then I’ll fight back, that’s typical take it easyLa La Land Theme Songhttps://v.qq.com/txp/iframe/player.html?origin=https%3A%2F%2Fmp.weixin.qq.com&containerId=js_tx_video_container_0.8912682313694567&vid=o0665d4qpy7&width=661&height=371.8125&autoplay=false&allowFullScreen=true&chid=17&full=true&show1080p=false&isDebugIframe=false

 “City Of Stars” is a melody that melts into the night of the alluring city, and it is the entrance of an urban dream. The music creators are exquisite in mind and conceived from a perceptual point of view, making their melodies full of hope and at the same time cast a layer of sadness. The melody is gurgling and flowing, ups and downs, grasping the inner attributes and beauty of the city. In this concert, the Philharmonic Light Music Troupe will perform a number of Oscar-winning movie theme songs in a unique and eclectic form.

Performance information

La La Land – Concert of Classic Film Works

show time

2023.01.14 (Sat) 19:30

performance location

Grand Theater of Shenzhen Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center

show ticket price

180 280 380 480 

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180RMB – 480RMB
180RMB – 480RMB