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Fire Hydrant · The 5th Anniversary of Fire Extinguishing · “The Blood Of Fame”

August 6 @ 8:00 pm

Band intro

It was originally founded by a group of young rap enthusiasts dedicated to promoting literary and artistic rap.

FireHydrant has been established for nearly four years, and it has already squeezed into the head ranks of Shenzhen’s independent rap labels. The label has its own producer. At the same time, the members already have rich experience and attainments in music creation and production. They are eager to incorporate their own ideas and views on everything in the world into each song in the most artistic way. in the song. They long for listeners to hear and understand their inner voice.

The diverse but undivided style of music brings different auditory effects to the listeners while maintaining the same tonality. This is the greatest charm of the fire hydrant, so that every listener can more truly feel the impact of text art and ideas. Currently, FireHydrant is preparing for their 4th anniversary tour, moving in the direction of creating more works with lasting value and meaning.

Band Members


Cghost has a deep cognition and understanding of human nature and social ideology. As a producer, indie musician and label manager, he leads the label with a distinctive style that aims to be the best among future rap artists. Along the way, the unique auditory experience produced by the fusion of various musical genres in his songs has been recognized by many producers and well-known musicians.

In 2021, he has become one of the representatives when talking about Shenzhen rap.

white spider

Influenced by colorful music and culture, White Spider chose to use music as a negative to show the audience his inner world, which also gave birth to his independent musical style.

In this era of fast food music, he hopes to build an urban refuge to accompany every helpless and confused person to get out of the predicament.

T. Kurt

TK has a unique understanding of the relationship between steel jungle and romance, and is determined to convey love to listeners in songs, the so-called love that is both ethereal and real. After the release of his first solo album “Summer Seems to Be Over”, his musical attainments have stepped on a higher ladder. “Next summer is almost here again,” he said.

Zhang Zhaolin

Zhang Zhaolin , gentle boy. After being influenced by a lot of jazz music, he creatively incorporated the rhythm of jazz music into Urban Hiphop. The romantic and stream-of-consciousness lyrics transport the listener into an ideal utopia isolated from reality.

Jk Jerry

 Jk Jerry , after being influenced by different music, has his own unique opinion on the content and musicality of the song, determined to try a variety of different music styles and make different and fresh music, and hope to give listeners Bring a new visual experience and listening experience.


Z.Coke is deeply influenced by traditional hiphop culture. He is good at the fusion of old and new, and integrates the most traditional hiphop into modern music in his own unique way to create different musical forms.



COLDLXRD is good at changing styles. Whether it is metal trap and drill supported by the powerful 808, or emo and new wave mainly based on melody, they all have their own unique insights. While good at controlling the restless stage, he is also good at expressing the fragile moments of the human heart. He has his own unique perspective on the people and things around him. When dealing with different things, he will switch angles to observe and analyze. He is always used to The song expresses some of his usual experiences, and is also good at narrating and constructing the occurrence of things from a first-person or third-person perspective, so as to integrate it into the work, thereby showing different feelings. He once participated in the live show “Rising Star” hosted by You Fan Company.

Representative works: “Habit//Extreme” “Work For”


The greater-than-average sense of music enables him to have his own understanding of the musicality, listening and content of the song, and he is determined to integrate everything he wants to express into the song and deliver it to the audience. Whether it is humanistic or imaginative, he has a strong sense of picture. . Trivial life or the process of growth, he is willing to combine different styles and contents to present to the audience with the best attitude.

Representative works: “Mountains and Rivers”, ” You’re All Disgusting”, “The Phantom Of The Opera”

Ticketing Guidelines

Billing time: 2022.7.4

Performance time: 2022.8.6 (Saturday) 20:00

Advance ticket RMB: 99

On-site ticket RMB: 119

Venue guide


No. 9289, Binhe Avenue, Xiasha Community, Futian District, Shenzhen

B112A on the first floor of KKONE

119RMB on-site
12a, Basement first floor, KKONE Shopping Center, 9289 Binhe Road, Futian District, Shenzhen 深圳市福田区滨河路9289号KKONE购物中心B1层12a
Shenzhen, Guangdong 518116 China

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