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Electronic Music Hit Party @ HOU LIVE – Futian

August 12, 2022 @ 11:00 pm August 13, 2022 @ 2:00 am

After daily tired life, I always want to put on headphones and open the electronic music playlist that is not tired of listening to and listen to , and let my favorite EDM hot list help you relieve the fatigue of the day and devote yourself to it. Cheerful drums and moving melody. For you who love EDM , presumably electronic music has long been an important part of your spiritual world.ImageImageImageImage

The photos of the previous EDM activities of the electric tooth tiger

●  But players who are familiar with electronic music know that many of the electronic music hits we love are born for the scene. Imagine singing the familiar EDM hits of Faded, So Far Away, Beautiful Now , etc. with a large group of people , everyone immersed in it, what a desirable scene!ImageImageImageImage

The photos of the previous EDM activities of the electric tooth tiger

 Unfortunately, at a time when the epidemic is still raging, it seems like a luxury to hold a real large -scale electronic music festival , but an electronic music hot party with hundreds of people is just around the corner! That’s right, we’re hosting the most immersive EDM hit party yet again this August !

The photos of the previous EDM activities of the electric tooth tiger

● The hot songs of Martin Jr., Marshmallow, Uncle Snake, The Leader, Avicii , Hard Good , etc. will be echoed at the party, and the most exciting interactions in the electronic music festival will also be reproduced on the dance floor. Players new and old can find their most immersive and devoted moments at this party! What are you waiting for, let’s join this whole song wind and electronic music hot list party together !ImageImage

show time


Shenzhen Railway Station

 August 12, 2022 23:00-02:00 the next day

Guangzhou Railway Station

August 13, 2022 23:00 – next day 02:00

performance location


Shenzhen Railway Station

HOULIVE, Ground Floor, KKONE, Xiasha Community, Futian District, Shenzhen

Guangzhou Railway Station

No. 1088, Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

MAOLIVEHOUSE, Level 1, Six Elements Experience World

Show Tickets


Early bird tickets are 60 yuan, advance tickets are 99 yuan

160 yuan for pre-sale tickets for two people, 120 yuan for on-site tickets

Ticket channel


Scan the QR code below to enter

Ticket purchase platform official interface purchaseImage

Official WeChat group


Enter the official WeChat group chat of the party

Please scan the QR code below and indicate your purposeImage

Business Cooperation


E-mail: [email protected]

WeChat: yang862814693



Shenzhen Railway Station

*The venue is limited during special periods, please try to arrive at the venue on time to redeem tickets and enter the venue;

*Show required for admission

① 24-hour nucleic acid negative certificate 


 48 hours nucleic acid negative certificate and holding (within 24 hours) nucleic acid sampling certificate 

② Yuekang code (green code)

③ Itinerary card 

④ Location code 

And fill in the visit registration form at the entrance of the venue, wear a mask throughout the process, and cooperate with the staff to measure the temperature before entering the venue. Thank you for your cooperation!

Guangzhou Railway Station

1. Each event is limited to the number of people entering the venue;

2. From July 9, the admission requirements of this venue have been updated as follows:

❗️❗️❗️All audiences need 48 hours of nucleic acid + scan the venue code + show the itinerary card , the three are the same before they can enter the ticket redemption process, no nucleic acid results within 48 hours can not redeem the ticket to enter the venue , wear a mask throughout the performance;

⚠️ According to the latest epidemic prevention policy adjustment, the prevention and control scope of medium and high risk areas is accurate to the community and streets.

– If you have passed through medium and high risk areas in the past 14 days, you cannot enter the venue ;

– If you have passed through the district and town where the medium and high risk areas are located in the past 14 days, please cooperate with the registration of real-name information + 48 hours of nucleic acid + scan the venue code before you can redeem the ticket and enter the venue ;

– If the health code is red and yellow, or the audience has a fever, or is in the home health monitoring period, the audience will not be allowed to enter the venue. If there are spectators who are not allowed to enter the venue according to the above requirements, please contact the ticketing platform/organizer before the opening, and provide valid information such as restricted travel/red-yellow code/itinerary card to apply for a refund. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


3. Please maintain a social distance of one meter from others when watching the performance in the venue, and wear a mask throughout the performance;

4. Conduct a comprehensive disinfection and cleaning of the venue every day during the business period;

5. Disinfectant hand sanitizers are placed in different places in the venue for everyone to clean at any time.

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