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Figurines III @ Vientiane World Theater – Nanshan

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December 30, 2022 @ 8:00 pm

Repertoire Introduction


 “The past is foreign”.

The “Figurines” series is the imagination of “foreign land”.

” Figurines III ” is the third work of Tian Tian’s “Figurines” series.

 It continues the image theme of ancient Chinese dancing figurines,

 It is also a revisit of the body posture in history;

 At the same time, compared with the previous two works,

 The body of Figurine III is more present, future and more imaginative.


     When the work does not aim at narrative, “display” will make the details of the form stand out. The “display” of the cultural relics exhibition in the museum, the purpose of the display is not only to display the objects, but also to show the intention of the exhibitor.    “Figurines III” shows a unique aesthetic world belonging to ancient China. In this world, there are not only different aesthetic forms, but also different understandings, cognitions and value judgments of the world. When modern people wear ancient costumes/Hanfu and dance on the stage, is it to restore an ancient life? Or, can it only be about telling a story from or about antiquity?
    “Figurines III” does not use traditional materials to compose movements to serve personal expression; nor does it let static dances move to restore or reproduce some ancient wonders and wonders; it just focuses on the form of traditional materials, allowing The form itself states its own character. This is not content that every audience can accept, because the content of traditional works usually requires stories and characters to present, and “Figurines III” is obviously not such a traditional creation.    “Figurines III” gives another possibility. It shows the collection of traditional concepts by showing the beauty of traditional forms, so as to bring some special observations to real life.                            ——Excerpt from the July essays of the new artist Guo Rui NxDxCxx public account, watching “Figurines III”



“Hairpin Flowers”   Walking and walking, small hands hanging down, willows are weak.



“Tang Yue Gong Tu”   is condensed, delicate and unmoving, and it is full of festivals.



“Picture of Beauty in Hu Fu”   is lazy, goose and yellow, and small flowers.



 “Squat Dance Me”   Kankan, drum me up, squat and squat.



“Beyond the Great Wall”   creeping shadows, holding wine, rushing all the way.



“Picture of Walking Songs” is   few, rustling, and the water is flowing.



 “Aristocrat in Dark Clothes” has a   ruckus, a corridor and a waist, and a pan.

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December 30 (Fri) 20:00

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(no intermission)

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Admission instructions for children: full ticket for children, one ticket per person


Vientiane World Theater

2nd Floor, Block D, China Resources Land Building, Mixc World, Shenzhen

(next to Art Plaza)

280RMB – 680RMB
, China Resources City, Vientiane World, No. 19, Kefa Road, Nanshan District,
Shenzhen, Guangdong Province