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Jam in June @ ROOTS HOUSE

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June 21 @ 9:00 pm 11:00 pm

6/7 & 6/21

Fang Biao Trio

Jam in Jun 6/7&6/21

If you were to ask what jazz is, you’d never know.

Jazz is the kind of music that really allows a man to express his deepest self, his most personal self…

To Jam is to Improvise Music

Jazz is my spiritual expression, my faith, my being, and JAM SESSION is like a wonderful meeting. This night, we witness the meeting, they speak the same language and ride the jazz ship to light each other up!

Improvisation and exchange, June, we stay open!

Program Rules

Notes to musicians
1. We welcome musicians who have a pure love for music, please add customer service to register: 15302618010, when registering, you need to provide the following information: name + instrument + style + intended repertoire, the scene will be organized according to the order of registration on the stage!
2. Tracks will be themed around Standard Jazz, Funk, R&B, Neo Soul and other genres.
3. The venue is equipped with keyboards, double bass and drums, all other instruments should be brought by the musicians.

Notes to Audience
1. JAM SESSION is a jamming day for the musicians, an informal performance. We value the atmosphere of such an open day of exchange, please give all the musicians on stage a round of applause and encouragement, your support will definitely make the music move forward!
2. In order to maintain respect for the musicians on stage, please refrain from making loud noises and keep your cell phones on silent or vibrate; if you need to take photos or videos, please turn off the flash.
3. Please enter the venue before 9:00am and do not bring any take-away food or drinks into the venue.



Graduated from Shenzhen University, majoring in popular instrumental music performance, under the tutelage of bass player Mr. Wang Xubo

Participated in Huawei Mobile Phone Launch Recording in 2020; Shantou Pineapple Music Festival in 2020; Star Campus Music Festival in 2021; Sky City Music Festival in 2021; Reverberation Music Festival in 2021; and held dozens of concerts with the Big Beer Wind Orchestra in the Pearl River Delta in 2021.


Keyboardist, Music Producer

Majored in Pop Instrumental Performance at Shenzhen University. Currently active in the Shenzhen jazz scene, with his own original compositions. His style spans jazz, funk, fusion, R&B, soul and streaming, exploring his own unique language in harmony and rhythm.


Majoring in Popular Instrumental Performance at Shenzhen University
Studied drums since childhood, under the tutelage of jazz drum educator Zhan Minghui, President of Shenzhen Percussion Association.

Currently deputy director of Admiralty Percussion Ensemble
2019 Awarded Silver Prize of Youth Group in Zhongshan Drummers’ Festival Competition
2019 Planned and performed in Shenzhen University Art Department New Year’s Eve Party
2020 Shenzhen University 2020-2021 New Year Concert
2020 Participated in CCTV 2021 Greater Bay Area New Year’s Eve Concert Recording
2020 Participated in the Golden Bell Music Week Concert Series
2022 Participated in the Golden Jazz Drummers Union Concerts


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Shenzhen Nanshan District OCT-Loft Building E3 101C
Shenzhen, Shenzhen China
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